10+ Peyton List Best Bikini Moments So Far: (See Photos!)

Peyton List’s model-like figure is to watch out for! She knows how to carry herself confidently in a two-piece, and her bewitching body proportions can easily get your heart racing!

These ten pictures show off her mesmerizing physique, and we wish the Cobra Kai actress would share more.

1. Gorgeous Miss Sunshine

Speaking about radiating beauty, Peyton List does exactly that. One look and anyone would have double-tapped this post immediately.

2. Yoga by the Pool

She has an attractive figure, and yoga is one reason for it. Peyton’s abs and legs are perfectly toned. Have you started googling for yoga mats, too, because we have?

3. Cheerfully Sexy

Peyton looks ravishing in this red bikini. If she were cast in Baywatch, she would have surely stolen the show.

4. Ethereal Charm

Peyton flaunts her slim waistline simply sitting by a swimming pool. She is the summer fitspiration to follow.

5. Camera Shy?

What could be prettier than Peyton List flaunting her body around lovely flowers? This picture easily does the job of drawing attention to Peyton’s oh-so-perfect curves. You just can’t take your eyes off her!

6. Blurry But Still Stealing The Show

This picture may not be that clear, but we cannot ignore how gorgeous her physique looks even in this blurry picture.

7. Enjoying the View

We enjoy our view as Peyton enjoys hers! Whether it’s in a two-piece or one, List’s hourglass figure never fails to impress her fans!

8. Glamor in Dubai

This picture perfectly displays Peyton’s Bikini clad body shining in the sun against the pretty ocean. Peyton posted this picture during her trip to Dubai!

9. A Pastel Attraction

This bikini and shorts set does a great job in complimenting her ravishing figure. Do we even have to talk about how tight her butt looks in it?

10. Nature’s Allure

If you ever wonder what exotic beauty looks like, then you should look at this picture. Peyton is just ethereal with her blue once-piece and that yellow flower on her ears.

The Jessie actress boasts a slim and elegant physique that everyone can appreciate in all those fashionable clothing and bikinis she wears. And we can’t help but watch and drool over her beauty!