Is Kim Kardashian a Lawyer? (Did She Pass the California Bar Exam?)

Socialite Kim Kardashian revealed to her fans through an Instagram post that she cleared her baby bar exam in December 2021. Reading this, many would manifest that Kim has become a lawyer, but is it so? Is Kim Kardashian now a professional lawyer?


  • Kim Kardashian revealed on her social media that she passed her first baby bar exam in December 2021. 
  • Kim is yet to take the State Bar exam and cannot become a qualified attorney and practice law without passing it. 
  • Kim Kardashian is reading law under well-known attorneys Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney instead of getting a law degree at a law school.  

Did Kim Kardashian Go to Law School?

After knowing that media personality Kim Kardashian passed her Baby Bar exam, it’s natural to think she must’ve attended law school. But Kim’s case is slightly different.

With a strong will to become a practicing attorney, Kim Kardashian opted for “reading law” instead of going to law school. Reading law involves preparing for law exams and entering the profession by reading or studying law under professional lawyers and judges.

Kim’s Instagram post says that reading law in the courtroom under Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney has helped her pass the bar exam. She also added that she took lessons from law professors to prepare for the test.

Has Kim Kardashian Passed the California Bar Exam?

As stated in her post, Kim Kardashian has only passed the First-Year Law Students’ Exam, that is, the baby bar exam. She cleared the exam on her fourth attempt, which shows that it’s not an easy examination to pass at all!

The social reform activist is yet to take and clear the State Bar exam or the official California general bar exam to become a qualified practicing lawyer in California. There hasn’t been any news from Kim about attempting it yet, and her fans are waiting on her!

The passing score for the baby bar exam is 560. And according to US Magazine, Kim had scored above 450 in all her previous attempts for the exam, finally crossing the passing marks in her fourth take.

Why Does Kim Kardashian Want to Be a Lawyer?

Seeing Kim Kardashian being so resolute in entering the legal profession raises a question in many minds; why would a TV personality, who’s already a billionaire, want to make a total career shift?

There can be multiple reasons behind Kim’s willingness to become a lawyer. But her late father, Robert Kardashian, a successful American attorney, is one of her greatest inspirations.

Kim Kardashian grew up seeing her father working for justice. That imprinted on Kim’s core, and now she’s following his actions. In her Instagram post, Kim stated that her father would be proud to know she had cleared her first step toward her dream.

Apart from exuding glamor, Kim also wants to make this world a better place with her deeds. She has been involved in the justice and prison reform movement for years now. And it all started when she advocated against Alice Marie Johnson’s life imprisonment in 2017.

Recently, Kim shared a picture on her Gram with wrongfully convicted former prisoners who are all working for justice reform.

What Kind of Lawyer Does Kim Kardashian Want to Be?

One thing is for sure, Kim’s father’s profession and work have inspired her a lot. So, it won’t be entirely baseless to say that, like her father, Kim also wants to be a criminal defense attorney.

Besides, in one of her tweets, Kim herself stated that she has been focusing on the criminal justice system, meeting prisoners, and advocating for victims’ justice.

Another fact is that the mother-of-four is studying law under the apprenticeship of Erina Haney, a death penalty attorney, and Jessica Jackson, who’s a respected human rights attorney. So this indicates that Kim is willing to become a criminal defense and human rights attorney.

What kind of law degree is Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian is preparing for her official bar exam by “reading law,” which involves doing an apprenticeship under professional lawyers or judges but without an actual law degree from a law school.

How much longer does Kim Kardashian have to become a lawyer?

Kim Kardashian has passed her first baby bar exam. However, she’s yet to attempt and pass the second and final state bar exam to become a qualified lawyer.

Which Kardashian passed the bar exam?

Kim Kardashian, the second daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, has passed the first bar exam.

Kim Kardashian seems to be very determined to become a lawyer. Due to her busy life as a TV personality and a mother, she may not be able to study law in a law school, but that isn’t stopping her. After passing her first bar exam, her fans are waiting to hear the news of her clearing the official state bar exam.