50 Hot Weather Report Forecaster Girls Who Sets The Temperature High

Do you ever listen to weather reports? If not, then you are surely missing out on great things in life. 

Instead of letting men in a suit to report weather forecast, most TV channels have sexy weather girls to do the job. These hot chicks are no less stunning than supermodels.

If you are certainly having a bad day, you can brighten up your day by switching on the TV channel. From busted girls to curvaceous women, you will get to see a lot going on. Listening to weather reports has never been this sexy before these hot weather girls.

#1 Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is known as the world’s hottest weather girl. She has the looks that can kill. She started her career as a hot model when she was just 15. Soon she got into the TV world and worked for many TV stations. However, she became popular after working as a weather reporter on Televisa Monterrey’s Las Noticias.

#2 Janice Villagran

Talk about curvy and busty, you simply cannot miss out Janice Villagran. This beauty knows how to impress her viewers. She is never too scared to wear fitted clothing to enhance her curves. If you are a straight man, there is no way you can resist her. Also, she is just 24 years old.

#3 Carolina Ramirez

Carolina Ramirez has got just the right amount of sex appeal. Her curvy figure and naughty smile are enough to drive viewers crazy. This Miami weather forecast girls surely know how to turn up the heat for folks. You can check out her hot pictures on Instagram.

#4 Ximena Cordoba

You can’t help but drool when you see Ximena Cordoba on TV. This Colombian babe is one of the hot weather girls out there. She knows how to impress her viewers with her weather talks. She came into the media industry after appearing in a reality TV show called the Protagonists de Novela.

#5 Magda Palimariu

No wonder the Romanian weather is hot. This hot weather reporter is nothing less than a sexy model. She has the figure that gets men crazy. This babe is probably the reason why you started watching the weather forecast in the first place.