Kim Kardashian No Makeup (30+ Natural Unedited Photos)

Fans of Kim Kardashian know how important it is for Kim to look camera-ready most of the time. She had a whole glam team on hold when she was about to deliver but hadn’t yet booked a room in a hospital.

Even without glamming up, Kimmie looks phenomenal, and we have dug through her social media for you to see.

1. Exfoliating Is Everything

Kim has supple skin from exfoliating with her brand’s gentle yet effective exfoliator. She scrubs her face gently for nearly two minutes and does this twice a week.

2. Out of the Beach

Kimberly’s crop top reads, The Incredible, and it is the right word to describe this picture of the reality star walking out of the sea sensually.

Even fashion designer Simone Harouche appreciated her good looks.

3. Kim K Circa 1996

16-year-old Kim looks alluring in her casual outfit and no-makeup face enjoying an ice cream cone.

4. Face Oils for a Glowing Skin

She boasts clear skin in this picture advertising the oil drops from her brand.

Face oils are essential in Kim’s skincare regime. She applies her oil drops mixed with face cream and follows it with two pumps of night oil.

5. Kim K’s Secret to a Healthy Skin

Kim Kardashian is known to get expensive treatments like micro-needling or the vampire facial she has sworn to avoid since then.

At the same time, she also follows a nine-step skincare routine every day. Guess taking good care of the skin is a surefire way to get flawless skin like her.

6. A Comfortable Sunday in Skims

She keeps it simple and elegant in her Skims, looking gorgeous with the sun shining on her natural smiling skin.

7. Off with the Makeup for Sleepovers

Here is another proof of Kim’s forever glow during a fun and much-needed sleepover with her best friend. With her pouting, will anyone be able to divert their eyes from her pinkish and plumpy lips?

8. Pausing for a Mirror Selfie

She looks sassy in this bathroom selfie, and the subtle ombre hairstyle makes the picture wholesome.

9. The Pizzazz Mom

Kim savors a pizza slice in this lovely selfie with her daughter. She called it a pizza party, and wouldn’t we all have loved to join it too?

10. Clear As Day

Kimberly’s toned-down look in this black swimsuit, along with her jet-black hair, shows the perfection of her skin. She manages to look classy even in this simple look.

11. A Retrospective Attractiveness Shot

She took her fans back to Thanksgiving in 2006 in this old picture, and she looks super pretty. It is that memory we never knew we needed so much until seeing it.

12. Nothing But Flawless Skin

Who would not love an after-swim picture of Kim Kardashian? She always looks breathtaking with her natural beauty exposed. Besides, her hair is just heavenly.

13. The Perks of a Vacation

As much as the KUWTK star’s social media makes people desire to vacation like her, it also makes them appreciate her stunning looks in every holiday picture she shares. You can see for yourself in this picture she snapped on an island.

14. Tasteful Skin And Tasty Tacos

Here is another to show you that we were not joking when we said she always looks gorgeous after a swim. Her luscious hair and her perfectly-shaped eyebrows elevate her beauty.

15. She Woke Up Like This

It is usually not easy to look flawless 24/7, but it’s never a problem for Kim. She shared this just-woken-up photo while in Rome and looks absolutely gorgeous in it.

16. Starting the Day Fresh

Kim Kardashian looks bombastic in this laid-back look of her in a lavender string bikini. She has kept it simple with her hair tied into a ponytail, showing off her alluring face shape and flawless skin with zero makeup.

17. The Face Is a Canvas of Art

Kim proves she is a cool mom in this still sporting some temporary face tattoos with her daughter North West. Kourtney’s daughter Penelope Disick also joined in on the fun.

18. A Kiss from a Proud Mom

Kimmie shares a heartful post wishing her child Chicago West for her fourth birthday.

In addition to how adorable this mom and daughter duo looks, Kim’s admirable facial features are also a treat to the eyes.

19. A Chiseled Jawline

This shot of Kim and Saint West from Keeping Up with Kardashians would undeniably melt anyone’s heart. The reality star’s side profile highlights her sharp nose, plumpy lips, and gorgeous skin!

20. Capturing Every Moment

She is simply so pretty in this selfie she took while dropping off daughter North West at school.

Kim always captures happy memories like this. She even has a scrapbook for each of her children. The book contains all their cherished moments, including sonograms.

21. Getting Fit to Take Over the World

Kim Kardashian promoted the Stretch Satin collection from her label Skims with a short video of her and a few other women stretching. Her natural gleaming skin is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

22. It Is Sweat Pants Day

She looks comfortable and good-looking in this laid-back yet stylish tracksuit. As she describes, the look is simple, but we should add that it is eye-catching too.

23. A No-Makeup Selfie

Kimmie flaunts her pretty facial features and beautifully thick eyebrows in this no-makeup selfie. Her wavy hairdo adds more charm to her already graceful looks.

24. Prepping for Flawless Skin

She and Jennifer Lopez video-called each other with face packs applied to their faces. Of course, that extra green layer on Kim’s face has not hidden her beauty.

25. Never Too Early for a Soft Serve

Kim went out for an early-morning ice cream run in her gray joggers. She brags a sensible style and a striking allure in this snap of her with a soft serve.

26. Beauty Needs No Color

This black and white photo captures so much love and grace. With Kim’s hair let down, her side profile is nothing less than breathtaking.

27. The Self-Proclaimed Cool Girl

The reality star defined this post as so cool, a perfect description!

She paired a white dress with a black tote bag and oversized shades on the head. It is style and loveliness at its peak.

28. A Morning in Kimye’s Life

Kim gives former spouse Kanye West company during breakfast. Though her face is not the main focus in this click, she still makes people turn towards her appealing charm.

29. Going Barefaced for Vogue

The beauty mogul was featured on the cover page of Vogue Spain with no makeup. The photoshoot is proof that she is blessed with bewitching looks.

30. She Let Her Hair Down

We leave you with a picture of Kim looking charismatic and happy in this still from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has such a magnetic presence.

After discovering all these no-makeup pictures of Kim Kardashian, it is clear that the reality star wears makeup only to accentuate her naturally-gifted perfect features.