29+ Peyton List No-Makeup Photos Show Us Her Natural Beauty

Peyton List is not only the owner of the award-winning beauty line Pley, but she also owns perfect skin. And you would come across many alluring snaps of the actress with glamorous makeup.

But does the actress look as breathtaking without makeup? Well, Peyton looks stunning even when she isn’t wearing makeup. And all of the photographs below show her flawless beauty!

1. A Romantic Selfie

Peyton List looks lovely in this romantic selfie she posted wishing her boyfriend Jacob Bertrand on his birthday. Her naturally flushed skin and the ombre hairdo escalates her attractiveness.

2. She Works It

Peyton shared a workout selfie, and she boasts such an attractive appearance throughout the picture. The star’s messy bun complements her perfect no-makeup look.

3. Twinning Goals

Peyton List shared some old photos and videos of her with her twin brother Spencer List on their birthdays. It has to be this adorable selfie that we cannot stop looking at. Peyton’s skin looks so clear and supple.

The Jessie fame made the post sweeter with her funny yet heartfelt message to Spencer.

4. A Little Stitious The Office Fan

This still of Michael Scott fromThe Office was supposed to be the focus of this picture, at least according to her caption. But instead, it is Peyton’s side profile that has us hooked.

Her allure stands out even with her flamboyantly colored hair covering part of her face.

5. The Blonde Beauty

Looking directly at the camera, the Cobra Kai star can easily steal hearts with her captivating charm and glowing face.

6. Eye Catching Beauty

She is undoubtedly one of those lucky people whose beauty cannot be hidden by a mask. Aren’t just her eyes enough to fall head over heels for her?

The Cobra Kai actress also advised her followers to wear face masks during the pandemic.

7. The Prettiest Graduate

She posted this snap a day before her graduation, and we have to say what everyone thinks; she has the cutest frown. And, of course, no one can ignore her long lashes, pinkish lips, and perfect skin.

8. At the Top

List looks extremely attractive, with the natural lighting from the sun bringing attention to her pristine skin, and we love how her pose shows off her slender figure.

9. Happily and Stylishly Attractive

In this shot of Peyton looking gleeful, her spotless and shiny skin just makes us fall for her naturally irresistible glow.

But Peyton’s skin wasn’t always this gorgeous, and like most people, she had acne too. Then she, fortunately, found the right skincare product to clear her breakouts; the DMK Acu-Klear Purifying Lotion, and we can see the magic!

10. The Minimalist Stunner

Here is one more picture that shows Peyton’s mesmerizing glow under the sunlight. Her smooth and long layered hair accentuates her stunning looks.

11. Cool Girl Vibes

There are many reasons this post is a treat to everyone’s eyes, and her plump lips have to be one.

Peyton keeps her lips smooth by moisturizing them regularly with the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and the Mario Badescu lip balm in her nighttime skincare routine. For the day, she opts the Dior lip scrub.

12. BTS from Anthem

With her hair tied into a pony, Peyton’s attractiveness is unhinged in this picture she shared from the behind-the-scenes of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet.

13. The Past and The Present

Some things never change, and Peyton’s lovely smile is one of those. She and her twin brother adorably recreated a picture of them in Disney World. The picture proves how the Disney actress has grown more beautiful over the years.

14. With the Former First Lady

Peyton List looks unapologetically entrancing in this photo with Michelle Obama. The actress is pretty and has quite an infectious smile.

15. Sweet Intentions At the Airport

Peyton met a kind fan named Eric, and she tweeted appreciating his kindness. This just shows she has a delightful personality, just like her attractive looks.

She and the fan were on their way to catch a flight when Eric told her that she could have his seat if they missed their flight and the next one only had one seat left. Who wouldn’t want to give up their seat for Peyton?

16. Casual Yet Captivating

With Peyton keeping her style casual, it is surely her prettiness that shines in this picture taken in San Francisco. The oversized spectacles also add to her refined look.

17. Peyton and Her Pokemon

She clicked the cutest selfie with her pokemon pet Sandshrew and referred to it as her bae. Her beauty and the adorableness of this click make the picture so swoon-worthy.

18. Looks Hiked Up

She loves a good hike, and here is a picture of her celebrating the finish of a hike. From her clear skin to her chic style, everything about her is spot on.

19. A Splendid Vision

Even with her hair messed up a little, Peyton exudes such cool girl vibes with her rounded frames.

Besides, a close look at her lips tempts us to follow her two-step lip care routine.

20. Conquering Coachella

Peyton attended the 2016 Coachella looking bewitching and fashionable as always.

Besides the talented lineup of artists, including Sia, Halsey, and more, fans would have seen the Cobra Kai star too. We wish we were at the music festival too.

21. Focus Only on the Best

Peyton List tweeted a picture of her with a blurred background. Looking at how gorgeous she looks, anyone would have ignored the background, even if it was high definition.

22. Koala and Her

Peyton shared the most endearing selfie ever with a koala and added the caption that she envies the animal for being able to sleep a lot. As much as we wish that, don’t we also desire to look as stunning as The Thinning star?

23. A Serene Beauty

Peyton unknowingly shows off her healthy skin in this candid picture. It is super pleasing to the eyes that we can gaze at this for a whole day.

24. Celebrating Naturally Killer Looks

She took part in the No Makeup Monday trend and showed off her naturally killer looks while telling her followers that they are all beautiful in their own way.

25. Beautiful Looks and a More Beautiful Heart

It is nearly impossible to look this alluring while on the run, but it is surely a piece of cake for Peyton. Her flawless skin never fails to grace her fans!

26. Simply Stunning

She commemorated the ending of the filming of her film Outskirts with a sweet picture displaying her perfectly curled hair and shiny face!

27. Embracing Gorgeousness

Peyton boasts her vibrance in this post, celebrating her natural beauty.

Every night, the actress cleanses her face twice with a CBD-infused cleanser and follows it with a cleansing balm by Clinique. This helps her to avoid getting breakouts despite applying makeup regularly.

28. Heavenly Curls

Peyton has such magnetism to her, and it is seen in this picture of her looking so beguiling. Her striking blonde curls add to her delightfulness and jolly vibes.

29. Springing with Appeal

We end the list with Peyton looking breathtaking with daylight shining brightly on her face. Her style just shows she has always been trendy.

It is undoubtedly everyone’s dream to have spotless and bright skin. And as we scrolled through Peyton List’s social media, we realized that it is all about taking good care of your skin, just like the Cobra Kai star does.