50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

#11 Mayte Carranco

This Mexican beauty is the main reason why folks want to switch on the weather forecast channel. With her on the TV, you would want to watch the Mexican weather forecast show, even if you hardly understand a word. Also, it is hard to ignore her sex appeal and focus on the forecast. After all, she is one of the hottest weather channel girls.

#12 Ariane Brodier

Ariane Brodier is a French TV personality who is the dream woman for many men. If you are someone who fantasizes about French women, you can get an idea by looking at her. With a hot figure like that she is one of the sexy weather girls out there.

#13 Sheena Parveen

This Indian beauty got her degree in meteorology from Florida State University. She is not just a hot babe but she has also covered many blizzard tornadoes and hurricanes. Her sexy look makes even weather report sounds interesting.

#14 Kait Parker

Kait Parker is one of the most beautiful weather reporters. She is the daughter of a firefighter. No wonder, she has got so much of fire in her. If you are fond of weather channel babes, then you will probably find her very attractive.

#15 Cristina Blackwell

If you follow KENS 5’s Great Day SA every morning, then you are familiar with this hot face. Cristina Blackwell is a stunning weather report girl out there. Besides her glowing beauty, she also possesses great language skills which gave her career a great boost.