Alexandra Daddario NO Makeup Pics (30+ Barefaced Moments)

Alexandra Daddario has the most alluring gray eyes and skin that reminds us of the snow. Her unique facial features are as swoon-worthy.

We can keep talking about the Baywatch actress’s beauty, but at the risk of sounding a bit cliche, we have to say no words are enough to describe her beauty.

So, here are 30 pictures of Alexandra Daddario looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous for you to admire. Also, there is a treat for dog lovers!

1. The Mayfair Beauty

With Alexandra Daddario looking so gorgeous in the pictures from the sets of her upcoming series, Mayfair Witches, we cannot wait for the Anne Rice show to come out. Can it be 2023 already?

Tongayi Chirisa is also starring in the fantasy drama!

2. Simply Mesmerizing

Home is where people can be comfortable in their skin, and if this is what Alex looks like at home, she can totally ditch makeup forever if she wishes.

Her voluminous dark brown bob elevates her skin tone and gives her that jaw-dropping look.

3. Exercising Bewitching Looks

Some people look stunning from every angle, and the Why Women Kill actress has to be one of them. Be it Alexandra Daddario’s feet, naturally glowing skin, or messy hair, everything about her looks breathtaking, even when she’s simply doing yoga!

4. Snow-kissed Beauty

Whether it is Alexandra Daddario’s alluring looks or the picturesque snow, this post is heavenly. We almost skipped a heartbeat!

5. Prettied with Love

She made the most heart-touching post declaring her love for her now-husband Andrew. Their romance and Daddario’s charming looks in this click will surely melt your heart.

The pair married in June 2022, and her wedding look, especially that lacy umbrella, was such a style statement.

6. Effortlessly Perfect

Alex loves a good pair of athleisure as they are comfortable, and we love how exquisite she looks in them.

7. A Breathtaking View

When we talk about breathtaking, we mainly refer to Alexandra Daddario. The way her smile spreads through her entire face makes it contagious.

8. Stealing the Show in Theaters

She went to the theater and watched A Quiet Place with her friend. With Alex looking this gorgeous, it is sad that cinema halls have to turn off the lights. Who wouldn’t want to take a few quick peeks at her?

9. Ray of Beauty

This has to be the most beautiful moment captured in a photo. Her messy hair and alluring eyes under the sun rays are enough to show off her appeal!

10. Joyed with Allure

Audrey Hepburn said that happy girls are the prettiest. Looking at Alex’s infectious smile, we understand what the Breakfast at Tiffany’s actress meant.

11. A Click with Her Pawed Baby

This instance of Alex holding her dog Levon is pure bliss. Even her smile line is mesmerizing.

Levon came to be a part of her life after she adopted it. The actress has encouraged others to do the same.

12. Fall Clothing and All the Beauty

Alexandra was supposedly showing off her new fall clothing, but when she looks this fetching, who is even noticing the hoodie and the sweatshirt?

13. The Dream Look

Alexandra Daddario starts off her Saturday mornings looking super flawless. But with that look on her face, it’s hard to tell whether she loved her hair being brushed or not!

14. Skin Goals

The White Lotus star has that wholesome skin everyone dreams of. It is supple and spotless.

Thanks to the products that keep acne away from her face. She uses Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and Treatment Essence for her spotless skin.

15. Undoubtedly Magnetic

She is unbelievably pretty here that this picture almost looks like something you would find in a museum or have framed in your house.

16. Casually Gorgeous

Alex is a fan of sheet masks and serums that keep her skin hydrated, thus giving her the glowing skin that you can’t help but admire in the above picture.

17. The Allure of a Sunny Day

Alex’s glamorous look channels the kind of alluring summer aesthetics you would immediately save to your Pinterest board. Her side profile is definitely eye-catching! And so is that puppy!

18. Drunk with Charm

The perfect, natural skin glow on Alex’s face in this picture is enough to tell us how happy she was at the moment! Simply perfect!

19. Embrace Elegance

With the black shirt and silky chocolate brown hair, Alex looks extra bright and beautiful.

20. Gracious & Pretty

As much as people admire Alexandra’s impeccable beauty, everyone appreciates her gracious attitude too.

She visited Malawi to help people struggling with AIDS and malaria and has requested more people to donate to the country.

21. Eyes that Give Ecstasy

Alexandra has electric gray eyes that put her name on almost every list of celebrities with the most beautiful eyes. Her gaze is so magnetic we can almost feel the pull!

The above image is her participation in the Eye Pic campaign for the American Foundation For The Blind.

22. Pre-Met Gala Beauty

If you love how splendid she looks at red carpet events, you should see her when she is not attending one.

She made this post and referred to herself as the best dressed at the 2017 Met Gala though she did not attend the event. Her appearance is still superb.

23. A Heartening Profile

Alex can post hundreds or even thousands of photos playing with her dog, and each one will be super adorable!

If that is not enough to give you starry eyes, her swoon-worthy eyes will.

24. Cuteness Overload

If you didn’t believe the above statement about all her pictures with her dog being perfect? Look at her in this one, sticking her tongue out to copy her four-legged friend and looking as adorable as one could. A hearty photograph with no glamor!

25. Enchanting in the Morning

Imagine being so blessed that you look very pretty while simply brushing your teeth in a bathrobe. Well, Daddario would relate.

26. A Tempting Smile

Alex’s beauty here is undefeated. We love her beautiful smile, and the chestnut brown streaks on her black hair make her look more breathtaking.

27. Adorableness, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

Alex can make even the most whimsical things look gorgeous on her. She is beguiling in these oversized rectangular frames.

28. Smashing It

The Percy Jackson star shared a clip of herself lip-synching to Megan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin.

We don’t know if it was her expression or how pretty she looked with her hair parted to the side; we couldn’t stop playing the video on repeat.

29. Warm, Comfortable, and Pleasant

Captioned 30 Rock, her words keep reminding us that she was 30 when she took this picture. It appears she has magically stopped aging after her early 20s!

30. Needled and Still Pretty

If by now you are wondering how Alex looks beautiful all the time, which you surely are, she gets acupuncture. It is said to do wonders to the skin.

Well, Alex has her fans smitten with her pretty face, and her gray eyes can make anyone fall in love with her. Her perfect glowing skin is something to aspire to! Watching all her No-make up pictures, we can now say; she’s beautiful each and every way!