50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

#41 Robin Meade

If you want to see hotness, then you have to see Robin Meade. She was once voted as the sexiest newscaster in a Playboy poll. Well, we couldn’t agree more with the poll. She is above 30 and still looks hotter than younger girls. She is a treat to the eyes of both boys and men.

#42 Patricia Jaggernauth

This brown girl is like a brownie cake with vanilla ice cream that you just want to dig in. Her sex appeal is beyond words. If hotness had a face, it had to be Patricia Jaggernauth. She is also called as the next Tyra Banks, a supermodel.

#43 Julie Durda

Julie Durda is probably one of the sweetest weather reporter girls you will come across. She not only has a beautiful face but also a lovely personality that will make you listen to her talks endlessly.

#44 Megan Glaros

Megan Glaros is counted as one of the sexy weather girls on TV. Before starting her career as a journalist, she had a brief stint as a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts. We can only imagine how sexy it would be to watch her cheerleading the team.

#45 Araksya Karapetyan

This Armenian beauty is both hot and bold. She is hot enough to melt your heart just by her stare. She migrated to the US back in 1990. If you are a resident of the US, you should consider yourself lucky to share the same country with one of the hottest weather women.