What Size is Madelyn Cline? Her Real Height, Weight & More

Madelyn Cline has been rising ever since she started appearing in the Netflix mystery Outer Banks. Now, after three seasons, she’s become a household name, and everyone loves her vibrant and kind persona!

But as much as Cline’s charm, her flawless physique hooks her fans to the screen and her social media. So, we’ve dug into her personal life and brought some interesting details about her size, fitness secrets, and more for her fans!

In a Gist

  • Madelyn Cline maintains a healthy weight of around 126 pounds, which is perfect for her 5’6″ tall height. 
  • Cline’s gorgeous oval face with a contagious smile and hypnotic hazel eyes gives her an edge as a model.
  • She loves the rock band Rebelution and would love to attend its concerts as many times as possible.
  • Cline has built a total net worth of $800K as of 2024. A huge share of her fortune comes from her main role in the Netflix show “Outer Banks.”

Madelyn Cline’s Real Height and Weight

Madelyn Cline boasts an impressive height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 m, which helps her steal the spotlight during ramp walks and on screen. The actress flaunts her long legs while donning shorts as well as phat jeans on her Gram. 

In her mid-20s, Madelyn Cline lives a healthy lifestyle and weighs around 126 lbs or 57 kg. Cline’s perfect beach body is a fitness inspiration in itself. 

Madelyn Cline’s Healthy Way of Living

Madelyn’s social media speaks highly of her peppy personality. The young actress likes to stay outdoors doing fun activities like swimming, walking, etc., which keeps her body active. Besides, as a model, Cline must follow a regular workout routine to stay lean and fit.

As for her eating habits, the actress ensures healthy eating but doesn’t push to maintain a strict diet. She likes to savor her favorite snacks like chalupas, toppers, pringles, etc. 

  • Full Born Name: Madelyn Renee Cline
  • Nickname: Madelyn
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Religion: Christian
  • Date of Birth: December 21, 1997
  • Birthplace: Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States
  • Education: Coastal Carolina University
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Father Name: Mark Cline
  • Mother Name: Pam Cline

What Does Madelyn Cline’s Measurements Say?

Madelyn Cline’s toned, curvaceous figure with approximate body measurements of 35-25-37 inches (or 89-64-94 cm) looks extremely glamorous when she graces the glossy cover pages of magazines.

Madelyn’s stunning measurements hint that she likely wears a medium US size 8 or UK size 12. Since her breast size is around 35 inches, Cline’s right bra size will have a band size of 32-33 inches and a C-cup size, making it 32C. Her perfect body size looks stunning in body-hugging outfits of this dress size.

Cline attended the 2023 WWD Honors Awards in New York City dressed in a high-neck, full-sleeved chic black dress, and the paparazzi went crazy!

Besides, as we saw from her Instagram pictures, Madelyn Cline likely has a shoe size 7 (US) or 5 (UK). Like her outfits, Cline’s footwear fashion is high-end and never fails to steal the show.

Cline’s Most Lovable Physical Features

There’s no doubt that Madelyn’s toned figure grabs all eyes, but her natural features are a boon, too! Cline’s blessed with a glowing heart face shape with a sharp, angular jaw area and a pointed chin.  

Besides, her naturally wavy and shiny blonde hair compliments her face frame beautifully. Cline has also dyed her hair platinum blonde and dark brown, and she looked flawless as ever! 

But the most breathtaking feature of her adorable face is her dreamy, almond-shaped hazel eyes. Looking closely, her eyes are likely a close set!

Does Madelyn Cline have tattoos?

Madelyn Cline has only one small visible tattoo as of 2024, which is the phrase “tell me more” on her right-hand forefinger. Her tattoo artist, Kate McDuffie, shared a close-up picture of Cline’s tattoo.

What Does Madelyn Cline Like?

  • Favorite Animals: Dogs, Horses, Panda bears
  • Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Swimming
  • Favorite Clothing: Jeans
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries, Taco Bell Chalupa, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • Favorite Show: Friends
  • Favorite Skin Care Product: SkinCeuticals
  • Favorite Color: Emerald Green
  • Favorite Rock Band: Rebelution

A Quick Overview of Cline’s Story of Success

Madelyn entered the show biz as a young kid through a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. She then landed in New York, did more commercials, and then moved to Los Angeles, working in more films and TV.

One of Cline’s first movie roles was in the 2016 comedy Savannah Sunrise. She also appeared in the TV film The Jury around the same time. Cline got more minor TV roles in shows like Vice Principals, The Originals, and Stranger Things.

In 2020, Madelyn got her big break as the lead role of Sarah Cameron in the teen drama Outer Banks, which made her a household name. She played Sarah in the first two seasons of the show and continues to show off her acting skills in the third season.

Madelyn shares the sets with other young actors like Madison Bailey, Chase Stokes, etc., in the show. She also appeared in the 2022 film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, starring renowned actors like Daniel Craig and Kate Hudson!

Did Madelyn Cline play in The Originals?

Yes, Madelyn Cline played a minor role of Jessica in three episodes of the 2017 show The Originals.

Does Madelyn Cline go to school?

Yes, Madelyn Cline attended high school. She also enrolled at Coastal Carolina University but dropped out soon to expand her acting career.

Where does Madelyn Cline live?

Madelyn Cline currently resides in Los Angeles.

Madelyn Cline is just getting started in Hollywood, and she has already become a fan favorite. So, we can expect Cline to become the next big thing in Hollywood soon. Tori Anderson is another popular Canadian actress making a big name in Hollywood.