Rachel Stuhlmann’s Height, Weight, Family, Education & More

Rachel Stuhlmann is a living example of leading by example while looking like a dream. The number one tennis influencer in the world creates magic out of her content, attracting tennis fans around the world.

Besides, Rachel is a journalist who covers international tennis events, creating a fierce impact in the world of tennis.


  • Rachel Stuhlmann stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 0 inches or 183 cm (1.83 m). 
  • She weighs around 55 kg or 124 pounds and has an impressive figure. 
  • Rachel’s birthday falls on the 23rd of October, and she is 32 years old. 
  • Stuhlmann has been declared the number-one tennis influencer in the world. Continue reading to know more about her exciting life, lifestyle, measurements, net worth, and more!

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Birthday and Age

The breathtaking tennis influencer celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of October, surrounded by her family and friends. Born in 1991, Rachel is 32 years old and a self-driven Scorpio who aims high and smashes her goals!

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Education and Net Worth

Rachel was only five when she played her first game of tennis and has been in love with the sport ever since. She also drew a good rank in the U.S. Tennis Association’s Junior Circuit on a national level.

No wonder Rachel was recruited by some top-notch universities, including Texas Tech, LSU, etc. But she soon realized she was a homebody, so she joined the University of Missouri and continued playing tennis there.

After college, she turned to a new career path, becoming a broadcast journalist and number one tennis influencer. She has since established long-term partnerships with brands like TOP COURT, TOPNOTCH, and All American Cup, amassing an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023.

The young mogul is also working on her first tennis clothing line known as the Slam Collection, directing that her net worth will only quadruple.

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Beautiful Family

Rachel Stuhlmann was born in St. Louis, Missouri, US, to a loving and happy family. She often takes time off work to spend quality time with her parents and two adorable siblings. The family often vacations around the world.

Rachel is certainly busy with her life 24/7 and hardly gets time to be with her friends and family, but she understands the importance of family. The sportswoman balances her time between work and family quite smoothly.

  • Full born name: Rachel Stuhlmann 
  • Nicknames: Rachel 
  • Occupation: Journalist, Tennis Influencer, Entrepreneur, Model
  • Date of birth: 23 October 1991 
  • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Education: University of Missouri
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio 
  • Father name: Doug Stuhlmann
  • Mother name: Elizabeth Stuhlmann 
  • Siblings’ name: Joseph Stuhlmann (Brother); Hannah Stuhlmann (Sister)

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Spectacular Height and Weight

Rachel is strikingly tall at 6 feet 0 inches or 183 cm (1.83 m) and weighs around 55 kg or 124 pounds. At first glance, Rachel comes across as a supermodel or an actress. It’s a good thing that her athletic body gets her countless TV projects. 

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Impressive Body Measurements and Physical Features

Rachel Stuhlmann has an athletic yet busty figure with attractive curves, with approximate body measurements of 40-25-37 in or 101-64-94 cm. 

Rachel’s voluptuous curves boast a possible bra size 36DD with a cup size DD. Rachel has a body that rocks all types of fits, from tennis costumes to flowy dresses. You just have to see her bewitching photos on Instagram! 

The woman has ‘gorgeous’ written all over her alluring rectangular face. And then there are her expressive dark brown eyes that speak about what Rachel feels at any moment, even in her photos.

And her long, flowing dark brown hair adds more charisma to her stunning figure, exotic skin, and pretty face.

What is Rachel Stuhlmann’s Fitness Secret?

Rachel has always been very disciplined about her lifestyle, diet checks, and workout routines. So, there is no secret but sheer determination to become better than who she was yesterday.

From core exercise to leg days, Rachel Stuhlmann shows up every day to the gym to keep her body as toned as it can get. Besides, she has been playing tennis regularly since she was a kid.

And that’s not all! She has recently developed a major interest in golf and boxing! So, she is not only sculpted but also pretty strong! Rachel advises her fans to drink a good amount of water and prepare meals that suit their body type.

Height6 feet 0 inches or 183 cm (1.83 m)
Weight55 kg or 124 pounds
Face ShapeRectangular
Bra Size36DD
Cup SizeDD
Body Measurements40-25-37 in or 101-64-94 cm
Shoe Size8.5 (US) or 41.5 (EU) or 10.5 (UK)
Dress Size10 (US) or 40 (EU) or 12 (UK)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown 

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Animal: Dog 
  • Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, Any with Mark Wahlberg 
  • Favorite Food: Salmon, Chocolate  
  • Favorite Painter: Gerhard Richter
  • Favorite Activities: Travel, Work out, Drawing

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Career Highlights

Rachel is an extraordinary tennis player. But she decided to jump into the world of media and journalism and started writing articles on her website.

Little did she know that her articles would blow up to the point where she’d get to cover ATP events and WTA tours worldwide. Rachel also interviewed star players like Rafael Nadal and outperformed herself with every new opportunity.

Rachel’s life took a new turn when she started sharing exciting content on social media. Her knowledge of tennis and breathtaking photographs quickly garnered the attention of international tennis fanatics!

Thanks to her viral content, the charismatic internet personality has partnered with global tennis brands and tournaments, The All American Tennis Cup, Taste of Tennis, Miami Open, The Toss Up, etc.

Now, she is taking a leap into entrepreneurship with her fresh line of tennis clothing known as the Slam Collection, and the fans are already loving it!

One way or the other, Rachel always finds her way to break the stereotypes in tennis – this time, it’s the addition of vibrant colors to otherwise monotonous tennis wears!         

Fun Facts About Rachel Stuhlmann

Rachel is a triplet, and even her brother and sister are into sports. It is because their parents asked the children to pick one sport and commit to it when they were only in kindergarten.

She is a member of the St. Louis Art Museum and loves to visit when she is around. She has a deep admiration for the High Renaissance Period artwork installed in the museum.

Stuhlmann was officially declared the number-one tennis influencer in the world by OutKick. It has to be her biggest achievement to date.

Rachel feels that if there is one word that best describes her, it’s ‘resilient.’ And we tend to agree!

Rachel Stuhlmann’s Social Media Following

Social media plays a major factor in Rachel’s overnight success and fame. And as a fitness enthusiast, she loves to pose for the camera now and then, and we love the photos that make their way on social media!

What face shape does Rachel Stuhlmann have? 

Rachel Stuhlmann has an alluring rectangular-shaped face that makes millions of hearts skip a beat.

What is Rachel Stuhlmann’s hair color?  

Rachel has long, dark brown hair that falls below her shoulders and reaches to her hips. They massively add to Stuhlmann’s exquisite features. 

What color eyes does Rachel Stuhlmann have? 

Rachel has dark brown eyes that are as appealing as a pair can get. Her eyes do a fine job of expressing her feelings. 

Did Rachel Stuhlmann win a national championship?

Rachel didn’t win any national championships, but she did play in the U.S. Tennis Association’s Junior Circuit.

Did Rachel Stuhlmann go to college? 

Rachel Stuhlmann went to the University of Missouri and played a lot of tennis there. 

Where does Rachel Stuhlmann live?

She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and often travels to new places because of work. 

It wasn’t easy for Rachel to make waves in a male-dominated field. But not only did she break boundaries, but also paved a new path to lead and others to follow, which is similar to what former racer Danica Patrick did in her career.