50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

#6 Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is not your average journalist. She is one of the sexy weather girls that the world has seen. From a curvaceous body to a smart attitude, she never fails to impress her viewers. She is also a businesswoman and actress. She first rose to fame from a radio show called El Vacilon de la Manana.

#7 Lluvia Carrillo

She always greets her viewers with a sweet smile in the beginning. There is no way you cannot fall in love with her beauty. This Mexican hot weather woman does raise the temperature when she’s on-screen. While the forecast is on, you may be daydreaming about her, but she does her job in a very professional way.

#8 Evelyn Taft

If you are fond of curvy women, you bet, you cannot resist seeing Evelyn Taft on screen. She is one of the busty weather girls that drives men crazy. She is a CBS 2 Certified NWA Meteorologist and has a great understanding of the field she is in.

#9 Jackie Johnson

This American weather forecaster has got the looks of a model. Her sex appeal and personality will have glued to the TV. She is tall, sexy, and beautiful. In short, she is everything that you would ever want in a woman. No wonder, she is included in our list of hot weather forecasters.

#10 Marilu Kaufman

Marilu Kaufman is a hot weather lady who is also a fitness freak. Her ripped figure is an inspiration for many. However, men love her because of her hotness and extremely good looks. Despite being a mother of two, she has maintained herself quite well.