50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

#26 Dylan Dreyer

This NBC news reporter knows how to carry herself well. Apart from her smart looks, she has got an amazing personality. She is counted as one of the beautiful weather girls on TV.

#27 Diana Alvarado

This busty babe is more than just a weather forecaster girl. You can get a better look at her on her social media pages. She has her Instagram account full of bikini shots that will simply drive your crazy. With a curvaceous body like that, she is one of the hot weather girls we love to watch.

#28 Kristi Capel

Kristi Capel is a former Miss Missouri and one of the hot weather girls on TV. Her smoking hot looks and figure is what folks want to see. If you are feeling chilling today, just a glance at her is enough to warm yourself up.

#29 Vania Manzano

If you are into big girls, then you will have a rough time overcoming Vania Marzano’s hotness. She is a busty babe with the perfect curves. Her hot looks make it nearly impossible to focus on the news. She is undoubted, one of the hot weather forecasters on TV.

#30 Raegen Medgie

This award-winning reporter has got a charm of her own. Her dazzling personality and stunning looks are what attract the viewers. This hot beauty loves her coffee and is also an animal lover.