LDShadowLady’s Height, Weight, Real Name, Age, Biography, and More

Lizzie D, popularly known as LDShadowLady, is a YouTube sensation. She began playing video games as a child but eventually found solace in games like Call of Duty and Minecraft and built a full-time career out of it.


  • Lizzie stands pretty at the height of 5 feet and 3 inches or 160 cm.
  • LD weighs approximately 48 kg or 106 pounds.
  • Lizzie’s birthday falls on October 7, and she is currently 30 years old. 
  • As a gamer and streamer, LDShadowLady has accumulated a high net worth of over $6 million. Continue reading to learn more about her life, relationships, career, family, etc.  

LDShadowLady’s Birthday and Age

LDShadowLady celebrates her birthday on the 7th of October. She was born in 1992 in England and has recently turned 30. Lizzie shared the snaps from her 30th birthday celebration in her Gram.

LDShadowLady’s Real Name

LDShadowLady’s real name is Elizabeth Dwyer, but her fans lovingly call her Lizzie or Beth. Lizzie chose LDShadowLady as her online name because it was her first XBox gamer tag.

The LD stands for her name’s initials, Lizzie D. As per Lizzie, her username was also inspired by her all-time favorite YouTuber, NDTitanLady.

LDShadowLady’s Education

Lizzie completed high school with a good score even after spending most of her time playing games and caring for her mother. After that, she attended Liverpool John Moores University to study Computer Animation and Visualization.

But Lizzie didn’t like the university and her roommates. Yet, she focused on building her YouTube career and eventually reached the 1 million milestones. She also graduated with an Upper Second Class degree.

LDShadowLady’s Family Background

Lizzie’s family consists of her father, mother, and younger sister. Her father is a doctor, and her mother used to be a nurse. Her sister, Madie, is also a YouTuber and goes by her online moniker, MicroGlitching.

Lizzie had a rough childhood because her mother was an alcoholic. Her mother often threatened to leave the family, which scared Lizzie. Eventually, her father moved out with her sister, and Lizzie stayed with her mother.

Her mother often went in and out of rehab but couldn’t recover. So, Lizzie started taking care of her mother. Lizzie loves her parents despite their shortcomings. She also shares a close bond with her sister, who often appears in Lizzie’s videos, like Nazi Zombies.

Regarding LD’s love life, she is married to fellow YouTuber gamer Joel Smallishbeans. Lizzie started dating Joel in 2012 and married him in 2019.

LDShadowLady’s Career Highlights

Lizzie joined YouTube in 2010 to play Call of Duty and share commentary on her best game-play moments. In 2011, she appeared in an episode of Minecraft YouTuber, Zack, and gained over 3,000 subscribers.

LD then shifted her attention to sharing Minecraft videos on her channel and quickly earned thousands of followers. Some of her popular Minecraft series include Let’s Play Minecraft and Minecraft Single Player. She also created the Crazy Craft 3.0 mod for Minecraft.

Her channel received another boost in 2013 when she switched her single-player series to ShadowCraft and ShadowCraft 2.0. Lizzie also likes to stream content from Planet Zoo, Stardew Valley, and Sims 4.

LDShadowLady currently has close to 7 million subscribers on YouTube and a growing social media presence on Instagram as well as Twitter.

  • Full Born Name: Elizabeth Dwyer 
  • Nick Names: LDShadowLady, Lizzie, Beth, Lizzie D
  • Occupation: YouTube Gamer, Twitch Gamer, Social Media Influencer
  • Religion: Catholic 
  • Date of Birth: October 7, 1992
  • Birthplace: England, United Kingdom 
  • Education: Graduation (Local High School); Computer Animation and Visualization (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra 
  • Siblings’ Names: Maddie (Sister)
  • Spouse: Joel Smallishbeans (m. 2019)

LDShadowLady’s Height and Weight

Lizzie has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches or 160 cm (1.6 m), and she weighs only around 48 kg or 106 pounds. She’s got a perfect height-to-weight ratio and boasts a healthy and slim physique.

LDShadowLady’s Physical Appearance

Lizzie has a slim and petite build with dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She dyes her hair often in shades of blonde, pink, red, and blue. LD loves experimenting with her looks, and her heart-shaped face allows her to rock them all!

What Is LDShadowLady’s Fitness Routine?

Lizzie maintains her weight by adding small portions of nutritious food, like fruits, veggies, eggs, chicken, yogurt, juices, etc., to her diet.

Besides, she keeps her body fit and active by regularly indulging in activities like snowboarding, hiking, and swimming.

Height5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm (1.6 m)
Weight48 kg or 106 pounds 
Face ShapeHeart Shape
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown 

LDShadowLady’s Fan Following

Lizzie has made a big name and place for herself on the internet. The YouTube sensation has built her empire with engaging videos and content, which her fans love!

LDShadowLady’s Net Worth

LDShadowLady is one of the top female YouTube and Twitch gamers and, thus, has a huge following. She has also endorsed several top brands, including Toca Blocks. With her expanding popularity, Lizzie has accumulated an estimated net worth of $6.5 million as of 2022.

LDShadowLady’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Animal: Cats and Dogs 
  • Favorite Flowers: Daffodils 
  • Favorite Snacks: Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam 
  • Favorite Activity: Traveling, Cooking, Snowboarding, Skating
  • Favorite Minecraft YouTuber: Kevin, Zack Scott 

Fun Facts About LDShadowLady’s Life

As a kid, Lizzie used to play games like The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon on a platform known as Gaia Online, where one could create a character and earn money.

She had a cat as a child who disappeared one day and never came back. The incident hit Lizzie hard, but time healed her. She is now a pet parent to a cat named Buddy and a dog named Meri.

Lizzie was one of the presenters at the BAFTA Awards in 2019. She presented the BAFTA for Game to Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Her only full-time job was at Toys “R” US because she wanted to earn her own money. She really liked her job before she quit to attend college.

Lizzie was the one who liked her husband, Joel, first but was heartbroken when she learned that he had a girlfriend. But her then-girlfriend dumped him, and Lizzie and Joel were eventually married.

What face shape does LDShadowLady have? 

Lizzie has a heart-faced shape which enhances her facial beauty and adds charm to her cute smile. 

What is LDShadowLady’s hair color? 

She has dark brown hair but loves to dye her locks in various shades of blue, red, purple, pink, and orange.

What color eyes does LDShadowLady have?

Lizzie has blue eyes, which suit her stunning facial features and accentuate her overall features. 

Does LDShadowLady have Merch?

Yes, Lizzie has her own merchandise shop. You can learn about it on Lizzie’s official website with the same name as her moniker.

Where does LDShadowLady live?

Lizzie currently lives in England with her husband and pets, Buddy and Meri. 

LDShadowLady is an inspiration to millions of young women who want to break into online gaming. Her enthusiasm and courage to keep going despite facing many challenges are admirable and remind us of another popular YouTuber, LaurenzSide.