Eva Andressa’s Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Family, and More

Eva Andressa is a Brazilian fitness model, bodybuilder, and social media influencer who’s made her mark in the fitness community. The fitness enthusiast has a massive fan following across the globe and has graced the covers of several reputed magazines.


  • Eva has an average height of 5’3’’ or 163 cm.
  • Eva weighs approximately 62 kg or 137 pounds. She relies on a strict diet and an intense workout to maintain her figure.  
  • Born on December 19, 1984, 37 years old Eva has several championships under her name, like NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup, NABBA Parana Championship, IFBB, etc. 
  • Andressa was a finalist at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards in the Social Fitness Category. Read along to know more about Eva’s measurements, life, and more. 

Eva Andressa’s Age and Birthday

Born on December 19, 1984, Eva is 37 years old and will be celebrating her 38th birthday in December 2022. The fitness model posted a picture on her 37th birthday, reflecting back on life and being grateful to God for all the good things.

Eva Andressa’s Family Life

Eva is close to her mother, Maria Helena Vieira, and best friends with her. She tries to spend special days, such as Easter, Mother’s day, etc., with her mother to make her feel special.

Andressa also has two brothers, but she hasn’t mentioned much about them and her father on social media.

About Andressa’s personal life, she is happily married to Jardel Barros, an athlete who also helped Andressa understand her physique and motivated her toward her fitness career.

Eva Andressa’s Fitness Journey

Eva was critiqued and body shamed for her skinny physique during her teenage years. This embarrassment pumped her to train her body, but she left working out after a month as she wasn’t getting the appropriate training.

After quitting the gym, Eva met Jardel Barros, an athlete who became her husband. Jardel helped Andressa train her body correctly. In 2005, Eva participated in the NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup at 21and won the title of Figure Champion.

After this, Eva participated in several other championships, including the IFBB Body Fitness Competition, and won again. At 25, Andressa decided to pursue a career as a fitness model and excelled in it.

Eva is a sponsored athlete by Athletica Nutrition, a sports-nutrition company. The fitness diva was also a finalist at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards in the Social Fitness Category. Her fitness-centric content on social media is a craze among her followers.

  • Full Born Name: Eva Andressa Vieira
  • Nick Name: Eva
  • Occupation: Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, Social Media Influencer 
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Date of Birth: December 19, 1984
  • Birthplace: Curitiba, State of Parana, Brazil
  • Education: Graduate
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Mother Name: Maria Helena Vieira
  • Relationships: Jardel Barros
  • Spouse: Jardel Barros
  • Children: None

Eva Andressa’s Height and Weight

Eva Andressa stands tall at 5 feet 3 inches or 163 cm (1.63 m) tall and weighs approximately 62 kg or 137 pounds. Andressa’s hourglass-sculpted figure is enough to display all the effort behind maintaining it.

What Does Eva Andressa’s Daily Diet Looks Like?

The fitness sensation follows a stringent diet and aims to maintain low body fat. Lean proteins, green veggies, fruits, eggs, oats, fish, cottage cheese, etc., are part of her meal plan.

Andressa makes sure to consume a balanced amount of carbs and protein. Whey protein is one of Eva’s favorite supplements.

Eva Andressa’s Measurements and Physical Traits

Andressa follows an active lifestyle and pushes her body to achieve optimum results. That’s exactly what reflects in her looks. Eva’s estimated body measurements are 40-27-44 inches or 109-69-112 cm, and she appears to wear a bra of size 36D with a cup size D.

Of course, Andressa’s physical appearance is accentuated by her physique, but her facial features are equally impressive. She has a heart-shaped face that is highlighted more by her black locks and deep brown eyes.

What is Eva’s Workout Routine?

Since Eva no longer competes in championships, she doesn’t train as hard as she used to. Andressa trains for around three days a week. She does everything from stretching to intense weight training.

Eva’s leg routine involves leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions, lying squats machine, and back squats. For Abs, she does sit-ups, lat pull-downs, row pull-downs, etc. Abs count for Andressa’s favorite part of the body workout.

Height5 feet 3 inches or 163 cm (1.63 m)
Weight62 kg or 137 pounds
Face ShapeHeart-shaped
Bra Size36D
Cup SizeD
Body Measurements40-27-44 inches or 109-69-112 cm
Shoe Size5 (US) or 35.5 (EU) or 3 (UK)
Dress Size10 (US) or 40 (EU) or 12 (UK)
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Eva Andressa’s Fan Following

The fitness model Eva Andressa is famous for her stunning physique. People are always keenly interested in her personal as well as professional life. As such, Eva has a strong fan base on multiple social media platforms.

Eva Andressa’s Net Worth

Eva has been featured in the Brazilian magazine Sexy in 2013. Besides, she has participated in several renowned championships.

The fitness star Andressa also endorses various products such as Rock Peanuts, FashionNova, NebbiaFitness, Icon Meals, etc., which boosted her fame and fortune. As such, Eva has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million as of 2022.

Eva’s Fun Favorites

  • Favorite Body Part: Abs
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs
  • Favorite Clothing Item: Jeans
  • Favorite Place: Dubai
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Snack: Peanut Butter

Fascinating Facts About Eva Andressa

Eva is a dog lover and has two dogs called Kyra and Crystal. She has created official Instagram accounts for both pets as well.

Eva is a fashion lover and loves to style herself in comfortable yet trendy clothes. 

Andressa prefers having her coffee with skimmed milk and eats six meals a day. 

Eva is a firm believer in God and inspires her followers never to lose faith in Him. 

Andressa is an outdoor person and loves going on walks with her dogs in the park.

What face shape does Eva Andressa have?

Eva’s face is heart-shaped, with delicate features and supple skin.

What is Eva Andressa’s hair color?

Eva’s beautiful locks are black in color.

​​What color eyes does Eva Andressa have?

Eva’s eyes are brown and perfectly complement her other facial features.

What nationality is Eva Andressa?

Eva is of Brazilian nationality.

Where does Eva Andressa live?

Eva lives in Miami, Florida, with her husband.

Eva Andressa’s journey in the fitness industry is awe-inspiring and has brought her millions of followers. The fitness expert continues to rise and make a special place in the industry. Just like Eva, Tracy Anderson’s journey in the world of fitness is incomparable.