Melissa Rauch at 43: Her Height, Weight, Measurements & More

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, you already know Melissa Rauch, the girl with cute bangs and nerdy specs. She is most famous for her character, Bernadette Rostenkowski, in the award-winning sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

This American actress and comedian best knows how to entertain people. Her impeccable sense of humor is what makes her a fan favorite. Besides, fans also like her girl-next-door looks and cute smile. In short, Rauch is a total package to watch!


  • Melissa graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2002, before starting acting.
  • Melissa Rauch is 4 feet 11 inches tall, and she weighs around 57 kg or 126 pounds, boasting a toned, petite figure.  
  • She is a big fan of actress Meryl Streep and actor Nyambi Nyambi.
  • Rauch had a miscarriage before she had her daughter, Sadie. 

Melissa Rauch’s Impressive Height-to-Weight Ratio

Night Court actress Melissa Rauch looks adorable on or off-screen, thanks to her petite build with a height of 4 ft 11 in or 150 cm (1.5 m). Rauch has proven that talent has nothing to do with height or build, and it makes its way to success anyway! 

Looking at Rauch’s well-maintained figure with a weight of around 126 pounds or 57 kg, we’re sure you’d never guess her age right! Besides, she has an amazing dressing sense that complements her body very well. 

Melissa Rauch at the Newport Beach Film Festival
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Melissa’s secret to fitness is definitely in her hands! The actress is quite a cook and bakes healthy, gluten-free desserts, like banana bread, granola bars, banana muffins, etc., and also shares the recipes with her fans on her social media.

Besides, Rauch mostly makes and eats dairy-free food. And her meals also include healthy soups and salads.

As for her workout, Rauch has been a physically active soul from a young age, and that really shows in her fit body shape. But she still makes time for these activities, including hiking, walking, sledding, etc. She also relies on yoga for the health of her body and mind.

Melissa Rauch’s Family and Love Life

Melissa Rauch comes from a Jewish family in Marlboro Township. She was raised by her parents, David Rauch and Susan Rauch, along with her younger brother Ben.

Rauch often shares adorable nostalgic pictures of her childhood on her social media, which shows that she misses the old times and spending time with her loved ones.

Now in her 40s, Melissa has been living a beautiful, fulfilling life with her husband, Winston Beigel, a writer, since 2007. Beigel has worked with Rauch on a few sketchy comedy projects.

After an unfortunate miscarriage, Rauch gave birth to her first child, daughter Sadie in 2017, and her second child, son Brooks, both of whom she’s very thankful for.

  • Full Born Name: Melissa Ivy Rauch
  • Nick Names: Melissa Rauch 
  • Occupation: Actress, Comedian 
  • Religion: Judaism 
  • Date of Birth: 23 June 1980
  • Birthplace: New Jersey, USA 
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
  • Father Name: David Rauch 
  • Mother Name: Susan Rauch 
  • Siblings Names: Ben Rauch 
  • Spouse: Winston Rauch 
  • Children: Sadie and Brooks

Behind Melissa Rauch’s Body Measurements & Adorable Features

Blonde beauty Melissa Rauch takes pride in her chiseled, voluptuous figure with close body measurements of 38-26-37 inches or 96-66-94 cm. There’s no doubt that Melissa Rauch knows the recipe for keeping herself in shape.

But that’s not it! Melissa’s naturally blue eyes, sharp square-shaped face, and cute smile get all the attention of her audience when she appears on the screen.

As for her hair, Rauch’s natural hair color is dark brown, and her hair has a shiny, wavy texture, as seen in the childhood pictures she shared on Instagram. Now, Rauch mostly sports blonde hair in medium to long hairdos, often with low-held buns with bangs.

Hot Melissa Rauch
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Melissa Rauch’s Shapely Bosom

Melissa’s toned physique is as attention-grabbing as her witty humor and brilliant acting. And that’s why it grabs many eyeballs, especially when she walks down the red carpets, flaunting her breast size of 37 inches in a bra size 34D and a cup size D. 

For instance, when Rauch arrived on the red carpet of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards wearing an off-shoulder, deep-neck yellow gown, people just couldn’t take their eyes off of her!

Melissa Rauch at the SAG Awards
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Some of Melissa Rauch’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Baking, Hiking, Sledding, Doing Yoga
  • Favorite Books: “The Hero Dies” by Michael Ausiello, “No Job for a Man” by John Ross Bowie, “The Big Bang Theory” by Jessica Radloff
  • Favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory 
  • Favorite Actors: Meryl Streep, Nyambi Nyambi
  • Favorite Author/Poet: Dan O’Brien

Melissa Rauch’s Inspiring Journey to Stardom

After working in the VH1 TV show Best Week Ever and doing a few films, Melissa rose to prominence when she appeared as a guest on the classic sitcom The Big Bang Theory as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and later became a regular.

Her comic sense and acting in the series brought her other guest roles in several series, including The Office, True Blood, Wright v Wrong, and more.

Melissa was also seen in the show The Realest Real Housewives. In 2015, Rauch debuted as a writer in the sports drama The Bronze, in which she starred, too. Her performance in the film was quite well-acclaimed.

Besides acting, Rauch has also done memorable voice roles for many television shows, such as Sofia the First, Marvel’s Ant-Man, etc., and the animated superhero film Batman and Harley Quinn.

Rauch is currently continuing her comic legacy as Judge Abby Stone in the sitcom Night Court, which is the revival of the original show of the same name.

Melissa Rauch at the Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
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Is Melissa Rauch Graduated?

Melissa’s love for the fine arts developed when she was studying at Marlboro High School in her hometown. But before stepping into the industry, Rauch completed her college, graduating from Marymount Manhattan College in 2002.

Fun Facts About Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch played the character of Bernadette Rostenkowski using a high-pitched, squeaky voice, taking inspiration from her mother’s voice. 

Rauch went through a miscarriage before she had her first child, daughter Sadie. 

She and her husband co-produced the revival sitcom Night Court. 

Actress Melissa Rauch
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What face shape does Melissa Rauch have?

Melissa Rauch has an adorable and fuller square face that is complemented by her contagious smile.

What is Melissa Rauch’s hair color?

Melissa wears her natural blonde hair and is mostly seen with bangs.

Did Melissa Rauch wear a wig in Night Court?

Melissa has naturally blonde hair with bangs, which means she’s not likely wearing any wig in the sitcom Night Court.

What color eyes does Melissa Rauch have?

Rauch has sparkling blue eyes that look perfect under her shapely thin eyebrows.

Did Melissa Rauch do ventriloquism?

Yes, Melissa did her own ventriloquism in The Big Bang Theory. She’s truly talented!

Does Melissa Rauch really have a squeaky voice?

Melissa does have a slightly high-pitched voice, but she improvised her real voice a lot to make it sound squeaky in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Was Melissa Rauch in Harry Potter?

No, Rauch didn’t have any role in the Harry Potter franchise.

Does Melissa Rauch have a degree?

Melissa Rauch is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.

Where does Melissa Rauch live?

Melissa Rauch currently lives in Los Angeles with her sweet family.

With her gracious smile, mindful humor, and flawless acting, Melissa Rauch leaves us in awe. She’s been gracing us for over a decade, and there’s never been a dull moment watching her on screen. If you liked her, you would definitely love reading about another Big Bang Theory celebrity, Kaley Cuoco!