Does Jenna Ortega Play Cello in “Wednesday?” (Authentic or Dubbed)

Young Hollywood actress Jenna Ortega has recently been making headlines for her groundbreaking performance in the Netflix hit series Wednesday. She literally excelled in the role in every way possible, be it keeping her intense deadpan look, doing fencing, or playing the cello!

But did Jenna Ortega really play the cello in the series, or was it just her mind-blowing acting?

Well, Jenna Ortega had actually taken the cello lessons and practiced the instrument for her iconic performances in the series Wednesday. She went that extra mile to bring the leading character of Wednesday Addams to life.

And what’s incredibly impressive is that Jenna Ortega started learning cello only about two months before she started shooting for the series, which is quite less time to learn a whole new instrument.

But Jenna’s determination and passion to perfect her role really worked in her favor! And she even wants to continue playing the instrument, but her busy schedule keeps her from practicing.

What Songs Wednesday Addams Play on the Cello?

Wednesday Addams, played by the new fan-favorite Jenna Ortega, is a spooky character with psychic abilities as well as multiple talents, like, obviously, playing the cello! Wednesday plays the cello twice in the show’s first season.

Wednesday plays the cello version of Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones for the first time in the first episode, Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe. She sneaks the big cello onto the terrace of her dorm and plays it flawlessly as Thing helps her with the music sheets.

The second time Wednesday Addams plays the cello in the third episode, Friend or Woe, in which she covers the classic piece Four Seasons (Winter) by Antonio Vivaldi. The scenes have made these cello renditions quite popular among Gen-Z recently.

The Netflix series also features other popular tracks like Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, Cello Concerto by Edward Elgar, and Dua Lipa’s Physical.

How Old is Jenna Ortega in Wednesday?

Jenna Ortega is only 21 as she plays the leading role of Wednesday Addams in the series. She auditioned for the role right after the shoot of her previous movie X, when she was covered in fake blood and sweat. And Wednesday’s director Tim Burton liked her!

Can Jenna Ortega Sing?

Stuck in the Middle actress Jenna Ortega has an artistic soul and loves music. And though she can sing, she would rather love to compose ambient music than sing professionally. In her own words, as she shares with WIRED, one can learn a lot from music.

What instrument does Wednesday play?

The leading character of the Netflix series Wednesday, Wednesday Addams, plays the bowed string instrument called the cello. 

Did Jenna Ortega learn fencing for Wednesday?

Yes, Jenna Ortega learned fencing for her fight scene with Bianca, played by Joy Sunday, in the series Wednesday.

Does Jenna Ortega do her own stunt scenes? 

Jenna Ortega told WIRED that she definitely likes to do her own stunts and give her hundred percent to it.

Overall, Jenna Ortega has a strong liking for music and sees it as a way of learning so much. Besides, after learning it, she thinks of the cello as a very interesting musical instrument, adding another skill to her repertoire.

And now that Netflix has announced the continuation of the show’s second season, fans are pumped up to see what else Jenna Ortega is going to bring to the screen!