What Size Is Meghan Trainor? Height, Weight, Measurements & More

Meghan Trainor has become a popular name in the music industry with her retro-inspired sound and body-positive message. She has carved out a unique niche for herself in the pop music landscape with hit songs like Lips Are Movin, Made You Look, and more!

Starting from the young age of 11, this Grammy-winning singer has today become a musical inspiration to many budding artists! Meghan showed us all that it is possible to revolutionize music with just one song.


  • Singing icon Meghan Trainor is 5 feet 5 inches or 164 cm (1.64 m) tall. 
  • Meghan Trainor looks stunning with a curvaceous figure that weighs around 57 kg or 126 pounds. 
  • Meghan won her first Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016.

Meghan Trainor’s Journey to Global Fame

When she was 15, Meghan started to release her music independently. By the time she was 17, she had already released three albums, and these were – “Meghan Trainor,” “I’ll Sing with You,” and “Only 17”.

In 2010, Meghan released a song, “Take Care of Our Soldiers,” and donated its proceeds to the United States Organizations and Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops. Meghan got real fame when she released the song “All About that Bass” in 2014 with Kevin Kadish via Epic Records.

Meghan Trainor at the I Feel Pretty World Premiere
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The next year, Meghan released her debut studio album, “Title,” which comprised another hit, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” Since then, Trainor has released four albums, “Thank You,” “Treat Myself,” “A Very Trainor Christmas,” and “Takin’ It Back.”

Some of Meghan’s mega hits are “Lips Are Movin,” “Made You Look,” “”Dear Future Husband,” “Me Too,” “No,” and “Better When I’m Dancin,” among others. She has also lent her voice to animated films “Smurfs: The Lost Village” and “Playmobil: The Movie.”

Meghan Trainor’s Impressive Height-Weight Ratio

Meghan Trainor at the FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party
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One of the Made You Look singer’s most impressive qualities in her music videos is her height. Meghan Trainor stands 164 cm (1.64 m) or 5 feet 5 inches tall, looking adorable in her Barbie-inspired dresses! 

Meghan Trainor’s weight has drastically changed in the last few years. Thanks to her undeterred commitment to fitness, Meghan now weighs around 57 kg or 126 pounds! Ever since Meghan began her fitness journey, she hasn’t let anything hold her back.

She has made large strides toward fitness and lost 55-60 pounds, thanks to her high-intensity regular workouts, including weight training. She was doing intensive weight-lifting workouts even during her pregnancy. Her journey is truly an inspiration!

Behind Meghan Trainor’s Body Measurements & Looks

Meghan Trainor possesses a stellar hourglass figure with estimated body measurements of 38-29-39 inches or 97-73-99 cm. Her curvy build meets the peak of attractiveness! After losing those extra pounds, Meghan loves the body she’s carved. 

And Meghan’s gorgeous square-shaped face easily draws all the attention, thanks to her dazzling green eyes and her iconic blonde hair. But you’d be surprised to know Meghan is actually a redhead!

Meghan Trainor at the WE Day California
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Trainor’s Confident Way of Flaunting Her Bosom

Meghan Trainor easily rules millions of her hearts with her singing as well as her beauty! Looking at Meghan’s astonishing pictures in body-hugging dresses, she appears to flaunt her breast size of 38 inches, wearing a bra size 36C with a cup size C.

She has a body that makes everyone go crazy for her! And she amplifies it with her outrageous and bold fashion sense, wearing stunning outfits even on a daily basis!

Megan revealed in her podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat” that she struggled with breastfeeding after her delivery. She said, “My boobies never made milk.” So, Trainor had to try out different medicines for her son!

Actress Meghan Trainor
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Who Is Meghan Trainor Married to?

American singer Meghan Trainor has been married to actor Daryl Sabara since 2022. The couple tied the knot in 2018 after dating him since 2014 and has two sons, Riley and Barry.

Before marrying Daryl, Meghan reportedly dated singer Charlie Puth for two months

Some of Meghan Trainor’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Chef: Josh Capon
  • Favorite Restaurant: Lure Fishbar, New York
  • Favorite Artists: Tommy Bruce, Jimmy Fallon, Ariana GrandeBritney SpearsChristina Aguilera
  • Favorite Outfit: Skinny skirt, plunging neckline crop top, and mini jacket
Meghan Trainor at the Radio Disney Music Awards
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How Did Meghan Trainor Lose Weight?

Meghan Trainor credits her now-husband, Daryl Sabara, with helping her make lifestyle changes, such as cooking her meals and exercising.

Did Meghan Trainor win the Grammy?

Meghan Trainor bagged a Grammy Award in 2016 for Best New Artist.

Does Meghan Trainor use autotune?

Meghan is a talented singer with a mesmerizing voice and brilliant singing skills. So, she doesn’t always use autotune for her songs.

Does Meghan Trainor speak Spanish?

Meghan knows a little bit of Spanish. Her first language is English.

What was Meghan Trainor’s first song?

Meghan Trainor’s professional debut song is All About the Bass, which was released in 2015.

Did Meghan Trainor go to college?

Trainor attended Berklee College of Music, but even after being offered a full scholarship, she dropped out to follow her musical dream.

Meghan Trainor showed us that anyone could revolutionize the world. Without coming from a family of the rich, she impacted the lives of millions, and we wish Meghan the best for her future. Taylor Swift is another talented singer who’s won millions of hearts with her voice! Don’t forget to check Taylor Swift’s personal information.