The Disturbing Trend of Celebrity Deepfakes: How They’re Fighting Back

Deepfake technology has become quite troublesome for big names in the entertainment industry. From superstar Tom Hanks to sensational Rihanna, many celebrities have found themselves dealing with their digital doppelgangers!

Sitting at the center of the controversy, here’s how these hyper-realistic fabrications are affecting the shining stars of the entertainment industry!

What is DeepFake?

A deepfake is a digitally manipulated or synthetically created image, video, or audio that replaces one person’s facial expressions, features, or voice with those of another. This fabricated media has become a popular medium of the rise of fake news today.

Impact Of Deepfakes on Celebrities

Recently, Tom Hanks shared an Instagram post saying that a dental company was using a deepfake video of him to promote a dental plan.

He posted the image with captions: “There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.”

This is just one example of how celebrities’ deep fakes are being used without their content to dupe their fans by putting words in their mouths and depicting false actions.

And it isn’t just Hollywood actors and actresses. Singers, YouTubers, businessmen, and even journalists are not immune from this terrifying “deep fake” mayhem.

According to ExpressVPN’s 2023 Misinformation Index, Elon Musk has the most frequent engagement with fake news. Due to his active participation on the internet and in current affairs, Musk is easily targeted for different types of information hoaxes.

Here are some of the latest incidents of deep fake videos with popular celebrities being used for promotions, defamation, and propagation of fake news!

Scarlett Johansson’s AI-Generated Ad & Deepfake Audio

In a recent incident, footage of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson during one of her fundraising campaigns was used without her consent in an advertisement for the AI image-creating app Lisa AI.

After a few seconds into the ad, the original image of Johansson is replaced by a similar-looking AI image with her real voice.

When the actress’s legal team found out, it confronted the app’s authorities legally.

YouTuber MrBeast’s Deepfake Advertisement Video

Popular American YouTuber MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, also became a victim of a deepfake video advertisement falsely claiming to give away iPhones to viewers.

The YouTuber shared the deepfake ad video on his X handle, saying, “This is a serious problem.”

Gayle King’s Deepfake Promotional Video

Like MrBeast, CBS journalist Gayle King also found herself promoting a company’s product via a deepfake hoax she had no connection with.

Gayle addressed this misleading video by sharing the manipulated and real versions on her Gram, requesting her fans to “not be fooled by these AI videos…”

Rihanna’s Deepfake Video Announcing Third Pregnancy

A deepfake video of diva Rihanna with her baby bump surfaced on the internet, announcing her third pregnancy with A$AP Rocky. This fake video made quite a stir among RiRi fans and netizens.

Selena Gomez’s Fake “Starboy” Cover

Fox News reported a hoax video of singer Selena Gomez covering his ex-boyfriend’s song “Starboy’ went viral on Instagram. The song was created using the AI-generated voice of Gomez.

When the singer came across the viral deepfake video, she commented “Scary” on it.

How Is the Entertainment Industry Dealing with Deepfakes?

With the rise of deep fake and hoax media, celebrities are coming to the forefront to stop these trends themselves, just like Tom Hanks, Gayle King, and Scarlett Johansson did!

If they find out about their fake image or video going viral, they use their personal social media accounts to share it and alert their fans about it.

But while celebrities are doing what they can, their fans can also help them fight the dangerous outcomes of deepfakes. They shouldn’t just believe whatever they’re seeing on the internet.

As true fans, they should responsibly investigate the source of information and its credibility. And if they come across any misinforming or deceptive media content about a celebrity, they should report it right away!

The legal teams and talent agencies are also lobbying for stricter laws and actions against the infringement of the control of one’s own digital likeness. They’re also educating young talent to protect their personal data and media online.

Media production houses have also initiated practices like watermarking digital content and copyrights to protect it from being used for deepfakes.

Broader Implications for Society

Deepfake trends aren’t only threatful to well-reputed public figures. Common internet users are equally under its radar. Besides being a threat to privacy and security, it fuels the dissemination of fake news and cyber crimes among people.

So, be it about their favorite stars, politicians, or even friends, it’s high time that internet users learn to scrutinize every online information and its source deeply before trusting it. That’s the first and the most crucial step to take!

Deepfake today, something smarter tomorrow; artificial intelligence is sure to evolve. At Celeb Health Magazine, we try to enlighten internet users, who are also fans of their favorite celebrities, to be vigilant while consuming online media to stop deep fakes and fake news trends!