Amouranth’s Real Size: Height, Weight, Measurements, Personal Life & More

The gorgeous young lady has kept her fans guessing what it means to be Amouranth. The widest guess is unfading love, and it makes sense because she’s highly streamed, stalked, and paid, thanks to her grand social media fame!

From OF to Twitch to purchasing an inflatable pool toy company, Amouranth has risen to become a millennial social media star. And we’re all here to watch her thrive!


  • Amouranth’s real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa.
  • She stands at an average height of 163 cm or 5 ft 4 in and maintains her weight at 126 pounds.
  • Amouranth got into sewing costumes via her aunt.
  • In 2022, she won the Best ASMR Streamer award at The Streamer Awards!

The Role of Amouranth’s Height-Weight in Cosplaying

Famous American Twitch streamer Amouranth has an incredible body with a good height of 5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm (1.63 m). And the star surely knows how to display herself in the best way possible in her cosplays! 

Moreover, Amouranth maintains her glamorous figure that her fans absolutely adore, at a healthy body weight of around 57 kg or 126 pounds. The star takes total pride in her full curves, and her fans love her for that! 

Behind Amouranth’s Body Measurements and Sizes

Amouranth is known for her striking figure, and her body measurements are estimated at 39-26-41 inches or 99-66-104 cm. Her voluptuous figure that exhibits a 39-inch breast size, a 26-inch waist size, and and a 41-inch hip size is a perfect pear shape!

Her toned assets have always been the center of attention. Based on her revealing pictures, we estimate that Amouranth’s actual bra size is 34DD, as her upper bust size measures around 39 inches, and her small band is about 34 inches.

As an OnlyFans streamer, Amouranth doesn’t shy away from boasting her curves. Amouranth once shared a tweet on X, “I’m thankful for that time I made $221,000 on just a video of my boobs,” along with a picture of her OnlyFans income!

Moreover, Amouranth’s curvaceous figure has a regular dress size of 8 (US) or 12 (UK). While her small waist is a size 4, her hips are a bigger size.

As for her shoe size, Amouranth has small, soft feet, that appear to be a US shoe size 6 (EU size 37 or UK size 4.5), as seen in her cosplay videos as well as social media pictures.

Apart from her stunning physique, Amouranth’s glowing oval-shaped face featuring a wide, angular jawline and plump lips is yet another reason for her popular cosplaying. She’s got the most beautiful green eyes giving her appearance a unique touch.

On top of that, Amouranth dyes her wavy-textured hair in different colors, especially vibrant shades of red and orange, but her natural hair color is brown. She also often wears quirky wigs during her cosplays!

Amouranth’s Fitness Secrets

Known for her curves and petite waist, Amouranth follows a healthy diet with strictly three meals a day. Her day starts with bananas every morning. Her meals are full of nutritious veggies like broccoli, rice, and protein-rich foods.

She likes to keep her skin glowing by consuming fresh fruits rich in minerals, sugarless lime water, and orange juice to get the Vitamin C she needs. Amouranth works out regularly and has a fixed set of routines that she swears by to keep herself toned and attractive.

Every day she does a hundred pushups, sit-ups, and squats each. The gamer follows it up with a ten-kilometer run for the cardio she needs and Yoga for stretching.

Besides, Amouranth likes to sweat out without air conditioning to maintain her body temperature and build strength. She shares her workout videos and tips on her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Is Amouranth’s Graduated?

Amouranth grew up in Houston and graduated high school. She studied theatrical Costume Design in college and was endorsed by her professor as the costume designer for the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet.

In 2015, she started her own children’s character company that would provide fairytale characters for birthday parties and other such events.

Amouranth's Stock Market Investments

Today, Amouranth is one of the most popular and controversial Twitch streamers and content creators on OnlyFans!

Some of Amouranth’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Workout: Yoga Stretches
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs and Horses
  • Favorite Work and Hobby: Make Cosplay Costumes
  • Favorite Pizza: Breakfast Pizza from Jupiter’s with sausage, bacon, and over-easy eggs

Fun Facts about Amouranth

Amouranth has two dogs named Nox and Bear and two horses named Spirit and Kyra.

Her first-ever costume was of Princess Zelda, which she designed for a convention in Houston and won. 

When she was a kid, Amouranth believed that broccoli was a little tree, and she loved nibbling on it. 

Amouranth’s real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa. The OnlyFans fame is always in discussion for her unique social media name and its meaning. Though Amouranth hasn’t revealed it, fans believe it’s connected to love, meaning ‘Unfading Love.’

Amouranth has been fighting her ban on Instagram because of other accounts in her name that have been posting the same content without any action being taken on them being fake. 

She won the Best ASMR Streamer award at The Streamer Awards for 2022. 

Her Aunt Got Her Into Costume Design

Born in Houston, Texas, Amouranth is a single child. With working parents, Amouranth spent most of her time alone because both her parents were working.

Amouranth’s aunt taught her to sew, and that’s how she got inspired to do costume design. She said that her parents are very conservative and were not supportive of her career choices until they found out how much she earns with the content.

Amouranth’s Journey to Social Media Fame

For Amouranth, it all began with costume design and cosplay when she was in high school. She started her character entertainment company for children in 2015. In 2016, Twitch approached her to do a live stream of her making costumes.

Since then, Amouranth hasn’t looked back. With a quick and large following, she now has more than 6 million followers on Twitch. She began with costume design and dancing streams, but now her followers even like to watch her just sleep.

Amouranth's OnlyFans Income

After taking Twitch by storm with her hot tub streams, she is now also one of the biggest content creators on OnlyFans. She gets her maximum revenue from OF with millions of fans on the platform.

Adding entrepreneur to her many hats, this year Amouranth announced that she will start a company that does the job of matching personal assistants with content creators.

Does Amouranth have tattoos?

Amouranth does not have any tattoos and enjoys her attractive, natural self.

Did Amouranth quit Twitch?

Amouranth has not quit Twitch. She got back from her fifth Twitch ban in October 2021.

Where is Amouranth’s gas station?

Amouranth bought two gas stations. The latest one is a Kum and Go chain which is popularly found in Iowa and Oklahoma.

Does Amouranth go to school?

Amouranth graduated from high school and focused on her career as a costume designer and cosplayer. She does not go to school because she works as a streamer and content creator.

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