‘All The Stars’ Songstress SZA’s Height, Weight, Size & More

Solána Imani Rowe, aka SZA, has a unique way of captivating audiences with her mystic vocals and intimate lyrics about love and self-discovery in the R&B arena. And that’s exactly what her fans are crazy about!

The “Kill Bill” hitmaker’s artistic evolution over the years is reflected in the stardom she’s achieved today. Read on to find out fascinating facts about SZA’s career, life, stats, & more!


  • Solána Imani Rowe, aka SZA, is 5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm (1.62 m) tall.
  • SZA currently weighs around 78 kg or 172 pounds, taking pride in her breathtaking voluptuous figure. 
  • Her song “All the Stars” alongside rapper Kendrick Lamar was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

What is SZA’s Real Name?

American singer SZA’s real name is Solána Imani Rowe. Her stage name is inspired by the Rapper RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan uses the Supreme Alphabet.

Where the “S” of SZA could be the initials of her real name or mean savior, the “Z” means zig-zag, self-discovery, and acknowledgment, and the “A” means Allah, the highest and most powerful of all.

SZA’s Family & Education

Singer-songwriter SZA is the second daughter of her Muslim father, Abdul Mubarak-Rowe, and a Christian mother. Her father worked as an executive producer at the news channel CNN, while her mother was an executive at AT&T and is multilingual.

Hailing from Missouri, Solána Rowe, aka SZA, grew up in New Jersey alongside her older brother, Daniel Rowe, the popular rapper Manhattan. SZA also has a half-sister named Panya Jamila.

SZA graduated from Columbia High School in 2008. During school days, she was into gymnastics and cheerleading. In fact, SZA was the 5th gymnast in the nation in her sophomore year. Besides, she also went to a Muslim prep school alongside her early academic school.

After high school, SZA studied marine biology at Delaware State University in Dover but dropped out last semester due to financial issues.

  • Full Born Name: Solána Imani Rowe
  • Nickname: SZA
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
  • Religion: Islam
  • Date of Birth: November 8, 1989
  • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
  • Education: Columbia High School
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Father Name: Abdul Mubarak-Rowe
  • Siblings: Daniel Rowe (Brother), Panya Jamila (Half-Sister)

SZA’s Height

Kill Bill hitmaker SZA boasts an admirable height of 5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm (1.62 m), which compliments her sensational body frame. 

SZA’s body weight has been a point of discussion in the media for a while. Why? Because the singer has gained and lost weight a few times, and her fans are always quick to notice. As of now, SZA’s weight is around 78 kg or 172 pounds. 

A few years back, SZA gained a lot of weight, weighing around 200 pounds. And because of insecurities, she started hiding her body under oversized, baggy clothes. But after attaining her dream figure, SZA is now quite confident in her skin and loves to show off the results of her hard work!

SZA’s Body Measurements & Physical Attributes

Singer-songwriter SZA’s curvaceous body measuring 38-28-45 inches or 97-71-114 cm is enough to get her audience hooked on her mind-blowing music videos. Her voluptuous figure speaks volumes about SZA’s dedication to staying fit. 

Moreover, the songstress confidently flaunts her curves. Especially her backside, which she considers to be a ‘purse,’ an accessory that’s “there to enhance whatever else!”

SZA’s Ample Bosom

Looking at the singer’s buxom figure with a breast size of 38 inches, SZA possibly wears a bra size 36Dwhich highlights her curves perfectly in all outfits. 

Her Real Beauty: SZA’s Face Shape, Hair Color & More

SZA’s beauty and allure are not just limited to her sensual body; the singer is also blessed with eye-catching features. SZA has a beautifully carved and defined oval face with a pointy chinfurther highlighted by upturned dark brown eyes. 

After her spellbinding pretty face, the next thing her fans obsess over is her naturally heavy and billowing curly dark brown hair. With perfect volume and shine, her curls induce a halo effect when she flaunts them during her stage performances or even in MVS. 

SZA’s Dress Size & Shoe Size

SZA’s dressing style has transformed significantly over the years. Where the singer used to don baggy outfits due to being heavy and big, she’s now seen confidently wearing bikinis and bodycon dresses of a dress size 16 (US) or 20 (UK) or 48 (EU).

The Good Days singer likes to accompany her glamorous outfits with stylish shoes of size 5.5 (US) or 3.5 (UK) or 36.5 (EU). From sky-high heels to sneakers, SZA’s feet can make every footwear work! 

Height5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm (1.62 m)
Weight78 kg or 172 pounds
Face ShapeOval
Body Measurements38-28-45 inches or 97-71-114 cm
Breast Size38 inches
Bra Size36D
Cup SizeD
Shoe Size5.5 (US) or 3.5 (UK) or 36.5 (EU)
Dress Size16 (US) or 20 (UK) or 48 (EU)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown

How Did SZA Lose Weight?

The confident singer who promotes body positivity and encourages women to embrace their natural bodies has once struggled with insecurities due to her weight. But thanks to her resolution to become fit, she’s finally done it with the help of a healthy lifestyle.

In one of her tweets from 2019, SZA sort of revealed her diet back then. As per the tweet, her diet included red meat (mostly fish), lots of veggies, and complex carbs like squash, avocado, sweet potato, etc., and a lot of water. Besides this, she also completely cut out dairy, wheat, and sugar.

Besides, the I Hate You singer adds activities like hiking to her lifestyle. She likes to go out in nature, like in a forest or park, to walk and exercise, as she told Billboard. SZA also meditates for her physical and mental well-being! And it seems to have worked quite well for her!

SZA’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Activities: Hiking, Making Reels, Traveling, Swimming, Spending time in Nature
  • Favorite Flower: Blue Lotus

SZA’s Journey From “See.SZA.Run” to Winning 4 Grammys

SZA’s journey to stardom kickstarted in the early 2010s when she started making music and self-released two Extended Plays, “See.SZA.Run” and “S.” The success of these EPs got her signed by the record label Top Dawg Entertainment.

The singer went on to release her second EP, “Z,” as well as other singles under Top Dawg Entertainment. In 2017, SZA signed a record deal with RCA Records. After this, the singer dropped her debut major-label album “Ctrl,” which peaked at number three on Billboard 200.

In 2018, SZA collaborated with Kendrick Lamar to compose the song “All the Stars” for the film Black Panther. This song went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2019.

In 2022, SZA dropped her second album, “SOS,” which topped the US Billboard charts. Since then, SZA’s released hits like “Good Days,” “I Hate U,” “Shirt,” and “Kill Bill.” Besides, she’s also written songs for global artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and others.

What face shape does SZA have?

Solána Imani Rowe, aka SZA, has a slim, oval-shaped face with a sharp chin.

What color eyes does SZA have?

SZA’s beautiful eyes are a dark brown shade, adding more intensity to her gaze.

What is SZA’s hair color?

SZA’s natural hair color is dark brown, but she’s also sported rich copper-colored hair, looking stellar as ever.

Does SZA have tattoos?

SZA has a few visible permanent tattoos, including a maple log with a leaf on her left collarbone, a butterfly on her left upper arm, and a snake on her right pinky finger, among a few others.

Does SZA have a Grammy?

SZA won a Grammy Award in 2022 for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her song “Kiss Me More” in collaboration with Doja Cat.

When did SZA stop wearing a hijab?

SZA stopped wearing hijab in 2001, in elementary or middle school, after the “9/11” terror attack in New York City. She was scared and bullied in her school, so she chose not to wear a hijab anymore.

Did SZA go to college?

SZA attended Delaware State University to study marine biology but dropped out in the last semester.

Where does SZA live?

SZA currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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