Is Reba McEntire ‘Mad’ at Swift for Hanging Out with Travis Kelce?

Amidst the buzz of ‘The Eras Tour’ fame, Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce dating, celebrated country singer Reba McEntire chose to share her thoughts over their blooming romance.

McEntire took to an interview with Today to reveal that despite her relationship with American actor Rex Linn, she had a ‘crush’ on the Chiefs’ football tight end.

So when the rumors of Taylor dating Travis broke out, McEntire was “so devastated!”

The ‘Whoever’s in New England’ singer jokingly said she is ‘so mad’ at Taylor for dating Kelce because now she ‘can’t have a crush on him anymore!’

Reba also told Today that her partner commented on the rumors, “Your boyfriend’s got another girlfriend.’ to which she replied, ‘Rub it in!” Well, we get you, Reba!

The Grammy-winning country singer also revealed that she loves the Chiefs and finds the team’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, very ‘cute!’

And well, McEntire isn’t the only celebrity Swiftie to open up about Taylor’s buzzy romance; even Katy Perry publicly responded to the said-to-be couple’s viral pictures!

Taylor and Travis’ Dating Speculations

The Midnight singer has been in the news for her record-breaking film “The Eras Tour!” as well as her sensational relationship with the Chiefs’ tight end.

Swift and Kelce recently made surprise cameos at the SNL season 49 premiere on Saturday. They were indulged in a passionate display of affection at its afterparty at Catch Steak New York, which escalated the tittle-tattle even further!

The rumored couple walked hand-in-hand down New York Streets and into the restaurant and reportedly cuddled at their table, too, making it more obvious!

The speculations of Swift’s romance with Kelce sparked when she accepted his invite and arrived at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on September 24 to watch him and his team play against the Chicago Bears.

The singer was seen enjoying the game alongside the NFL player’s mother, Donna Kelce, rooting for the rumored boyfriend’s team. The two celebrities had even left the stadium together.

Travis also reportedly crashed at Swift’s home in New York City right before his tournament with the New York Jets on the 1st of October. And the two also spent the upcoming weekend and enjoyed quality time together, according to TMZ!