75+ Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Looks (Hottest Swimsuit Photos)

Like Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce, Kim Kardashian boasts a show-stealing hourglass figure that makes her look outstanding in any bikini she wears.

Below are 75 pictures of Kim flaunting her much-talked-about curves in her two-piece outfits. You will definitely be yearning to go on a vacation or making plans to hit the gym by the end of the article.

1. The Sexiest Gym Outfit

Kim Kardashian shows us that there are no fashion rules when working out at your home gym as she lifts weights in her bikini and thigh-high boots.

2. Twining with Khloe

Kim celebrates Khloe’s birthday by playing around the beach with their matching black two-pieces and flowy blonde mane.

3. Kim K goes metallic

Kim K is in her very own golden skims bikini paired with Avante-garde sunglasses.

4. Chillin like there is no tomorrow

Kim looks effortlessly stunning in her shiny silver bikini. The glistering water ripples over her make her even more aesthetically appealing.

5. Beach Body Goals

Kim Kardashian is dashing in her two-tone swimwear. The contrast between the black color and the metallic silver shade elevates the look and her beauty.

6. The Skin-colored Bikini Look

She flaunts her tiny waist and ample gluteus in her thongs. Her ombre hairstyle and oversized frames add more class to the look.

7. Cover Page Ready

Kim showed a sneak peek of her photoshoot for Sports Illustrated magazine. She featured in the swimsuit edition.

8. Beauty comes in all sizes

The skim-brand owner shows off her new line of two-pieces while also subtly promoting body positivity that beauty comes in all sizes and colors.

9. Moonlit Mermaid Look

Kim in flowy black hair and a dark blue bikini under the moonlight may be the best night beach look.

10. Flowing with the Waves

She shared a photo of herself after turning 40, and the picture clearly shows why age is just a number.

11. The Kardashian Squad

Kim K, along with her sisters, gives out cool girl summer vibes in her fluorescent bikini that’s sure to grab eyeballs!

12. The Glamor-meets-Yoga Pose

Kim sits sensually in her walk-in closet showing off her shapely bust in her triangular white bikini.

13. Chunky Loafers and Bikini

Kim enjoys a sunny day in a brown bikini, accessorizing it with chunky loafers, monogrammed head scarf, and trendy shades.

14. Camouflaging with the Plants

Kim K shows off her cinched waist in this stylish Olive green bikini with strings wrapped around her waist. The simple necklace and brown shades compliment her look perfectly!

15. In Her Zone

She poses in a skimpy black bikini paired with sunglasses and her double-plaited hairstyle. Isn’t it the best fit for summer?

16. Relaxed on a Hammock

Kim looks striking even when simply relaxing as her two-piece outfit exposes her curvy figure.

17. A Sun-kissed Glow

You can’t help but appreciate Kim’s sun-kissed glow in a swimming pool! Her bikini look glammed up with a monogrammed Louis Vuitton scarf is surely a sight to behold!

18. Drenched in Sensuality

Kim looks sensual with her scanty clothing and soaking wet hair while enjoying a swim at The Blue Lagoon with her friends. Her layered necklace is the icing on the top of her simplistic look.

19. The Steps to Glamor

Kim K shares a vacation picture of herself sitting on a marble staircase. Her center-partitioned hairstyle accentuates her gorgeous black bikini!

20. A Blissful Hug from Kim

She captioned this post as bliss, and the word perfectly sums up the picture. The camera captured a happy Kim K in a tube bikini top set, extending her arms for a hug.

21. Only Good Hair Days

Kim Kardashian looks flawless, sporting a string bikini and gorgeous blow-dried hairstyle. Her trip to a white sand beach was a much-needed way for her to unwind on a Mayday.

22. Sunscreens, Naps, and Allure

Kim and Kylie Jenner are sunbathing in their bikinis. Of course, the siblings didn’t forget to layer up their skin with sunscreen for a sun bath!

23. Intelligence is Sexy

Kim proves she has a sexy mind and body! Even during a study session, she looks perfect in her cream bikini and matching Gucci bandana with red double G emblems.

She was preparing for the baby bar exam she passed in 2021 after three failed attempts.

24. The Holiday Glow

She relishes her free time in a striped bikini. She and her friend have most likely applied some tanning that gives them an attractive shine!

25. Taco to You Tomorrow

Kim looks titillating in her light green bikini set. Her gorgeous wet hair hints she just came from a swim and treated herself to a taco.

26. Lavender in the garden

She poses in her lavender-colored string bikini bringing attention to her wide hips and well-rounded bosom. Her swept-back hairdo adds to her beauty.

27. Gone with the Waves

Kim K was having the best time on her favorite island! She wore a skin-tone bikini and accessorized it with a similar-shade hat. Her jet-black hair exalts the look to a whole new level.

28. Strapless and Flawless

Kim is keeping it simple with her strapless black bathing suit and her neatly plaited hair. She was posing in a jacuzzi and referred to it as her happy place.

29. The Hues of a Seashore

Everything about this picture is enthralling! The clear blue sky and the pristine sea make the perfect backdrops for Kim’s photo in her white bikini!

30. The Little Black Bikini

Kardashian looked fashionably stunning in her monochrome look, simply relaxing on the beach. She sported a black bikini and topped it with a pair of black sunglasses and a baseball cap.

31. Let the Body Talk

Kim poses in a striking blue bikini. She has cropped off her face so that the only thing in focus is her bodacious hourglass figure.

32. The Exotic Glimmer

A still from Kim’s vacation! She looks exotic in her magenta-colored string bikini paired with oversized shades. The body oil all over her skin gives her an eye-catching glimmer!

33. Wearing Her Heart on her Head

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Kim carries hers on her head!

She wore a black bikini and held a black heart-shaped box from her brand Skims, wishing her fans Valentine’s day!

34. Those Abs Though

Kim advertised a collection from her shapewear label Skims. But it’s not just the comfortable clothing that captured everyone’s attention but also her 11-line abs and wide hips.

35. A Mom’s Day Out

Kim Kardashian spends quality beach time with her children in her tube bikini set. Her contrasting light blonde hair adds a pop of color to her all-black outfit.

36. Bikini-Clad Figure Workout

For those wondering how Kimmie maintains her sought-after physique, she works out at the gym. And she flaunts the fruits of her labor in her leopard print bikini!

Her blonde hair with black roots is the cherry on the cake!

37. Kim and Kylie Serving Looks

Kim and Kylie are chilling outdoors in bikinis matching their hair color. Their monochrome appearances look charming and make for perfect siblings’ goals.

38. Kanye’s POV

Then-husband Kanye West snapped this picture while the couple was on a surprise vacation for Valentine’s day. She looks extremely attractive with her luscious black hair flowing down.

39. Lots of Baby Pink and Allure

Kim teased a baby pink bikini from her 2020 Valentine’s day collection. With on-the-point eye makeup and plaited hair, she looks super pretty.

She took a different approach to promote this very collection. She sent the press boxes to her fans rather than sending them to influencers and celebrities.

40. Work from Closet

Kim never fails to prove that she is an entrepreneurial genius! She announces her newly launching Skims wear from her walk-in closet, sporting a violet satin two-piece from her company.

41. All the Way from Cabo

Kimmie has opted for a halter bikini top that brings attention to her angular shoulders. The picture was taken on a happy sunny day during her trip to Cabo!

42. On Wednesdays, She Wears Baby Pink

She puts her packing on hold to snap a much-wanted mirror selfie of herself in a baby pink bikini and black sunnies.

43. The Calmness of Earth Tones

Kim’s way of doing casual things is unique! She posted a picture in a skin-colored bikini set to send her fans Belated New Year wishes.

With her sultry look, brushed-down glossy hair, and alluring eye makeup, Kim could easily make up for anything!

44. Black is Slimming

She poses in a black bikini set with high-waisted bottoms that bring focus to her slender waistline. She completed her casual yet classy look with a simple low pony!

45. Kim K on Board

Kim boasts her attractive curvy figure in a side profile picture taken back on her trip to Costa Rica. The black bikini exposes her commonly-desired S-line body shape.

46. Bidding adieu to Costa Rica

She shared this picture in her last few days on the Costa Rica trip. She has worn a laid-back white two-piece set that turns our eyes to her godly hourglass figure.

47. Keeping it Hot and Cool

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame publicizes a sunglass from the eyewear brand Carolina Lemke Berlin. While she looks hot, her attitude remains cool!

If you look closely, she has done her nails in bright red. It is a perfect pop of color for her otherwise completely black look.

48. Channeling Flamingo Vibes

Kim had a fun-filled family trip to Bali. She looks glamorous in the pink satin bikini spending time on the exquisite Indonesian island.

Curious to know what the Kardashian-Jenner clan did on their trip? Watch them in the KUWTK season 16 episodes: Eat Pray Fight and Soul(mate) Searching.

49. Perfect from the Top to Bottom

Kim’s photoshoots are a treat to the eyes! She stretches seductively on a stone bath and grabs everyone’s attention with her flawless skin exposed in a bodycon bikini.

In the post, she hinted at the release of her then-yet-to-release skincare brand SKKN.

50. A Bejeweled Angel

Kim shared a behind-the-scenes picture of her trying out her Halloween costume. She went as an angel and stylized her laced bikini with a butterfly-shaped corset that elevated her hourglass figure.

51. A Material Girl Selfie

The American socialite shows off her voluptuous physique in her light pink string bikini with a sort-of-Barbie feel. We cannot ignore her luxurious bag and heel collections in the background.

She unsurprisingly has a desirable line of bags, including a few of the globally-acclaimed Birkin handbags.

52. Kardashian’s Secret Angel

Kim looks exotic and angelic in her lacy white bikini and extravagant feathery wings on the back. This was her Halloween costume in 2018.

Her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie also dressed as Victoria’s Secret Angels.

53. Hotter Than a Summer

Kim sits by the water in her lemon yellow bikini as the sun shines in the background. Her thick hair and enticing figure also grab viewers’ attention with a snap!

54. Glamor Amidst the Ocean

Here is another photo of Kim Kardashian from her trip to Bali. She looks mesmerizing in the fluorescent pink bikini. And the vast blue sky joins the ocean to become a perfect backdrop to Kim’s vacation picture.

55. The Kardashian Trio

Kimmie shares an old picture of herself with her sisters: Kourtney and Khloe. She captioned the post, dash dolls, referring to the Kardashian sisters’ store by the same name.

Kim made her plain black bikini fancy by adding a necklace, a waist chain, and chunky bangles.

56. A Bathroom Selfie Before a Swim

She clicks a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror before going for a swim. She wears trendy black swimwear highlighting her ample bosom and flat abs.

57. Old Town Road girl

Kim channels a sexy cowgirl in her black bikini, leather boots, and hat. Her lying on the beach sand surely makes the picture more sensual.

58. Stan of a Good Tan

Kim enjoys a good suntan lying in her black bikini. Her curvy figure stands out gorgeously in this picture.

59. Only Strings Attached

Here is one more tanning picture of Kim. Didn’t we say she loves a good tan?

The string bikini exposes her plump skin and admirable figure.

60. Paddling Away with Great looks

Kim goes paddle boarding in a red bikini with a plunging neckline. The red attire against a perfect ocean blue backdrop makes her shine with her curvy physique.

61. Staying Embezzled Yet Casual

Kim shares a very old picture of herself wearing a crafty yet beautiful white bikini covered with shiny silver squares. We can’t help but drool over her wasp-like figure!

She proclaims herself as Miss Teen Armenian but did not win the title officially.

62. Rain Makes Everything Prettier

Kim celebrates earth day with a selfie of herself in front of some lush plants. She is wearing a strapless white bikini, and the rain makes the picture more sensual.

63. A Grateful Mother

Kim shows her gratitude for being a mother in this post, thanking her children: North West and Saint West. She looks dapper in the light brown bikini and her high ponytail.

64. Riding into the Sunset

If this picture isn’t glamor, we don’t know what is!

Kim sits on the hood of her Rolls Royce in her white bikini, flaunting her spectacular figure and lavish lifestyle.

65. Memories from a Blackberry

The reality star shared a photo back from 2007, proving to everyone that she has always looked stunning.

66. Braided to Kill

Kim posts a black and white picture of herself sporting the cornrows hairstyle and a minimalistic bikini.

Netizens called her out for cultural appropriation, to which she replied that she was not mocking any culture but doing the hairstyle out of love.

67. Too Hot to Handle

She poses in a skimpy white bikini which shows off her thick thighs and curvy figure.

68. Slaying in Calvin Kleins

Kim looks stunning in her black and white Calvin Kleins. She took the picture while doing a photo shoot with the fashion brand.

69. Chilled and Thrilled

She looks mesmerizing in her black bikini with a center-partition hairstyle. She described the location as paradise!

70. An Affluent Femme Fatale

Kim looks bougie chilling in her Chanel bikini that looks extortionate with the French label’s famous CC logo printed in white. She knows how to flaunt her evenly-tanned body in every click!

71. Smooth Skin and an Attractive Glare

The famous socialite must love a good black bikini because we found yet another picture of her in a black two-piece. She always looks drop dead gorgeous in black!

72. Kim K Goes Black Pink in Her Area

Sporting the contrasting hues of black and pink, Kim looks breathtaking in this casual mirror selfie!

73. Did You Say Charlie’s Angels?

Kimmie poses in a sporty bikini set in black and yellow. Her look is accentuated with her two plaits and a cool pair of sunnies! Now, this is the perfect wear for the girls’ day out!

74. Kim in Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini

Kim is dressed in the famous Princess Leia’s gold bikini from Star Wars.

With the picture, she shared a fun fact stating that the show started off her romance with Kanye West.

75. Anyways Peace Out

Lastly, a picture of Kim looking carefree as she chills on a boat in a green bikini. The model sure knows how to entice her fans!

With all her bold pictures in bikinis, one thing is for sure; Kim knows how to sport one confidently with her sultry figure!