Alexis Ren’s Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Dating History & More

Alexis Ren is one of today’s hottest celebrities, and her fame has grown at an immeasurable rate over the years. She has appeared in various music videos and even made her mark as one of the most influential Instagram models.

A large share of Alexis’ followers is crazy about her beauty. If you’re one of the few who can’t stop daydreaming about this model, then follow along as we go over her body measurements, dating history, fitness routine, and more.

Alexis Ren’s Story of Success

Alexis Ren was born on 23 November 1996 in Santa Monica, California, US. She was raised with three sisters and a younger brother and spent her childhood being homeschooled since she was discovered early.

When she was only 13, Alexis was spotted by a modeling scout and was made a model under Brandy Melville. She soon became a social media sensation when she posted a picture in a black string bikini by a pool while she was 15.

This gave Alexis overnight fame and allowed her to appear in various advertisements, including the famous mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Since then, she has done several other modeling gigs and spanned her fame as a teenage model. This helped Alexis get noticed by several popular magazines and set up her activewear line of clothes called Ren Active.

Soon after, when Ren was 22, she was named Rookie of the Year by Sports Illustrated Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition. This allowed her to compete in Dancing With the Stars, and her partner for the show was Alan Bersten. They competed in the 27th season and ended up in 4th place when the show ended.

Alexis became Maxim cover girl for the Maxim Mexico magazine during this time. Soon after, she was also included in the Maxim Hot 100 list of the Sexiest women in the world in 2019.

Alexis also starred in Ed Sheeran’s music video for South of the Border. She also got featured in Kygo’s Not Ok music video, and these two helped showcase Alexis’ acting skills in a new light.

Since then, Alexis has worked as an Instagram model, singer, and professional fashion model. She’s been celebrating a successful life and career and has never had to look back even once.

Alexis Ren’s Height and Weight

Alexis Ren has an impressive height that helps her stand out from any crowd. She stands 5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm (1.75 m) tall, and her weight is only 58 kg or 128 pounds.

Alexis may be one of the youngest models of today, but she still has the wisdom needed to maintain a healthy diet. Her ideal height and weight ratio perfectly showcase the effectiveness of her moderative diet.

She limits meat and dairy in her diet but isn’t entirely vegan or vegetarian. However, this doesn’t mean that Alexis deprives herself of some wonderful treats, as she loves organic banana ice cream made with almond milk.

Actress Alexis Ren
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Alexis Ren’s Dating History

Alexis Ren’s earliest known relationship was with Jay Alvarrez, which started in 2014 when they were signed to work together in a photoshoot. A month later, they connected on Instagram and later on a date.

Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez had a dinner date after surfing in Laguna Beach, California. They both became a great couple who traveled the world together and became Instagram famous after posting pictures from their exotic vacations.

Alexis Ren stated that Jay Alvarrez’s lifestyle attracted her, and they both found common topics like nature and philosophy to connect. But when Alexis felt pressured to maintain the perfect girlfriend status and fight over money matters, she called it quit with Jay Alvarrez in 2017.

In 2018, after separating from Jay Alvarrez, Alexis Ren started dating an online coach & yoga guru popular by the name Sky Bear on Instagram. Alexis Ren was romantically involved with this man, who even shared a heartfelt post featuring Alexis on his Instagram.

In the same year, Alexis Ren participated in‘ Dancing With the Stars’ with Alan Bersten. The duo shared an on-screen kiss and developed feelings for each other in real life.

Alexis Ren and Sky Bear’s love was long lost when Alan Bersten attracted her. When Alexis and Alan publicly admitted their feelings for each other, it marked an end to Alexis and Sky Bear’s relationship.

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten were reel-life and real-life couples that gathered a lot of media attention. But unfortunately, at the end of the dance show, it was revealed that the couple had separated due to busy schedules and long-distance issues.

In 2019, Alexis Ren took the dating route again when she fell for actor Noah Centineo. The duo met for the first time in summers at Median Cafe Downtown, after which they started dating.

Alexis Ren stated that they were perfect for each other as they both are spontaneous and carefree. Alexis Ren and Noah Centineo went to an art gallery and painted a canvas together.

Alexis Ren at the Reminiscence Los Angeles Premiere
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Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2020 on mutual terms as they both focused on their growth, which led to their split. Since then, Alexis Ren has been single and is focusing on her career to mark her name amongst eminent celebrities of Hollywood.

  • Full Born Name: Alexis René Glabach
  • Nickname: Alexis
  • Occupation: Model, YouTuber, Internet Celebrity, Businessperson
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Date of Birth: 23 November 1996
  • Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Father Name: Frank Glabach
  • Mother Name: Cynthia Glabach
  • Siblings Names: Not Known
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Alexis Ren’s Body Measurements

Alexis Ren is an attractive model, and her figure shows her dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Her body measurements are 35-23-35 in or 88.9-58.42-88.9 cm.

Alexis didn’t achieve those perfect measurements by sitting by and just following a diet. Instead, she is actually very involved at the gym. She works out for at least five days a week, and sometimes even multiple times during the same day.

Most of Alexis’ workouts consist of cardio and ab exercises, including boxing, and she loves Pilates and yoga too. Along with this, she’s also a big fan of hiking and running. What’s best is that most of her workouts don’t involve any weight training and hence can be easily performed at home.

Alexis Ren at the Elton John Oscar Viewing Party
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Alexis Ren’s Ample Bosom

Alexis Ren has attractive assets that have made her one of the hottest stars of this day and age. Her breast size is 35 inches, and her bra size is 33B with cup size B.

Alexis has always been confident in how she dresses, and this has allowed her to try on some bold clothing options over the years. However, only recently, she posted a stunning picture and video to Instagram in which her clothes were a bit revealing, and fans were quick to notice it as well.

Height5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm (1.75 m)
Weight58 kg or 128 pounds
Breast Size35 inches
Bra Size33B
Cup SizeB
Body Measurements35-23-35 in or 88.9-58.42-88.9 cm
Chest Size35 inches or 88.9 cm
Waist Size23 inches or 58.42 cm
Hips Size35 inches or 88.9 cm
Shoe Size9.5 (US) or 40.5 (EU) or 7.5 (UK)
Dress Size6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Natural breasts or implantsNatural

Has Alexis Ren Undergone Plastic Surgeries?

Alexis is one of the most beautiful stars of today and has over 15 million followers on her Instagram account. As such, she’s bound to get a few haters who spread rumors about her due to envy.

In Alexis’ case, the rumors claim that she’s undergone breast augmentation, lip fillers, and rhinoplasty. The claims come with her pictures that have been compared side by side in a before and after format. However, this doesn’t quite suffice as evidence for the claims.

Alexis is a model who takes her health seriously and works out multiple times a day. While she hasn’t commented on these rumors, it is obvious that they are false, and she hasn’t undergone any such procedure.

Alexis Ren’s Net Worth

Alexis Ren is a popular model who has had incredible opportunities of fortune and glory presented to her over the years. This has also earned her the love of millions across the world. As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

A large share of her net worth comes from her brand endorsements and her activewear line, Ren Active. Moreover, Alexis has also been featured in music videos of popular singers, and that’s bound to bring her some fame as well.

Alexis Ren’s Most Loved Things:

  • Favorite Food: Bananas, Fish
  • Favorite Products: Sensi Wash by Sonya Dakar, Blueberry Rebalancing from Innisfree
  • Favorite Person: Gigi Hadid
  • Favorite Colors: White, Red, Black

A Few Fun Facts About Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren has trained as a professional ballerina for eleven years, after which she got into acting. She has appeared in several music videos by Ed Sheeran and Kygo and stood fourth on‘ Dancing with the Stars’ with Alan Bersten.

Alexis Ren’s mother, Cynthia Glabach, was a health nutritionist expert who died in 2014 due to rectal cancer. After which, Alexis Ren developed an eating disorder as she was in a toxic state of mind while enduring the pain of losing her mother.

What face shape does Alexis Ren have?

Alexis Ren has a heart-shaped face with broad cheekbones and a narrow chin making her look beautiful as ever.

What is Alexis Ren’s hair color?

Alexis Ren’s natural hair color is Dark Brown, but she dyes Blonde and Black hair to suit her on-screen characters.

What color eyes does Alexis Ren have?

Alexis Ren’s natural eye color is Dark Brown, and she has a captivating gaze that has held us all.

Does Alexis Ren have tattoos?

Alexis Ren has at least ten tattoos on her body. She has a Saturn, Alexandra, Duality, Music Note, Rose, Gun, Spade, Roman Numerals, Roman Numerals, and a Signature tattooed on her body.

Does Alexis Ren have an Oscar?

No, Alexis Ren has never won an Oscar.

Did Alexis Ren win Dancing With the Stars?

No, Alexis Ren did not win the show ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ However, she appeared on the show’s twenty-seventh season and stood fourth in the finals.

Did Alexis Ren go to college?

No, Alexis Ren did not go to college as she started her modeling career at a young age, for which she even dropped out of high school.

Is Alexis Ren vegan?

No, Alexis Ren is not strictly vegan as she includes vegan and vegetarian options in her diet but also likes to eat fish in Hawaii.

Where does Alexis Ren live?

Presently, Alexis Ren lives in Santa Monica, California, the United States, born and raised.

After achieving worldwide recognition, Alexis Ren has emerged as a trending star in the industry. Likewise, Chrissy Teigen is a trending diva with all the right assets making her appearances sensual and noteworthy. She is a multitalented star, so check out her career growth which has been glorious as she shows exemplary devotion to fitness and work.