Who Is H.E.R.? Her Real Name, Height, Weight, Lifestyle & More


  • Popular R&B singer H.E.R. stands petite yet gorgeous at 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm (1.6 m).
  • H.E.R. weighs around 58 kg or 128 pounds, looking fit and thriving in her prime. 
  • Her song “Fight for You” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2021.

Gabi Wilson, aka H.E.R., is rising in the R&B music industry as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to her soulful vocals, virtuoso guitar skills, and phenomenal stage presence.

The musical prodigy has taken the world by storm with hits like Fight For You, Damage, and I Can’t Breathe. But, at the end of the day, she is a loving sister and daughter who takes pride in being a mama’s girl.

What is H.E.R.’s Real Name?

Grammy-winning artist H.E.R. initially debuted with her original name, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, but changed it to H.E.R. before releasing her first EP in 2016. H.E.R. is short for “Having Everything Revealed” and is pronounced as ‘her.’

H.E.R.’s Loving Family & Education

Gabriella, or Gabi, is the firstborn of a Filipino-American mother and an African-American father. She has a younger sister who will always be three years old to her.

Born in Vallejo, California, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gabriella shares an adorable relationship with her family. She even posts hilarious yet cute clips of her mother and loves going on long drives with her ‘pops.’

H.E.R. attended Rodriguez High School in California and got her big break at just 12.

  • Full Name: Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson 
  • Nickname: Gabi 
  • Profession: Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Musician 
  • Birth Date: 27 June, 1997
  • Birthplace: Vallejo, California 
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Father: Kenny Wilson 
  • Mother: Agnes Wilson 
  • Siblings: Alex Wilson (Sister)

What is H.E.R.’s Real Height?

H.E.R.’s petite stature of height 5 feet and 3 inches or 160 cm (1.6 m) is the perfect reminder that big things come in small packages, especially when she slides on her knees while playing guitar on stage like a rockstar.

What is H.E.R.’s Weight?

I Used to Know Her singer H.E.R. weighs around 58 kg or 128 pounds, which not only helps her slay on stage but also helps her carry body-hugging dresses and low-cut tops so effortlessly. 

H.E.R.’s Attractive Measurement & Physical Attributes

It’s not just H.E.R.’s music but also her chiseled figure that makes Gabi a crowd-puller! With body measurements of 38-28-39 in or 97-71-99 cm, H.E.R. is not just bringing that bold and sensual aura to her music videos but also on magazine covers and red carpets. 

H.E.R.’s Stunning Bosom

H.E.R. is blessed with wonderful assets, with possible bra size 36D and cup size D. Thanks to her gorgeous bosom, tiny dresses, like this little black dress with a low V cut, make her glow brighter than the Eiffel Tower. 

H.E.R.’s Face Shape, Hair, and Eye Color

Wilson’s small, square-shaped face serves as the perfect palette for her well-defined features. Her big dark brown eyes and long luscious curls descending down to her hips are every woman’s dream and a man’s reverie. 

H.E.R.’s Dress & Shoe Size

In the Damage music video, Wilson performed in a tight black net top paired with khaki pants, looking as stunning as ever! Clearly, her sculpted figure with a dress size 10 (US) or 14 (UK) or 42 (EU) totally compliments her unique style. 

Her shoe size of 11 (US) or 9 (UK) or 42 (EU) really makes it easy to try a variety of footwear, including colorful sneakers, sparkling stilettos, or knee-length boots.

Height5 feet and 3 inches or 160 cm (1.6 m)
Weight58 kg or 128 pounds
Face ShapeSquare
Body Measurements38-28-39 in or 97-71-99 cm
Breast Size38 Inches
Bra Size36D
Cup SizeD
Shoe Size11 (US) or 9 (UK) or 42 (EU)
Dress Size10 (US) or 14 (UK) or 42 (EU)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack 

H.E.R.’s Fitness Mantra

The musical genius, H.E.R., has a voluptuous figure that demands hours of working out. So, when she is not busy making music or performing, our lovely H.E.R. practices boxing, hiking, dancing, and other adventure activities to sweat it out.

H.E.R. is not into incessant dieting or fasting, but she does balance a bowl of noodles with a plate of protein.

H.E.R.’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Animals: Horse, Dog
  • Favorite Activities: Hiking, Zip Lining, Traveling, Taking Selfies
  • Favorite Instrument: Guitar 
  • Favorite Artists: BTS, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Coldplay
  • Favorite Places: Paris, Philippines, Costa Rica 

H.E.R.’s Spectacular Musical Journey

Gabi Wilson was only 10 when she performed a rendition of an Alicia Keys song on the Today Show.

She released her debut single, Something to Prove, under her original name, rebranded as H.E.R. in 2016. Her first EP, H.E.R. Vol. 1, was well-received and supported by top artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna.

Her first compilation album, H.E.R., won a Grammy for Best R&B Album, along with the Album of the Year nomination. In 2020, H.E.R. won another Grammy for her single, I Can’t Breathe.

Her first studio album, Back of My Mind, was released in 2021, and its songs, Damage, Come Through, and Slide, earned Grammy nominations. H.E.R.’s song, Fight for You, even won an Academy Award and another Grammy.

Needless to say, she is on the path to becoming an iconic and legendary performer!

What face shape does H.E.R. have?

H.E.R. has a small and square shape, which suits her sharp features.

What is H.E.R.’s hair color?

She has black curl hair descending down her shoulder and below her hips. 

What color eyes does H.E.R. have? 

H.E.R. has big and beautiful dark brown eyes that are very expressive. 

Does H.E.R. have tattoos?             

She has a couple of tattoos on her fingers, including an airplane.

Did H.E.R. win an Oscar?        

A song titled Fight for You won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2021. H.E.R. wrote, composed, and produced it. 

What is H.E.R.’s real name?

H.E.R.’s real name is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, also known as Gabi Wilson. 

Does H.E.R. play guitar? 

Gabi’s guitar is her favorite accessory, which she loves playing in live performances. 

Did H.E.R. go to school?

She attended Rodriguez High School before focusing on her singing career. 

Gabi’s strength and vulnerability are truly reflected in her songs, which helps her connect with the audience. If you are a music fan, give Gabi a chance, and later, listen to American rapper and singer Rubi Rose. You’ll love her!