Sanne Vloet’s Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Relationships & More

Sanne Vloet is a young model in the modern world who hails from Switzerland. She has had an early start to her career, and while her career is still in the making, she has already walked for several famous brands.

Sanne is a beautiful woman who has no trouble turning heads with her charm. If you’d like to learn more about her, then follow along as we go over her body measurements, dating history, fitness routine, and more.

Sanne Vloet’s Story of Success

Sanne Vloet was born on 10 March 1995 in Switzerland. She was raised by Dutch parents in Marondera, Zimbabwe, for a while before shifting to Donkerbroek, Ooststellingwerf in the Netherlands.

Sanne was discovered by an agent at the early age of 14, and since then, she has been supported by her mother in her modeling career. She got a start in her international career in Paris before she moved to New York City.

Since then, Sanne has walked for a number of brands, including Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta. Her career as a model continues to grow, especially since she has walked at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Sanne Vloet’s Height and Weight

Sanne Vloet has an impressive height that boosts her modeling career to reach new heights. She stands 5 ft 10 inches or 178 cm (1.78 m) tall, and her weight is only 58 kg or 128 pounds.

Sanne maintains her perfect height to weight ratio by keeping her diet in check. She begins her day with oatmeal and egg whites, which she follows up with salmon, chicken, or eggs for lunch with some grilled vegetables. She also stays away from most forms of complex carbohydrates in her diet.

Actress Sanne Vloet
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Sanne Vloet’s Dating History

Sanne Vloet has stayed away from the media’s spotlight when it comes to bringing out her relationships in public. But, though she has tried to keep her personal life private, her secret relationship with Max came out in public eventually.

Sanne Vloet has been in a long-term relationship with Max, and she has shared several pictures with him on social media.

In 2019, Sanne Vloet posted a video on her official Youtube channel titled ‘BOYFRIEND TAG | Love, Our Relationship, & Getting To Know the US’ featuring Max, explaining their daily life and how they like to spend their time with each other.

While many fans are waiting for Sanne and Max to take a further step in their relationship, due to the age factor, the couple is taking things at their own pace to build a strong relationship, and fortunately, they are going as strong as ever till now.

  • Full Born Name: Sanne Vloet
  • Nickname: Sunny Sanne, Sanne
  • Occupation: Model, Youtuber
  • Religion: Not Disclosed
  • Date of Birth: 10 March 1995
  • Birthplace: Switzerland, Europe
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Father Name: Jos Vloet
  • Mother Name: Alice Vloet
  • Siblings Names: Jules Vloet
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Sanne Vloet’s Body Measurements

Sanne Vloet’s attractive physique allows her to walk the runway confidently during fashion shows. Her body measurements are 30-24-34 in or 76.2-60.96-86.36 cm.

Sanne works out regularly to keep her body toned. She does Pilates four times a week and loves how it makes her feel. This is probably the secret behind her perfect body measurements. She had previously worked as a gymnast, which allowed her to compete in Holland’s Got Talent when she was 14.

Sanne Vloet walks the runway
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Sanne Vloet’s Ample Bosom

Sanne Vloet has attractive assets that make her look even hotter in her walks. Her breast size is 30 inches, and her bra size is 30A with cup size A.

Sanne has always dressed with superior levels of confidence and charisma. This applies every time she has stepped out, irrespective of whether she was wearing her Victoria’s Secret outfit or her everyday clothes, and we love her for that.

Height5 ft 10 inches or 178 cm (1.78 m)
Weight58 kg or 128 pounds
Breast Size30 inches
Bra Size30A
Cup SizeA
Body Measurements30-24-34 in or 76.2-60.96-86.36 cm
Chest Size30 inches or 76.2 cm
Waist Size24 inches or 60.96 cm
Hips Size34 inches or 86.36 cm
Shoe Size8.5 (US) or 39.5 (EU) or 6.5 (UK)
Dress Size2 (US) or 34 (EU) or 6 (UK)
Eyes ColorGreen
Hair ColorDark Brown
Natural breasts or implantsNatural

Did Sanne Vloet Go Under the Knife?

Sanne Vloet is a famous model who got discovered by chance and made the best out of this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to her fame and beauty, Sanne was bound to encounter some haters along the way.

These haters have spread rumors that Sanne has had plastic surgery to improve her attractiveness. However, this is a baseless claim that can be refuted by the fact that Sanne has been in front of the camera since she was a child, with no significant changes in her appearance since then.

She is a natural beauty, and we are proud that she embraces it and feels confident in her skin instead of trying to change it with cosmetic treatments.

Sanne Vloet’s Net Worth

Sanne Vloet is a hard-working model who has made the best out of the opportunity that life passed along to her. Her fame has reached incredible levels thanks to her dedication to her craft. She has worked with several brands, and her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2022.

Sanne Vloet’s Most Loved Things:

  • Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Chilli, Red Wine, Chocolate
  • Favorite Hobbies: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Reading, Pilates
  • Favorite Music Band: Mumford & Sons
  • Favorite Shows: Gossip Girl
  • Favorite Artists: Drake, Rihanna

A Few Fun Facts About Sanne Vloet

Before pursuing her modeling career, Sanne Vloet has worked in a supermarket, and she was disgusted, so she left it to finally pursue her dream of earning fame in the entertainment industry.

At the age of fourteen, Sanne Vloet auditioned for a reality TV show Holland’s Got Talent, where an agent discovered her. But due to her academics, she sought to do one photoshoot per year before pursuing modeling full-time.

Sanne Vloet was born in Switzerland, but she spent some time of her childhood in Zimbabwe as her parents worked in a hospital there.

Sanne Vloet is a famous Youtuber, and in 2019, she posted a video, Zimbabwe Vlog | Where We Grew Up, on her channel while feeling nostalgic.

What face shape does Sanne Vloet have?

Sanne Vloet has an oval-shaped face with a porcelain complexion and sharp facial features making her look magnificent.

What is Sanne Vloet’s hair color?

Sanne Vloet’s natural hair color is Dark Brown, but she has appeared in black and blonde dyed wavy shoulder-length hairstyles to suit her clothing during the shows and social media presence.

What color eyes does Sanne Vloet have?

Sanne Vloet’s natural eye color is green, which is appealing and has caused most of the world to drool.

Does Sanne Vloet have an Oscar?

No, Sanne Vloet has never won an Oscar.

Is Sanne Vloet a Victoria’s Secret Model?

Yes, Sanne Vloet is a Dutch model known for walking the ramp in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Does Sanne Vloet speak Spanish?

No, Sanne Vloet does not speak Spanish as she is only fluent in speaking English and Dutch.

Is Sanne Vloet Vegan?

No, Sanne Vloet is not vegan as she eats chicken, salmon, and eggs.

Where does Sanne Vloet live?

Sanne Vloet lives in a new apartment in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

Sanne Vloet has charmed the world with her exquisite beauty and social butterfly characteristics. She is a popular figure who has lived a prolific career in the modeling industry. Sanne reminds us of incredibly successful star Chrissy Teigen who has followed a similar journey to earn a prominent status. So do check out Chrissy’s marvelous life story and ample bosom physique.