20+ Alexandra Daddario Bikini and Swimsuits Photos (2022)

There are a few things that tell that an actress is regarded as sexy in the mainstream. Their bikini-clad bodies feature on magazine covers, and they are cast in a show like Baywatch, where appearance is as important as performance.

Well, in that case, Alex is unarguably attractive. Scroll through the photos and see for yourself that we don’t exaggerate when we talk about her jaw-dropping physique!

1. Splash of Sexiness

Two days before the 2022 Emmy Awards, Alexandra Daddario made this post of herself in a fluorescent green bikini.

Just like Alex’s splash in the pool, her series, The White Lotus, also made a big splash in the 74th Emmy Awards with 10 wins and 20 nominations.

2. More Like a Painting

Alex flaunts her thin waistline and toned thighs in this still she shared from her trip to Hawaii.

Everything about this picture, including the background, is perfect and can be easily mistaken for a painting.

3. Paddled with Great Looks

She ended her May 2022 with some paddle boarding classes, and as a result, fans were treated to shots of Alex looking breathtaking in her aqua green bikini from Aerie.

Her sister, Catherine Daddario, also joined in on the fun.

4. The Scenic Allure of the Sea

It is sophistication at its peak as the San Andreas actress flaunts her slender figure while sunbathing on a yacht. Of course, all her curves are in the right place, but even Alexandra Daddario’s feet ooze perfection and elegance!

5. Bohemian Goddesses

Only Alex can add an over-the-top robe and a colorful hat to her otherwise simple bikini look and make it work! How can we ignore her flattering abs in this outfit?

6. The Perfect Beach Fit

Alex’s sexy physique makes even this simple strapless bikini look way cooler. Well, her perfect body can rock literally any two-piece!

7. Never Backs Down from Being Flawless

If you ever wonder what a sexy back looks like, look no further than this photo of Alexandra Daddario. Her back and her gluteus are so perfect!

8. A Gem in a Mine

Her flawless body surely makes her stand out in any crowd, as she does in this post in a bright red monokini.

9. In a Colorful Ring

Here is Alex showing us that she needs no fancy bikini to look mesmerizing. A simple skin-colored bikini is enough for her to mesmerize everyone with her looks!

10. Sensuality Level 100

Daddario’s topless look, plus her piercing gaze, gives her an unhinged bold appeal. How can we not notice her subtle yet captivating curves?

11. Entirely Flawless

Alexandra Daddario boasts her ample bosom and wasp-like waistline like no one else. And if that is not enough to have your jaws dropped, her perfect skin would!

12. Flowing with Sexiness

Alex looks so enticing in her all-black bikini, unconsciously flaunting her toned hands and legs!

13. Sexy in the Pool

Getting out of a pool, Alex oozes sensuality looking sultry in her bra top and wet pulled-back hair.

14. Titillating In Red

She was beyond breathtaking in the pages of GQ Spain, showing off her desirable figure in this red monokini.

The plunging neckline brings attention to her busts and adds more lusciousness to her look!

15. Epitome of Fitness

Why wouldn’t Baywatch’s Summer Quinn be featured on the cover of a fitness magazine? She has an admirable physique that can inspire anyone to hit the gym.

Alex trained with her co-star Zac Efron’s personal trainer to prepare her body for the role.

16. Gracing GQ with Beauty

Alexandra Daddario graced the cover page of GQ Mexico. She looked nothing less than perfection in her skimpy bikini, and her eye makeup made her look extra tantalizing!

17. Aerial? Who?

Straight out of the beach water! That’s how attractive Alex is!

18. Cruising Glamorously

She flaunts her skinny figure and the much-desired thigh gap, thanks to her lovely wide hips. She defines glamor even while simply chilling on the yacht.

19. A Heavenly Temptress

Her tanned skin and heavenly body proportions had her looking super hot in the pages of GQ Mexico.

20. Beach Royalty

The Percy Jackson actress loves the beach. Anyone would if they got to flaunt their godly figure like she always does on the beach with her two pieces.

All these pictures would definitely have you wondering how the Why Women Kill star gets her exquisite figure. She is a fan of boxing and swimming. She also works out at the gym. Her perfect body is a sight to behold!