Editorial & Disclosure Policy

At Celeb Health Magazine, we strive to provide our readers with informative and inspirational content on subjects like celebrities’ motivating journeys, helpful style, beauty and fitness tips, and other similar areas.

Editorial Process: 

The main objective of our team is to deliver the best and most practical and accurate information on celebrities’ careers, fitness tips, routines, etc. This is why our editorial staff uses the most reliable and authoritative sources of information like celebrities’ official social media pages & posts, Wikipedia pages, official websites (if any), verified Youtube channels, official statements, press releases, etc. 

Our team spends hours researching, writing, fact-checking, and editing every article to ensure all the information is verified and credible. Our articles pass through multiple levels of checking before making it to the website. 

During fact-checking, our editorial team cross-checks all information with the celebrities’ personal Social media posts, videos, statements, and so on.

Celebrities’ Biography, Career, and Measurements Related Information

At Celeb Health Magazine, we publish content on celebrities’ biographies, measurements, and fitness tips for educational and informative purposes. These articles are only written and published to give our readers valuable and inspiring information about their favorite celebrities and role models. 

How Do We Source This Information?

The information about the celebrities’ journeys and personal lives is usually sourced from authentic and trustworthy sources like their Wikipedia profiles, social media posts, public interviews, press junkets, official statements, etc. 

The measurement-related information about celebrities, including Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dress Size, Shoe Size, Bra Size, etc., is mainly based on our experts’ analysis. 

To obtain this information, our Lifestyle experts analyze the celebrities’ most recent photos in various outfits posted on their social media accounts and try to estimate their body shape and size. Based on this, the experts estimate the possible measurements as accurately as possible, considering the ideal height, weight, and body proportions ratios.

Finally, information about celebrities’ physical characteristics, such as hair color, eye color, face shape, and so on, is obtained from their social media photographs, videos, etc., as this type of information is easily observable.


It is to be considered that due to a number of factors, such as bodily changes caused by illness, pregnancy, changes in a workout routine, different camera angles, and so on, inaccuracies in measurement estimation may occur. Similarly, weight is also subject to change with respect to their diet and workout, as celebrities tend to change their fitness routines as per the requirement of their roles or desired looks. 

Celebrities’ favorites are yet another piece of information that can be changed over time. (A star may not like a particular activity as much as she/he did once) The information on their eye and hair color, too, may fluctuate as celebrities usually wear contact lenses and wigs for their photoshoots or movie premiers. Henceforth, Celeb Health Magazine will not be liable for any inaccuracy or lack of freshness of the information in the content. 

Celebrities’ Diet and Workout-Related Information 

The information about celebrities’ eating habits, diet, workout regimens, fitness habits, etc., is always presented after extensive research and analysis of the celebrities’ social media posts, official statements during interviews, and so on, where they show the public (via photos and videos) or talk about what they eat and what kind of exercises they do to stay fit.

How Do We Source This Information?

To estimate the information about celebrities’ diet plans, exercise, and workout regimes, our Lifestyle and Fitness experts examine their social media pages to learn about the foods and exercises they rely on (via posts, stories, videos, etc.). The experts then analyze celebrities’ various public statements on this subject to get more details. Finally, the information is presented to the readers after several levels of verification. 


The information about celebrities’ diet and workout tips on the site is solely for informative and educational purposes for readers who are willing to know about their favorite celebrities. And hence, it should not be taken as any kind of medical advice or instruction.

The opinions and articles published on Celeb Health Magazine are not to be used as a diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of any health problems. They should not be considered substitutes for consulting a qualified medical professional. Celeb Health Magazine is not a medical or healthcare resource.

For dietary and/or fitness-related advice, readers should consult a professional dietician or healthcare expert. It is not advised to try any specific diet plan, supplement, or workout routine/exercise based solely on the information on this website without first consulting a professional trainer. Readers must conduct their own research and learn about a specific diet or workout plan or any similar information, its efficacy, benefits, results, drawbacks, and so on. 

If you have any questions or concerns about diet, exercises, supplements, or any such information mentioned on celebHealthMagazine.com, please consult with a qualified doctor or physician.   

Celeb Health Magazine is not subject to liability for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, or desired or undesired impact of any action taken based on the information or product mentioned on this website or any other mentioned website. 

Images, Visuals, and Videos 

All the visual media used in the articles on the site, including images, videos, etc., are used for editorial representation only.

Image Sources: 

All the images used on the Celeb Health Magazine site are obtained from one of the most trusted and well-known stock photo licensing websites called bigstockphoto.com with a valid license. These images are used only for editorial purposes.

Embedded Content: 

The visual media, including the images, videos, and stories, that are embedded in the articles are taken from the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and are used as per their respective embedded content policy.

Editorial Questions & Corrections  

If you have any editorial questions or concerns regarding any information provided on our site,  reach out to us at editorial [at] celebhealthmagazine.com. We will respond to your queries within 6-8 business days. 


1. What is the purpose of mentioning physical traits and measurements like height, weight, dress, size, etc.?

The main objective of these celebrity-centric articles is to provide readers with useful, valuable, and motivational information about their favorite celebrities and role models. Secondly, the reason we are writing and trying to provide the best possible information about the celebrities’ measurements like height, weight, dress size, body measurements, etc., is that the majority of our readers are female audiences who are looking for information on their favorite celebrities for informative and inspirational purposes.

In fact, this information helps people relate more to their role models and accept themselves the way they are by reading about their favorite celebrities. For instance, we have received many comments/emails from our readers that getting to know that their favorite celeb’s height is also just 5ft, or that their weight is more than 50 kgs, too, has helped them overcome their misconception of beauty standards and they finally accepted and loved their bodies more. 

That’s why we try to provide the readers with the best possible information on these queries because it helps them in various ways.