Beyond Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney’s Height, Weight, Size & More

Famous for her sensational figure and witty charm, Sydney Sweeney takes away everyone’s breath with her magnificent aura and demure demeanor. Winning hearts as Cassie Howard in the HBO show Euphoria since 2019, Sweeney has become a sensation in Hollywood!

The actress grew up playing sports, reading many languages, and acting in several small and big projects. In short, Sweeney is set on her way to becoming the next big thing in the show biz!

Is Sydney Sweeney As Tall as Euphoria Co-star Zendaya?

Sydney Sweeney at Elton John Aids Foundation Viewing Party
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Sydney Sweeney has a petite height of around 1.61 m or 5 ft 3 inches and she maintains her stunning figure at an ideal body weight of 119 pounds (54 kg).

On the other hand, her “Euphoria” co-star Zendaya is around 5’10” inches tall. That means Sydney is around seven inches shorter than her.

Sydney’s perfect height-to-weight ratio as a 5’3” tall woman shows that she must work out regularly. But another fitness secret is that she enjoys activities like walking, hiking, skiing, and swimming, as seen on her Gram!

Besides, Sydney grew up playing sports like soccer, basketball, and wakeboarding, which is why she’s always had an athletic build. Thanks to her active lifestyle, Sydney likely keeps her diet flexible, as she’s occasionally seen enjoying pizza and ice cream.

Insights Into Sydney Sweeney’s Measurements & Physical Attributes

Actress Sydney Sweeney
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Sydney Sweeney possesses a breathtaking hourglass figure, and her estimated body measurements are 36-24-36 inches or 92-61-92 cm, based on her recent Instagram pictures. 

Those pictures also display her mesmerizing facial features, like her defined oval face shape with a chiseled jawline, sharp almond-shaped blue eyes, and shiny, wavy hair.

While you’d mostly see her sporting blonde hair, Sweeney’s natural hair color is, in fact, brunette. 

Looking at Sweeney’s radiant skin, we can tell the American actress takes GOOD CARE of it! But it wasn’t always the same; at first, she thought makeup was skincare!

Sydney told People, “I thought makeup was the answer, when in return it was not,” she says. “It made trying to find a better skincare routine harder for myself because I would put makeup on my acne and it would just make it worse.”

Now she knows what her skin needs!

Sweeney’s Struggle to Find the Right Clothing Sizes

Sydney Bernice Sweeney
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Sydney Sweeney has been outspoken about her ample bosom. We estimate that her breast size is around 36 inches, so Sweeney likely wears a bra size 32DD (DD cup size) with a 32-inch band. Her right dress size must be a US size 8 (UK size 12 and EU size 40).

The “Euphoria” actress opened up about how she is often “forced to fit in something that doesn’t fit her.” In a TikTok video shared by Glamour UK, Sweeney stated she has to “get a dress altered or reconstructed on the top to fit her boobs” to make it look better. 


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Sydney also addressed how her appearance is often labeled as “scandalous dress” or “revealing” in her interview with Glamour UK. She said, ‘I’m wearing the exact same dress someone else would be wearing! I just have tits.”

“And if someone else is wearing it, they’d be like, ‘Oh, so sleek and so well-mannered.’ Just because I have boobs, it doesn’t change…,” she added. Sweeney also revealed that she was insecure about her large bust size.

“When I was in high school, I used to feel uncomfortable about how big my boobs were, and I used to say that when I turned 18, I was going to get a boob job to make them smaller.”

But Sydney’s mother, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, told her not to do it. So, she learned to accept and love her body as it is!

Some Favorite Things of Sweeney

  • Favorite Snacks: Ice cream, Pizza, Cookies, Barbecue Chips
  • Favorite Films/Shows: Property Brothers
  • Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, Skiing, Hiking, Reading, Singing, Exploring, Wakeboarding, Sports, Martial Arts
  • Favorite Books: They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman

A Sneak Peak into Sydney’s Personal Life

Sydney Sweeney belongs to a religious and well-educated family. Her father, Steven Sweeney, is in medicine, while her mother, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, is a lawyer.

Sweeney grew up in Spokane and Idaho alongside her brother, Trent Sweeney, with whom she’s very close.

As for her dating life, Sweeney is reportedly engaged to fiance Jonathan Davino, a restaurant owner of the pizza company ‘Pompei,’ after dating him since 2018. But the actress keeps her relationship low-key and out of the limelight!

Sydney Sweeney’s Journey from ZMD to Euphoria

Sydney Bernice Sweeney aspired to be an actress since her childhood. While in school, she auditioned for a role in an independent film. In 2009, she made her acting debut in Hollywood with “ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction” and did many movies afterward.

Sweeney also appeared in minor guest roles in popular TV shows like “Criminal Minds,” “Pretty Little Liars,” etc. In 2018, Sydney got her first big role in the TV show “Everything Sucks,” and this role immediately shot her into fame.

After this, she attracted leading roles in several shows, like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The White Lotus.” Currently, Sydney plays the main role of Cassie Howard in the ongoing HBO teen drama “Euphoria.” She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

Sydney’s reported salary of around $25,000 per episode for the first season of Euphoria and brand endorsement deals with Avista, Robitussin, Mervyn’s, and Clearwire have greatly contributed to her stardom.

Sydney Sweeney at InStyle Max Mara Women
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Is Sydney Sweeney Graduated?

Sydney grew up in Spokane, Washington, where she went to Saint George’s School. During her school years, Sweeney got interested in sports and acting.

She eventually convinced her family to let her follow an acting career with a five-year business plan, dropped out, and moved to Los Angeles to kickstart her journey.

Some Facts About Sydney’s Life Before Fame

During her school years, Sweeney was involved in many sports, like basketball, wakeboarding, snow slalom skiing, football, etc.

Sydney studied several languages during her schooling.

Sweeney participated in a combat sport called grappling in her high school. She started training in martial arts at the age of fourteen. What an athletic girl she is!

In 2010, Sydney Sweeney acted in the movie The Ward and played a younger version of Amber Heard.

Is Sydney Sweeney an MMA fighter?

Sydney Sweeney is trained in mixed martial arts and even participated in grappling in high school.

Does Sydney Sweeney really ice skate?

Yes, Sydney Sweeney learned ice skating for her role as Cassie in the HBO show Euphoria.

Does Sydney Sweeney sing?

Sydney Sweeney has multiple talents, and singing is one of them. She posted a video on her YouTube channel showing off her bold voice.

Sydney Sweeney sweeps away everyone’s hearts with her magical presence and heavenly aura. With multiple talents, she’s proven herself as a quite versatile actress. We have also covered the story of trending actress Vanessa Marano who has amazing body stats and dedication to her work.