Ivana Knoll’s Height, Weight, Age, Career, Favorites, & More


  • Ivana Knoll stuns her fans with her stunning 5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm (1.8 m) tall stature. 
  • Multitalented and adventurous, Ivana possesses a hot, curvy figure weighing around 59 kg or 130 pounds. 
  • Knoll is a popular influencer with over 3.3 million followers on her Instagram handle knolldoll. 
  • She owns a clothing brand named KnollDoll. 

While the world is full of many budding social media influencers, Ivana Knoll is not your typical travel influencer! Known for her bold and fearless adventures, Knoll explores the world’s most exotic places and shares her experiences with her fans via her social media.

Knoll’s talent ranges widely from travel photography to fashion to designing and whatnot! Join us today as we delve into an insightful journey of Ivana’s career, lifestyle, vital stats, knowing her favorites, and much more!

How Old Is Ivana Knoll?

Influencer Ivana Knoll is thriving at the age of 31 as a gorgeous, bold, and fearless Virgo! Knoll was born on September 16, 1992, in Germany, but at just 31, she’s traveling the world!

Ivana Knoll’s Family Background

Ivana was raised by Croatian parents in Zagreb, Croatia, where she moved from Germany at just seven. Her love for her country is visible on her social media, where she promotes her CROkinis, Croatia flag-themed bikinis and trunks!

  • Full Born Name: Ivana Knoll
  • Nickname: Ivana, Knoll Doll
  • Occupation: Social Media Influencer, Fashion Model, Photoblogger
  • Date of Birth: September 16, 1992
  • Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

What Is Ivana Knoll’s Height?

Ivana Knoll really takes pride in her splendid height of 5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm (1.8 m), and probably that’s why she shows it off in her Instagram bio. Having a towering frame, Knoll stands out in every crowd, which gets her attention all the time! 

What Is Ivana Knoll’s Weight?

Looking at Ivana Knoll’s social media handles, we can tell she puts a lot of effort into maintaining her curvy body, as she weighs around 59 kg or 130 pounds, looking perfectly sculpted! 

Ivana Knoll’s Measurements & Physical Attributes

Ivana Knoll’s sizzling figure measures around 39-26-38 inches or 99-66-96 cm, looking incredibly sizzling in the skimpy outfits she dons. From bikinis and crop tops to plunging bodycon dresses, her voluptuous frame can pull off any outfit gracefully! 

Ivana Knoll’s Shapey Bososm

Knoll is utterly confident about showing off her figure. And her bold fashion sense calls for attention to her ample bosom measuring 39 inches, with a bra size 36D. Knoll’s Gram is full of her elegantly flaunting her curves in two-piece swimsuits, leaving all her fans in awe. 

Ivana Knoll’s Face Shape, Eye Color, and Hairstyles

Ivana’s social media moniker, knolldoll, suits her quite well, as she really looks like the glamorous Barbie. Her well-defined, sharp oval face with an angular jawline always looks picture-ready!

Knoll’s dark, rich brown eyes matching her thick, luscious black hair, accentuates her bold persona, which oozes in all of her pictures. And when she uses a wide liner on her eyes, you can’t look away! 

Ivana Knoll’s Shoe Size & Dress Size

Ivana’s curvaceous physique has all the perfect curves, which she displays in showy dresses of size 10 (US) or 12 (UK) or 40 (EU). Knoll’s footwear fashion, too, is always spot on, complimenting her outfits to another level. Her shoe size is 8.5 (US) or 6.5 (UK) or 40 (EU).

Height5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm (1.8 m)
Weight59 kg or 130 pounds
Face ShapeOval
Body Measurements39-26-38 inches or 99-66-96 cm
Breast Size39 inches
Bra Size36D
Cup SizeD
Shoe Size8.5 (US) or 6.5 (UK) or 40 (EU)
Dress Size10 (US) or 12 (UK) or 40 (EU)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

How Does Ivana Knoll Stay Fit?

Ivana has an adventurous and playful soul, which plays a vital role in her fitness. For instance, the influencer likes to partake in activities like swimming and dancing, which allows her to stay toned.

Moreover, she also likes to spice up her workout sessions. How? Well, sometimes you can find her doing weight training out on the beach or doing cardio out in the garden! Knoll also takes good care of what she puts into her body, keeping a balance between her cravings and nutrition requirements.

Ivana Knoll’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball, F1 Race
  • Favorite Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Traveling, Vlogging
  • Favorite Place: Seychelles (Africa)
  • Favorite Food: Hotdog, Chicken Nuggets, Ice cream, Sushi

A Quick Overview of Ivana Knoll’s Career

Ivana Knoll began her journey with Instagram in 2013, where she became popular as a dancer and travel influencer known for her adventurous spirit and stunning photography. She has explored many remote destinations, like the Amazon jungle, the African savanna, and more!

The former Miss Croatia was shot into overnight fame after she made a surprise appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Croatian colors.

She’s currently thriving as a social media model and travel and lifestyle photographer, and documentarian. Knoll also owns a clothing brand called knölldoll.

What face shape does Ivana Knoll have?

Ivana Knoll’s face has a well-defined oval shape, with a chiseled jawline.

What is Ivana Knoll’s hair color?

Ivana’s natural hair color is black, and she likes her hair long, nearly reaching her waist.

What color eyes does Ivana Knoll have?

Ivana Knoll has very dark brown eyes, giving her a bold and sensual look.

Does Ivana Knoll have tattoos?

Knoll doesn’t have any visible tattoos on her body.

Where does Ivana Knoll live?

Ivana Knoll currently resides in Miami, Los Angeles, as seen on her official Instagram handle.

Social media serves as a great platform for budding models and bloggers to showcase their talent and expand their careers. And Ivana Knoll knows how to make the best use of it, and so does American actress and internet celebrity Olivia Culpo!