Sasha Alexander at 51: Her True Size, Height, Weight & More

Sasha Alexander’s prolific skills are highly praiseworthy. From acting to directing to writing to producing, this woman has aced it in all aspects of the Hollywood Industry. Her impressive talent has helped her carve her name in the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

Sasha Alexander’s appearances on screen have us believing that she has left no stone unturned when it comes to expanding her career. From playing the role of a lesbian TV reporter to dealing with dead bodies day in and day out, Sasha Alexander is one of the most multi-faceted artists.

If you wish to know more about this diva, keep reading as we take you through various aspects of her life and explore her success story, romantic life, body measurements, and more.

Sasha Alexander’s Journey from ‘Wasteland’ to ‘Deathstroke’

Sasha Alexander may have begun her career as an actor in 1999, but she had been acting way before she joined the industry professionally. Sasha Alexander was born on 17th May 1973, in Los Angeles, California, to parents of Serbian descent. Her real name is Suzana Drobnjakovic. However, she chose the name Sasha Alexander as her stage name.

Sasha began acting in the seventh grade by participating in a school play. She continued to actively participate in various such plays and theatres throughout her school life, where she was in a sorority called kappa alpha-theta.

Suzana Drobnjakovic
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After graduating from high school, Sasha joined the University of South California’s School of Cinema-Television. Afterward, she moved to New York and began to act for Shakespeare festivals and summer stock.

Her hard work and perseverance got her two series back to back, Wasteland in 1999 and Presidio Med in 2002. Her roles in these series helped her kickstart her career and opened new doors for her.

However, Sasha got widespread fame and caught the public eye only after she appeared as Gretchen Witter, in the fourth season of Dawson’s Creek, in 2002. This helped her rise to prominence, post which various casting agents offered Sasha Alexander roles in their series, such as Greg the Bunny.

Soon enough, the movie offers began to pour in, and Sasha Alexander went on to act in films such as He’s Just Not That Into You, All Over The Guy, and many more. One of her hits was alongside the renowned Jim Carrey in the movie Yes Man. Sasha even appeared on one of the episodes of Friends as a Soap Opera Digest reporter who interviewed the character, Joey.

Sasha acted in the popular TV series called NCIS for a year and a half but dropped out of it due to excessive physical workload, which she revealed in one of her interviews. Thereafter, Sasha was offered a few small roles in movies such as Love Happens, Mission Impossible III, and the American drama series, The Nine.

Sasha Alexander became an eminent global icon after playing the role of Dr. Maura Isles on the TNT series Rizzoli and Isles. She played one of the main characters through seven seasons, which aired from 2010 to 2016.

Sasha’s boundless flair, in addition to her gorgeous looks, has helped her throughout her career, till her latest appearance on the Netflix movie, Dangerous Lies. She is also presently a part of the animated web series Deathstroke Nights and Dragons, where she voices the character Addie.

Besides acting, Sasha Alexander is also into directing, writing, and producing movies and series.

How Sasha Alexander Maintains Her Height-Weight Ratio

Sasha Alexander is not just a gifted actress but also a gorgeous woman. The actor-cum-director stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches, or 165 cm (1.65 m), and her weight is around 57 kg or 126 pounds. 

Sasha Alexander may not be heavily into strict workouts, but she is cautious about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is strictly against fad diets, makes her own diet that suits her wants and needs, and has stuck to it for the past ten whole years!

Sasha Alexander ensures that she eats once every 2-3 hours, and her meals generally involve a lot of protein, such as fish, chicken, and green, leafy vegetables. She prefers to snack on items like nuts, fruits, or cheese. Owing to her half-Italian descent, Sasha is also very fond of pasta but eats it once a week to keep her calories at bay due to her half-Italian descent.

Sasha Alexander at Annual GLSEN Respect Awards
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A Sneak Peak Into Sasha Alexander’s Romances

With her phenomenal looks and outstanding performances on screen, Sasha Alexander could make anyone drool over her beauty. Owing to her unbelievable attractiveness, it may seem like Sasha Alexander has had a varied romantic history; however, that is far from the truth.

Sasha Alexander is quite a reserved woman when it comes to her private life and has dated only two men publicly, both of whom she got married to. Her first marriage was with the famous director and writer, Luka Pecel. Sasha and Luka got married in 1999. However, the marriage was subsequently annulled with the consent of both parties.

After stepping out of her marriage with Pecel, Sasha started dating Edoardo Ponti and later married him in 2007. The duo has two children out of the said marriage, namely, Lucia Sofia Ponti and Leonardo Fortunato Ponti.

Sasha Alexander, Edoardo Ponti at Concert for Our Oceans
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Insights Into Sasha Alexander’s Body Measurements & Lifestyle

Sasha Alexander looks absolutely stunning on-screen in any character that she plays, thanks to her extraordinary body measurements of 35-26-34 inches or 89-66-86 cm. Sasha is cautious about her appearance and ensures that she stays active to maintain her physique. 

Sasha Alexander was an ice skater as a child; however, after a knee injury, she had to quit it. She has also fancied dancing since childhood and is, to date, fond of dance workouts as a part of her fitness regime.

Sasha Alexander believes in fast but effective and chooses exercises that she enjoys. She likes to walk, hike, and cycle indoors. Her daily schedule may be busy, but she makes sure that she squeezes in some stretches and light weights once a day.

Actress Sasha Alexander
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How Sasha Confidently Boasts Her Voluptuous Bosom

Sasha Alexander’s sexy and seductive frame has always been one of the first things about her that catch the eye of any man. Sasha’s well-proportioned figure shows her dedication towards fitness, with her breast size of 35 inches and her bra size of 32C with a cup size of C.

Sasha Alexander is very proud of her curvaceous body and has always flaunted it in her body-hugging dresses. However, one of Sasha’s best red carpet appearances that augmented her beautiful sensuous body was at the Variety and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Celebration in 2015.

Sasha Alexander was photographed wearing a tube, ivory gown that drew great attention to her voluptuous bosom.

Has Sasha Alexander Gotten Breast Augmentation Done?

Sasha Alexander openly talks about her functional and healthy lifestyle and has shared her workout regime and daily diet in various Q&A sessions. This is proof enough to determine the naturalness of her body.

Sasha Alexander has maintained her physique all through her career, and in all these years, her body does not seem to have undergone any serious changes. Sasha Alexander has also never explicitly spoken about submitting to any surgical or non-surgical treatments to augment her looks.

Sasha Alexander’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Skincare: Egyptian Magic Cream
  • Favorite Past-time: Arts and crafts, dancing
  • Favorite perfume oil: Kai Perfume Oil

Fun Facts About Sasha Alexander

A fun fact about Sasha Alexander is that she was part of a pop music group called Everything Nice at 14.

Sasha Alexander and Jessica Capshaw became friends quite coincidentally. Everybody kept telling them that they looked very similar until the two decided to meet up for coffee and clicked instantly. Since then, the duo have been best friends and are now godmothers to each other’s children.

Sasha Alexander and Edoardo Ponti got married in Geneva, Switzerland, in a Russian Orthodox Church, in 2007. Edoardo’s mother and Sasha’s mother-in-law is the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren.

What shape of face does Sasha Alexander have?

Sasha Alexander has an oval face shape with high cheekbones and an adorable pointed chin.

What is Sasha Alexander’s natural hair color?

Sasha Alexander’s natural hair color is dark brown; however, she has experimented with blonde, red, copper, and other hues over the years.

Does Sasha Alexander speak Serbian?

Sasha Alexander fluently speaks Serbian, in addition to speaking English, Italian, and a little bit of French.

Does Sasha Alexander sing?

Not many know the fact that Sasha Alexander is a former singer and was a part of a pop music band called Everything Nice.

Why did Sasha Alexander really leave NCIS?

Sasha Alexander revealed in one of her interviews that her role in NCIS was very physically demanding, because of which the actress ended up quitting the show.

Sasha Alexander was born to be an actress, which is proven after watching her on the screen, playing such variable roles. Her life story reminds us of the magnificent French actress Eva Green. If you wish to know about this ethereal beauty’s success story, love life, body measurements, and more, do look her up!