Jessica Chastain’s Real Height, Weight, Education & More

Jessica Chastain is an actress who isn’t in it for fame but instead for the love of her craft. And that shows in her successful career, with several accolades, including the greatest one, the Oscar.

That’s right! Chastain won her first Oscar for her impeccable performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye and has been soaring high ever since. With a soft yet passionate heart, the actress has made millions of fans worldwide!

Jessica Chastain’s Education and Net Worth

Jessica Chastain attended Juilliard School in New York City. When the young actress was in her last year of high school, she was scouted and offered a deal by John Wells, and she played in three of his TV shows. This kicked Chastains’s film career into action.

Today, she’s known for her marvelous work in several successful films like The Tree of Life, The Help, and Interstellar. Working with many great actors, Jessica Chastain has built a net worth of around $50 million as of 2023 and a ton of awards that reflects her success! 

Jessica Chastain at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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Jessica Chastain’s Adorable Family and Love Life

Jessica is the daughter of Jerri Chastain and her husband, Michael Monasterio. She grew up in Sacramento, California, USA, with her siblings Juliet and Will Chastain. She also has two half-siblings, Nicole Monasterio and Laci Smoot.

Chastain’s love and admiration for her family are clearly evident on her Instagram, where she posts lovely pictures of her mom, dad, and siblings, admiring them the most!

As for her relationships, there were many dating rumors about Chastain that were never confirmed as she’s a private person, but there is one, which is.

In 2013, Jessica met the Italian executive Gian Luca Pasi de Preposulo, who works for the French Fashion House Moncler. They got married in 2017 on June 10 and have two children together.

Jessica Chastain’s Height and Weight

Jessica Chastain stands 5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm (1.63 m) tall. The Interstellar actress always looks stunning in her movies, and one of the reasons is her perfect stature, with admirable height! 

Besides, Jessica Chastain has surely found the perfect way to maintain her figure, as she weighs around only 56 kg or 123 pounds while rocking her 40s. 

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of 'It Chapter Two'
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Jessica Chastain’s Body Measurements and Stunning Features

Jessica Chastain has a toned, slim figure, with possible body measurements of 36-25-35 inches or 95-63-89 cm, which is an eye-catcher in all her performances.

But it’s not just her toned body shape; she’s got mesmerizing facial features to hook her audience. For instance, Chastain has natural red hair! Red hair doesn’t look impressive on everyone, but Jessica owns it! And her blue eyes add a glow to her squarish face.

Actress Jessica Chastain
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Jessica Chastain’s Ample Bosom

Jessica Chastain has played many young women roles in several movies, looking stunning in each! The reason? Her perfect body! Seeing Chastain rock a variety of clothes, she appears to flaunt her breast of 36 inches in bra size 34B with cup size B. 

Jessica has been admired for her dressing sense and has graced many red carpets in stellar outfits, which draw all the eyeballs toward her perfect physique!

Jessica Michelle Chastain
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What is Jessica’s Fitness Mantra?

Chastain is a vegan, and her diet is inspired by her mother, a vegan chef. She makes healthy vegan meals like vegan cheeseburgers, pasta, etc., to keep herself fit and full. Her meals also include healthy foods like vegetables, salads, fruits, etc.

Jessica doubles the impact of her diet with regular gym and home workouts without missing core and leg days. 

In an interview with US Magazine, she mentioned she had to gain 15 pounds of weight for The Help, and she would microwave soy ice cream and drink it. So, whether gaining or losing weight, Chastain is true to her vegan lifestyle, and it shows on her figure!

Jessica Chastain’s Most Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food: Homecooked food, Vegan Cheeseburger, Vegan Pasta
  • Favorite Restaurant: Shangri la, Toronto
  • Favorite Artists: Jimmy Stewart, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, John Malkovich
  • Favorite Color: Pastel blue
  • Favorite Film: Moonstruck, The Kid, The Hand of God
  • Favorite Book: Piccolo dizionario visuale (The Sleeping Dictionary)
  • Favorite Animals: Lions, Dogs
Jessica Chastain at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards
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How Jessica Got into Film

In her final year at Julliard, Jessica Chastain was offered a holding deal by John Wells, and she played in three of his TV shows. This also helped kick her film career into action. Her debut was in the 2008 drama movie Jolene.

In the next few years, she won two Academy Awards nominations for movies The Help (2011) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012). Since then, she has also worked in hit films such as The Martian, Dark Phoenix, and the 2021 film The Eyes of Tammy Faye, winning her first Oscar.

Jessica also made her television debut in 2006 in a pilot episode of Dark Shadows. Then she made guest appearances in several shows, including ER, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Saturday Night Live, and George & Tammy, which she also co-produced.

She’s also a popular name in the theater world. Her fans can expect to see Jessica on big screens with her upcoming movies lined up!

Jessica Chastain at the Cannes
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Exciting Facts About Jessica Chastain

Jessica is an avid animal lover. She had lion cubs as pets and even a three-legged dog. 

Chastain has been roommates with popular American actress Michelle Williams

Chastain gives everything to her movies. She even learned martial arts called Krav Maga and the German language for her film The Debt.

In 2012, PETA recognized Chastain as The Sexiest Vegetarian. She’s also been included in many beauty ranking lists of eminent magazines.

Jessica Chastain arrives for the CinemaCon
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What face shape does Jessica Chastain have?

Jessica Chastain has an expressive square-shaped face with sharp features.

What Color Eyes Does Jessica Chastain Have?

Jessica Chastain has blue eyes that have even distracted her Zero Dark Thirty co-star, Kyle Chandler.

What is Jessica Chastain’s Natural Hair Color?

Jessica Chastain’s natural hair color is red, and she appears in most of her films in either red or a shade of red.

Does Jessica Chastain Have a Child?

Jessica Chastain has two children with her husband, Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo.

Does Jessica Chastain have tattoos?

Jessica admitted to having tattoos in an interview with Interview magazine, but she doesn’t show off the tattoos a lot.

Does Jessica Chastain have a Grammy?

Jessica Chastain doesn’t have a Grammy yet.

Did Jessica Chastain sing as Tammy Wynette?

Yes, Jessica learned to sing to play the character of Tammy Wynette in George & Tammy.

Did Jessica Chastain play in Jurassic World?

Jessica didn’t have any role in the Jurassic World franchise.

Does Jessica Chastain know martial arts?

Chastain learned martial arts called Krav Maga for her film The Debt.

Where did Jessica Chastain live?

Jessica Chastain currently lives in New York City with her family.

Jessica Chastain is an extremely talented actress who has shown her love for her craft repeatedly. Her growth and success are an inspiration to budding artists. If you loved reading about Jessica, you’d definitely like to know some personal details about Anne Hathaway.