Misty Copeland’s Height, Weight, Age, Fun Facts & More

Misty Copeland is a name known and respected in the ballet industry. Her legacy has reached beyond that, and she is admired by many people for more than just her ballet.

In a Gist

  • Misty Copeland is petite with a height of 5’2” or 157 cm.
  • She weighs as light as 108 pounds or 49 Kg and enjoys her perfect body measurements, which we have discussed below!
  • To keep herself healthy and toned, Copeland eats nutrient-rich meals that you explore more about in this article. 
  • Misty loves peanut butter cookies, and if you want to know what else she loves, continue reading.

An Overview of Misty Copeland’s Career

Misty Copeland’s rhythmic moves have made her a phenomenal ballet dancer since she began performing in 1995. She joined Prince as a dancer on his tour.

Signed to American Ballet Theater, she was initially part of the corps de ballet before she became a principal dancer. She is the first African American woman to do so.

Apart from that, she has also been featured in modeling gigs, on reality television, and in advertisements.

Actress Misty Copeland
Image: Debby Wong/bigstockphoto.com
  • Full Born Name: Misty Danielle Copeland
  • Nickname: Bamm-Bamm
  • Occupation: Ballet Dancer, Actress
  • Religion: Christian
  • Date of Birth: 10 September 1982 
  • Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
  • Education: Ballet (San Francisco Ballet School)
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Father Name: Doug Copeland
  • Mother Name: Sylvia DelaCerna
  • Siblings’ Names: Erica Stephanie Copeland, Lindsey Monique Brown, Cameron Koa DelaCerna, Douglas Copeland Jr., and Christopher Ryan Copeland
  • Relationships: Unknown
  • Spouse: Olu Evans (m. 2016)
  • Children: Jackson

Misty Copeland’s Height and Weight

Misty Copeland has a toned figure that would catch anyone’s attention when watching her perform. Her height is 5 feet and 2 inches or 157 cm (1.57 m), and she weighs only 49 kg or 108 pounds. 

Misty Copeland at American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala
Image: Debby Wong/bigstockphoto.com

What does Misty Copeland eat to maintain her ballerina body?

Misty Copeland’s daily diet consists of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The ballerina insists that people include healthy fats like Omega 3 in their meals when trying to achieve muscles.

She opts to season her food with garlic and herbs while avoiding salt, sugars, packaged foods, white flour, and other unhealthy items.

Moreover, the dancer carries home-cooked food when traveling so that she won’t have to eat out. Even if she goes to a restaurant, she orders dishes that fall under her dietary rules.

Misty Copeland’s Body Measurements

Misty Copeland’s 11-line abs and athletic body are to die for. Her body measurements are 35-25-35 in or 89-64-89 cm. 

How does Misty Copeland maintain her slender physique?

Ballet contributes significantly to the dancer’s desirable ballerina body as Misty trains for about nine hours every day.

The different techniques in ballet are great workouts for her. The Black ballerina even does calf raises, an essential part of the ballet, 40 times in the morning. The simple stretch tones her leg muscles.

The hand movements in dancing help her achieve her toned arms. And her rock-hard abs are a result of planking.

Ballerina Misty Copeland at Tony Awards
Image: Debby Wong/bigstockphoto.com

Misty Copeland’s Ample Bosom

Misty Copeland’s breast size is 35 inches, and her bra size is 32C with a cup size of C. She has perky busts that allow her to rock sports bras, thus making her the perfect model for sports clothing brands.

With that said, she looks stunning in every Under Armour poster she has been featured in, showing off her flat abs and perfectly shaped bosom.

Misty Copeland at The Nutcracker And The Four Realms Premiere
Image: kathclick/bigstockphoto.com
Height5 feet and 2 inches or 157 cm (1.57 m) 
Weight49 kg or 108 pounds
Breast Size35 inches
Bra Size32C
Cup SizeC
Body Measurements35-25-35 in or 89-64-89 cm
Chest Size35 inches or 89 cm
Waist Size25 inches or 64 cm
Hips Size35 inches or 89 cm
Shoe Size7 (US) or 37.5 (EU) or 4.5 (UK)
Dress Size4 (US) or 36 (EU) or 8 (UK)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Natural Breasts or ImplantsNatural

Did Misty Copeland Have Any Plastic Surgeries?

Misty Copeland believes in appreciating the beauty of our bodies and loving ourselves for who we are. The Black ballerina has never gotten plastic surgery and even discourages people from getting it.

Fun Facts About Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland hates it when someone wears makeup to the gym.

Misty Copeland started dancing ballet at 13, which is considered a late start for ballet.

There are two Barbie dolls in honor of Misty Copeland.

Ballerina Misty Copeland was a good friend of Prince.

Misty Copeland’s Most Loved Things

  • Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster
  • Favorite Food: Seafood
  • Favorite Snack: Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Favorite Gymnast: Nadia Comaneci
  • Favorite Activity: Journaling

Misty Copeland’s Net Worth

Misty Copeland is a phenomenal classical ballet dancer whose success in the field has brought her both fame and money. Besides, she has also signed several endorsement deals. Her estimated net worth in 2022 is $500 thousand.

Who is Misty Copeland Married to?

Misty Copeland has been married to Olu Evans since 2016. They have a son named Jackson.

There are no records of her previous relationships as she has fairly kept her personal life private.

What face shape does Misty Copeland have?

Misty Copeland has an oval-shaped face that looks more beautiful when she ties her hair in a bun.

What is Misty Copeland’s hair color?

Misty Copeland has silky, jet-black hair that looks perfect in buns and straight and curly hairstyles.

What color eyes does Misty Copeland have?

Misty Copeland’s eyes are dark brown, and they add to her beauty.

Did Misty Copeland win any awards?

Yes, Misty Copeland has won a few awards, including a Shorty Award, NAACP Award, and others.

Does Misty Copeland still perform?

Yes, Misty Copeland continues to perform. She is still a part of the American Ballet Theater.

Did Misty Copeland write a book?

Author Misty Copeland has written several books, including Ballerina Body, Black Ballerinas: My Journey to Our Legacy, and others.

Was Misty Copeland in the Nutcracker?

Yes, Misty Copeland was in the Disney production Nutcracker.

Did Misty Copeland go to college?

No, Misty Copeland did not go to college. She attended San Francisco Ballet School instead.

Where did Misty Copeland live?

Misty Copeland lives in New York with her family.

Misty Copeland has gained great recognition for her exceptional skills in ballet dance. Halle Berry is another celebrity who excelled in her career, thanks to her talents in acting. She is a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe winner.