Laura Ingraham Husband: Is She Married? (3 Adopted Children)

One of the most influential conservative voices in America, Laura Ingraham’s experiences go well beyond her successful career. Her powerful journey as an adoptive single mother is nothing short of an inspiration.

But since Laura stays close-lipped when it comes to her love life, it makes her fans curious! So, let’s find out if Ingraham has a husband or a boyfriend, or any kids!

A Quick Gist

  • Popular conservative commentator Laura Ingraham doesn’t have a husband. 
  • Though Ingraham prefers to keep her love life private, she’s reportedly dating a few other conservatives openly. 
  • Laura is an adoptive mother to three children; two sons and a daughter. 

Has Laura Ingraham Ever Been Married?

American host Laura Ingraham is thriving in her single life as she hasn’t walked down the Aisle as of yet. The conservative commentator has recently entered her 60s, which makes her fans quite curious about her husband’s information. But the TV host doesn’t have one!

Does Ingraham Have Any Adopted Kids?

Though Laura Ingraham hasn’t been married, it doesn’t stop her from being a doting mother. That’s right! Ingraham is a mother of three adopted kids.

Laura always wanted a daughter of her own, so she first adopted a girl named Maria in 2008 from Guatemala. The next year, the TV host adopted her second child, a son, Michael Dmitri, from Russia.

Finally, when Ingraham was ready for her third child, she adopted another boy Nikolai Peter in 2011 from Russia.

Reports have it that her daughter was three when Laura adopted her, while her second child was only 13 months. Laura has been open about how challenging the adoption process for all three children was!

Ingraham, 60, loves her kids more than anything else in the world. The kids, too, have filled Laura’s life with joy. Though Laura prefers to keep her kids off the media’s radar, she occasionally posts pictures of joyful moments with them!

Does Laura Ingraham Have a Boyfriend?

All her fans are eagerly curious about hearing her boyfriend’s name, but Laura Ingraham has chosen to stay tight-lipped about her dating life as of now.

The conservative host is likely enjoying her single parenthood with her adorable kids, and she doesn’t seem to have any plans to start a relationship.

Is Laura Ingraham Married to Kenny Kramme?

Having similar names can cause a great deal of confusion! Don’t believe it? Well, Laura Ingraham is often mistaken for being married to Kenny Kramme, while it’s the Fox News correspondent Laura Ingle who’s married to the guy.

Since Ingraham has the same first name as Ingle, her fans often get befuddled! As mentioned above, the commentator hasn’t been married or engaged to any man.

  • Full Name: Laura Anne Ingraham  
  • Age: 60
  • Profession: Journalist, Television host, Commentator
  • Birth Date: June 19, 1963 
  • Birthplace: Glastonbury, Connecticut, U.S.
  • Mother’s Name: Anne Caroline Kozak
  • Father’s Name: James Frederick Ingraham III
  • Siblings: Curtis Ingraham
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Net Worth: $40 Million

Laura Ingraham’s Ex-Boyfriends?

Though the Fox News host hasn’t been married or engaged, it certainly doesn’t mean that Laura Ingraham hasn’t ever dated. In fact, the gorgeous lady has been involved in quite a few high-profile relationships.

Relationship with George Conway

Laura Ingraham dated lawyer and political figure George Conway in the 1990s, whom she met while working as a clerk for Ralph K. Winter Jr. Laura hasn’t revealed more about their association.

Relationship with Dinesh D’Souza

Another popular name Laura Ingraham has reportedly been romantically involved with is Indian-American right-wing political commentator and author Dinesh D’Souza. Reports even had it that the two were engaged, but none of the personalities ever confirmed it.

Apart from these, Laura Ingraham has also reportedly dated other eminent personalities, such as American sports and politician commentator Keith Olbermann, economist Lawrence H. Summers, and attorney Robert Torricelli, among others.

Unfortunately, none of her reported relationships lasted long enough to transform into the holy union of marriage!

Married or not, Laura Ingraham has found her happiness and solace in her children. And she likely doesn’t need any men to raise them, or, for that matter, to live a fulfilling life. Ingraham is enough for herself!