Kaley Cuoco’s Height, Weight, Career, Favorites, and More

Kaley Cuoco is well-known as every nerd’s true heartthrob. Her beauty is known to win hearts in seconds, and she has profound acting skills which help elevate her comedic scenes into bursts of laughter in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules, and more.

But it’s not just comedy; Cuoco’s dramatic acting skills impressed millions of fans in films like The Wedding Ringer and Harley Quinn. In short, this gorgeous lady has everything to be listed as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood!


  • Hollywood actress Kaley Cuoco is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm (1.68 m) tall. 
  • Kaley watches her figure, maintaining a healthy weight of around 57 kg or 126 pounds.
  • Born on the 30th of November, Kaley is rocking at age 38. Can’t get enough of her? Read on about her career, fitness, measurements, and more! 

How Old Is Kaley Cuoco?

Known for her role as Cassie Bowden in The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco is a 38-year-old American actress born on November 30, 1985. As a Sagittarius, Cuoco exudes pure elegance!

Kaley Cuoco at InStyle Awards
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Kaley Cuoco’s Rise to Fame

Kaley Cuoco was always interested in becoming an actress and started doing commercials at the early age of 6. She made her debut in a television movie called Quicksand: No Escape.

The film got her some relative fame, but it wasn’t enough to provide for her incredible career growth. Her first feature film appearance was in Virtuosity in 1995, earning her even more fame, scoring more roles.

Kaley’s debut TV show was Ladies Man on CBS, where she acted from 2000 to 2001. This introduced her to several TV networks as a comedy actress and helped her get even more defining roles later.

Kaley got one of her most prominent roles in 8 Simple Rules as Bridget Hennessy. The show ran for quite a while, and Kaley was in it until the final season as the oldest child on the show.

Kaley got her global breakthrough role in the TV series The Big Bang Theory, playing Penny, the girl next door. She eventually became a major character in the show, gaining international fame.

Kaley has also taken up other ventures, like production, for the ongoing series The Flight Attendant, also playing the main role in it.

Kaley Christine Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco’s Dating History

After seeing her performance in Big Bang Theory, you would be quick to think that Kaley has lines of guys just waiting to date her. But the truth is a little complicated.

Kaley’s earliest confirmed relationship was with Thad Luckinbill, whom she dated for a year in 2003. The couple was young, and things weren’t too serious between them.

After a few more short-lived relationships, Kaley dated Johnny Galecki, who was her on-screen boyfriend in The Big Bang Theory. They dated for two years, from 2008 to 2010, and remain friends to date.

Another serious relationship of hers was with Ryan Sweeting. They got married in 2013 but ended up divorcing after two years.

In 2016, Cuoco met her soulmate, Karl Cook. The couple dated for a few years before getting married in 2018. But this relationship, too, couldn’t last long and ended up in a divorce in 2022.

Later in 2022, Cuoco opened up about dating actor Tom Pelphrey, later revealing on social media about expecting their first child.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook
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  • Full Born Name: Kaley Christine Cuoco
  • Nickname: Kaley, Penny
  • Occupation: Actress, Producer
  • Religion: Christian
  • Date of Birth: 30 November 1985
  • Birthplace: Camarillo, California, US
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Father Name: Gary Carmine Cuoco
  • Mother Name: Layne Ann Cuoco
  • Siblings Names: Briana Cuoco
  • Spouse: Karl Cook (Div. 2022)

Kaley Cuoco’s Height and Weight

Kaley Cuoco’s impressive height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm (1.68 m) has been a major factor in her ability to play tall, hot blondes in shows and movies. Her stature lets her take the lead, whether on screen or in real life!

Kaley does an outstanding job keeping herself toned as she weighs only around 57 kg or 126 pounds. She may have put on a few extra pounds because of her pregnancy, but she still looks flawless. 

Kaley follows a pescatarian lifestyle and relishes healthy meals rich in protein. Her diet involves fresh foods and light meals during all three courses. She also enjoys fruits for snacks and avoids sweets like candy.

Besides, Kaley is totally committed to her workout routine, which involves running on the treadmill for her cardio coverage. She also uses squats and strength training to further tone her body.

Kaley Cuoco at the Critics' Choice Awards
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Kaley Cuoco’s Body Measurements

Kaley Cuoco’s perfect measurements of 37-27-36 in or 94-69-92 cm have had hearts racing throughout every season of The Big Bang Theory. And not just on this show; her physique is so stunning that it catches the attention no matter what role she plays! 

Kaley’s mesmerizing facial features, like her expressive, glowing oval-shaped face and unique pale green eyes, attract a lot of attention for her. She’s also known for her signature dark ash-blonde hair!

Kaley Cuoco at Academy of Country Music Awards
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Kaley Cuoco’s Perfect Bosom

The 8 Simple Rules actress has the perfect assets for performing some sensual roles and getting the heat up. Looking at her rocking body-hugging dresses, Kaley’s breast size is 37 inches, and her possible bra size is 32C with cup size C.

While Kaley has a lot of admirers for her perfect assets, some turn out to be complete creeps. When she posted a video of her working out on Instagram, people were quick to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra and made inappropriate comments about her body.

Kaley Cuoco at the Emmy Awards
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Height5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm (1.68 m)
Weight57 kg or 126 pounds
Face ShapeOval
Breast Size37 inches
Bra Size32C
Cup SizeC
Body Measurements37-27-36 in or 94-69-92 cm
Shoe Size9 (US) or 40 (EU) or 7 (UK)
Dress Size6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK)
Eyes ColorGreen
Hair ColorDark Ash Blonde

Kaley Cuoco’s Net Worth

Apart from being an incredibly successful actress, Kaley is also an amazing producer. Her creative endeavors throughout the years have earned her a massive net worth of $100 million as of 2023. 

She earned a large share of it from The Big Bang Theory, which gave her a salary estimating around $1 million per episode. Besides, Cuoco has collaborated with several brands for advertising, adding more dollars to her fortune!

Actress Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Animal: Dogs, Horses
  • Favorite Dress: Bubblegum pink rock ballerina dress by Dolce & Gabbana
Sexy Kaley Cuoco
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A Few Fun Facts About Kaley Cuoco

Kaley is one of the few lucky stars to play a long-term role on a show that went on for several seasons. While her on-screen character isn’t very intelligent, Kaley isn’t the same in real life.

Despite being home-schooled, Kaley earned her high school diploma at the early age of 16, which is two years earlier than most folk. She was also a national-level tennis player before becoming a full-time actress.

What is Kaley Cuoco’s Face Shape?

Kaley Cuoco has a beautiful oval-shaped face which draws attention to her beautiful eyes.

What is Kaley Cuoco’s Natural Hair Color?

Kaley Cuoco is a natural blonde, but her natural hair is dark ash blonde instead of the light blonde that she’s best known for.

Does Kaley Cuoco Wear Hair Extensions?

Yes, Kaley Cuoco wore hair extensions to show long hair in the show Big Bang Theory when she had a pixie cut in reality.

What color eyes does Kaley Cuoco have?

Kaley’s eyes are a pale shade of green, complementing her blonde hair.

Does Kaley Cuoco have a tattoo?

Kaley Cuoco has several permanent tattoos, including a “Boop” tattoo on her left bicep, “Tom” on the inside of her left middle finger, a paper plane above her ankle, and a moth tattoo on her back, among others.

Did Kaley Cuoco win an Emmy?

Kaley Cuoco was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for The Flight Attendant, two for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2021 and 2022, and one for Outstanding Comedy Series (as executive producer) in 2021.

Does Kaley Cuoco Sing?

Yes, Kaley Cuoco can sing as she did sing the Full House Theme Song along with John Stamos.

Does Kaley Cuoco Speak Italian?

Yes, Kaley can speak Italian, as she learned it from her father, who is of Italian descent.

Was Kaley Cuoco in Young Sheldon?

Kaley Cuoco played a minor voice role in one of the episodes of the American sitcom Young Sheldon.

Does Kaley Cuoco Have a Degree?

Kaley Cuoco has a high school diploma, but she did not go to college and instead chose to focus on her acting career.

Where did Kaley Cuoco live?

Kaley reportedly resides in Los Angeles with her husband.

Kaley Cuoco is an incredible actress who has worked hard to bring her career to its current level. Over the years, she has perfected her craft and has some of the best acting skills we’ve seen today. Natalie Portman is another actress who has worked hard to make her name; you’d love to read about her life!