Taylor Swift Personality Type, MBTI Traits, & Zodiac Sign

As an influential figure who has won the hearts of millions, Taylor Swift’s personality type has long piqued the curiosity of her fans. Considering that Swift’s personality adds depth to her artistry, many people often wonder about her personality traits and types.

Besides, understanding her personality type offers insight into the qualities that contribute to her enduring success. So, let’s find out more about Swift’s MBTI type, Enneagram, and much more!


  • The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has an ESFJ personality type, according to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). 
  • Swift’s Enneagram type is Type 3 with Wing Type 2. 
  • She is known for her success-oriented, outgoing, friendly, reliable, and helping nature! 
  • Taylor’s Sagittarius zodiac sign perfectly allies with her personality types. 
NameTaylor Swift 
Birth DateDecember 13, 1989
Zodiac SignSagittarius
MBTI Personality TypeESFJ
Enneagram Personality TypeType 3w2
OccupationSinger, Songwriter, Actress, Businesswoman
ParentsScott Kingsley Swift, Andrea Gardner Swift 
SiblingsAustin Swift
Singer Taylor Swift
Image: Starfrenzy/bigstockphoto.com

What is Taylor Swift’s MBTI Personality Type?

Blank Space singer Taylor Swift is known worldwide for her heartfelt songs, kind and caring actions, loyalty to her friends, as well as her outgoing nature full of creativity, enthusiasm, and zeal to succeed! All of Swift’s natural characteristics align with the MBTI’s ESFJ, or the Provider, personality type! 

Exhibiting the four main traits: of Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging, Swift’s personality type shouldn’t come as a surprise since she has often made news with her philanthropic, charitable, and generally helpful actions!

Be it helping her celebrity friend, American artist Kesha, with donations for her legal fights, supporting art by funding foundations like Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, or her donation to WHO for Covid-19, Swift has always proven to be a real Provider!

What is Taylor Swift’s ESFJ Subtype?

Out of two subtypes of ESFJ personality: ESFJ-A (Assertive) and ESFJ-T (Turbulent), Taylor Swift’s subtype is ESFJ-T), which reflects in her self-reflecting emotional music and kind and tender heart. 

What is Taylor Swift’s Enneagram Type?

Taylor Swift’s Enneagram Personality

Taylor Swift’s highly ambitious nature makes her Enneagram Personality Type 3. But it’s not just her yearning mind that makes her the Achiever; the pop star never steps back from making sacrifices to attain her goals, which is one of the Achiever’s key traits. 

From moving away from home at a young age to dealing with negative attention and bullying, her sacrifices have played a huge role in the fame she’s gained today!

Besides, Taylor Swift’s emphasis on self-acceptance justifies her Type 3 personality, as reflected in one of her most famous quotes, “Just be yourself. There is no one better.”

What is Taylor’s Enneagram Wing Type?

Apart from aiming for success and the best life, Taylor has a huge heart and a tender soul, which moves her to care for and help people around her! And this giving instincts of Taylor’s makes her an Enneagram personality Type 3w2. 

Remember when she bought a pregnant fan of hers a house? Well, that’s how benevolent and public-spirited she is!

Moreover, we are all aware of Taylor Swift’s relationship history and how emotionally connected and involved she was in each of her relationships, and heartbroken after her separations. This is yet another trait of hers that makes her a Type 3w2

What are Taylor’s Personality Traits?

The tests and all are okay! Now let’s take a look at all of Taylor Swift’s natural characteristics that make her an absolute charmer in the entertainment industry!

  • Creativity: Taylor Swift has a unique talent for portraying her inner self through her music. This creativity allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level.  
  • Helping Nature: She has always been involved in philanthropy and charity for a long time. Be it her dear friends, fans, or family members, she’s always ready to help them all with open arms.  
  • Loyal: Swift’s long-lasting friendship with Selena Gomez and Abigail Anderson exemplifies her loyal nature. She’s a reliable and trustworthy friend! 
  • Outgoing & Friendly: The Willow singer is always humble and friendly to her fans, always meeting her friends and followers with a big smile on her face! 
  • Down-to-Earth: Taylor’s generosity and humbleness are something you can identify her with! She’s just too sweet to be true. 
  • Hard-Working: Since the beginning of her career, Taylor Swift has had to make several tough decisions, face adverse situations like bullying and negative fame, as well as criticism for her music & personal choices. Despite everything, the woman keeps rising! 
  • Emotional Intelligence: Swift has a commendable talent for transforming her emotions into music, which gives a warm feeling to her listeners. No wonder she is one of the most loved singers of this era. 

Taylor Swift’s Songs as Personality Types

It’s not rocket science to figure out that each of Taylor Swift’s songs has a personality type of its own. That’s right!

From her early country song Picture to Burn to her latest hit Midnight Rain, every song reflects different attributes and appeals to people with different types of personalities. Here are Taylor’s 20 most popular songs and their MBTI types!

Taylor Swift’s SongsPersonality Type
Picture to BurnESTJ
You Belong With MeISFP
Teardrops On My Guitar ISTP
Shake It OffESFP
Bad BloodESTJ
All Too Well ISFJ
Exile INTJ
Enchanted ISFP
Closure INFJ
Fearless ISTJ
It’s Nice to Have a FriendISTP
Out of the Woods ISFJ
Midnight RainINTJ
Labyrinth INFP

Which Is Taylor Swift’s Zodiac Sign?

Taylor Swift’s Zodiac Sign

With her birthday falling on the 13th of December, Taylor Swift’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Now, as a Sagittarian, natural characteristics like creativity, optimism, independence, and kindness perfectly align with Taylor Swift’s MBTI and Enneagram personality type! 

Taylor Swift’s Best Matching Personality Type

As an outgoing, ambitious, and kind-hearted person, Taylor Swift’s ESFJ personality type is best compatible with ISFP and ISTP types. With slightly opposite traits, such as introversion, freedom, and sensible feeling, both these personality types can complete ESFJs, just like two pieces of a puzzle! 

Is Taylor an ENFP?

Although many of her songs may relate to many ENFP-type listeners, Taylor Swift herself is not an ENFP. Swift has an organized way of living, and it seems like instead of relying on her intuition, which ENFPs do, Swift senses the things around her to build her perspective. 

And this, along with her uninhibited personality and affection for others’ feelings, makes Swift an ESFJ personality type.

Quotes by Taylor That Show Her Personality

Over the course of her career, Taylor has said so many things that have touched our hearts and inspired us all in one way or another. Let’s check out some memorable quotes that reflect her personality!

“I’m a songwriter. Everything affects me.” – This is what the “Feeling” in ESFJ means!

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” – These words highly speak of Taylor’s generous and kind heart.  

“I love having a goal, feeling like I’m on a mission. I love trying to beat what I’ve done so far.” – We all felt her Achievers mindset when she said this.

“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.” – As a Type 3, her fear of worthlessness is quite justified. 

Taylor Swift has a huge fan base all around the world, and her fans like to know every little thing about her. So, we hope you now know all about your favorite singer’s personality type & attributes!