50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

#16 Sonya Hill

You haven’t seen the hottest weather girl if you haven’t seen Sonya Hill. With an attractive personality and a hot body, she captures the attention of her viewers. She even took part in the Swimsuit USA International competition and was able to occupy a spot in the top ten.

#17 Gabriela Grechi

Gabriela Grechi is one of the most beautiful weather girls, who we love to watch on TV. Her attractive personality and sex appeal is hard to resist. She seems like the woman who could have men wrapped around her fingers and dance to her tunes.

#18 Naile Lopez

No, she is not related to Jennifer Lopez but she is as hot as her or maybe even more. She is the reason behind many folks who have started watching the weather channel lately. This Mexican TV personality is one of the hot weather girls out there.

#19 Mary Gammara

Mary Gammara is not just a weather reporter but she has also done many celebrity interviews. Well, she looks no less than a Hollywood celebrity. She greets her viewers with a warm smile on her face.

#20 Sian Welby

Hot and beautiful, that’s what describes Sian Welby. This British forecaster not only has a sexy figure but also a seductive British accent. She is the kind of woman that every man dreams to have as a girlfriend. She is currently, working for OK! Magazine.