‘E.T.’ Star Drew Barrymore’s Height, Weight, Measurements & More

Drew Barrymore is a stunning actress with fame and acting in her blood, but she made her name in the industry with her hard work and dedication. As a result of her incredible performances, she has become one of the most iconic actresses of the decade.

Drew is a gorgeous lady and has won millions of hearts with her pretty girl smile. If you can’t get her out of your head, then follow along as we go over her body measurements, dating history, lifestyle, and more.

Drew Barrymore’s Story of Success

Drew Barrymore was born on 22 February 1975 in Culver City, California. She was raised in one of the biggest families and was destined for stardom from the start. Even legendary director Steven Spielberg is her Godfather.

As a result of this, Drew’s acting career began at the early age of 11 months. She was doing an audition for a dog food commercial and was nipped by one of the dogs. She laughed instead of crying and was immediately given the role.

Soon after, she debuted her feature film in the hit science fiction film Altered States. Although the role wasn’t too big, it did help Drew showcase her acting skills to potential directors.

Drew Barrymore at Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Two years later, she got a role as Elliot’s younger sister in the massively popular film E.T. Her global success propelled Drew into global stardom. Moreover, it allowed her to get several more roles in the upcoming years.

Drew gave up on her child actor personality and started taking more mature roles, including Charlie’s Angels and its sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. This led to her getting even more fame as the years went by.

Since then, she’s been working in several popular roles over the years and has achieved worldwide fame. Her fans love her performances, and she’s also been praised by critics on numerous occasions.

Drew Barrymore’s Height and Weight

Drew Barrymore is an amazing actress with impressive height. She stands 5 ft 4 inches or 163 cm (1.63 m) tall, and her weight is only 57 kg or 126 pounds.

Drew has an amazingly balanced height-to-weight ratio that clearly shows her commitment to fitness. But, even if that isn’t enough to convince you, then her simple adherence to an intense diet should.

Actress Drew Barrymore
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Her eating day begins with a glass of lemon water, and she follows it up with an avocado toast for breakfast. Finally, she goes for something light like sushi, grain bowls, or a veggie burrito for lunch.

Drew Barrymore’s Body Measurements

Drew Barrymore has impressive body measurements that make her look hot even today. Her body measurements are 37-27-35 in or 93.98-68.58-88.9 cm.

Drew’s perfect measurements come from her intensive workouts that would drive anyone at the edge of their capabilities. Her workouts involve dancing for an hour which provides her with a great mix of cardio and suppleness training with bits of HIIT.

Drew is also quite serious about her core strength and never skips out on her workouts. This takes a lot of dedication, and Drew has proven that she has it.

Drew Barrymore at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Whip It'
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How Drew Barrymore’s Flaunts Her Ample Bosom

Drew Barrymore has amazing assets that have made it easy for her to turn the heat up on the screen. Her breast size is 37 inches, and her bra size is 34C with cup size C.

Drew isn’t really your usual shy girl, as seen once in 1995 when she went to the Late Show with David Letterman. She climbed on his desk and did a sexy dance flashing her breasts. Since then, she formed a special bond with Letterman and returned to his show several times.

What Does Drew Barrymore Feel About Plastic Surgery?

In a world where changing your appearance to look better on screen has become a norm, Drew Barrymore has been brave enough to say no to plastic surgery. There were many fans who questioned her about aging and plastic surgery.

Drew replied by saying that she’s never done anything to her face and would like to keep it that way. She also said that she’s a highly addictive person, and doing just one injection of Botox would lead to multiple injections in the future.

As a result, Drew avoids surgery altogether since she feels that her face is important to her, and she wants to be able to make her facial expressions naturally.

An Overview of Barrymore’s Long Dating History

Drew Barrymore’s earliest known relationship was with actor and activist Corey Feldman from 1989 to 1990. The duo was too young to be dating, but they made their relationship public at the Oscars when they posed together.

Drew Barrymore’s name was also linked with actors Christian Bale, Balthazar Getty, and Rick Salomon until 1990. But Drew Barrymore publicly revealed that she was dating Leland Hayward III at that time, and they even got engaged when she was just sixteen years old but she soon ended her engagement.

Drew Blythe Barrymore
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In 1994, Drew Barrymore dated Los Angeles Bar owner Jeremy Thomas despite more than a decade of age gap. The duo was married for only six weeks and separated in 1995. The same year, Drew was reported to date guitarist Eric Erlandson whom she met while filming ‘Batman Forever.’

In 1997, Drew Barrymore fell in love with her co-star Luke Wilson when filming Best Men’ and ‘Home Fries.’ She stated that Luke Wilson was the most incredible person she had ever met, but they called off their relationship in 1999.

Drew Barrymore’s name was also linked with comedian Tom Green during the late 90s. The duo got married in 2001 but separated the next year. She was also in the news for being linked to Sam Rockwell, Brandon Davis, Hugh Grant, and Spike Jonze.

Eventually, she made her relationship public with drummer Fabrizio Moretti from 2002 to 2007. Drew then dated executive producer Justin Long from 2007 to 2010. In 2012, she married writer Will Kopelman and gave birth to two daughters, Olive and Frankie. But the couple parted ways in 2016.

Drew Barrymore’s Most Loved Things:

  • Favorite Food: Pescatarian Food, Chips, Guacamole, Tacos, Veggies, Salmon
  • Favorite Musicians: The Beatles, Daft Punk, Ratt and Beck, Lauryn Hill, Coldplay
  • Favorite Actors: Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Malkovich
  • Favorite Products: Juara Radiance Enzyme Scrub, Sakara Life Beauty Water + Detox Water Drops, 8G Dietary Supplement, Juara Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme, Olay Illuminating Eye Cream, Talika Eye Therapy Patch, Obagi Nu-Derm Blend Fx
  • Favorite Hobbies: Photography, Snorkeling, Yoga

A Few Fun Facts About Drew Barrymore

In February 2001, Drew Barrymore and her fiance Tom Green were sleeping in their $3 million Beverly Hills mansion, which caught fire. The couple managed to escape safely, but their house was ruined.

Drew Barrymore loves working with actor Adam Sandler. The duo was seen in movies like ‘The Wedding Singer,’ ‘50 First Dates,’ and ‘Blended.’ Drew Barrymore’s company ‘Flower Films’ discovered the script of ‘50 First Dates’ before Adam Sandler’s company, so she decided to collaborate with him on this project.

What face shape does Drew Barrymore have?

Drew Barrymore has a round-shaped face with a glowing complexion and evenly distributed facial features making her look magnificent.

What is Drew Barrymore’s hair color?

Drew Barrymore’s natural hair color is Light Brown, but she has appeared in shoulder-length golden locks, which suits her on-screen presence.

What color eyes does Drew Barrymore have?

Drew Barrymore’s natural eye color is Green, and she has made millions of people fall in love with her because of her expressions and tempting eyes.

Does Drew Barrymore have tattoos?

Drew Barrymore has at least eight visible tattoos on her body. She has a tattoo of a bird on her forearm, cross, vines on her ankle, writing on her forearm, writing on her wrist, flowers on her bikini line, angel, cross on her lower back, butterfly on her stomach, and angel on her lower back.

Can Drew Barrymore ride a horse?

In 1994, Drew Barrymore acted in the movie Bad Girls, in which she was seen riding a horse while carrying brandish pistols in a Wild West shootout.

Is Drew Barrymore vegan?

No, Drew Barrymore is not vegan as she has revealed that she was a vegetarian once but now identifies as a flexitarian with a predominantly vegetarian diet.

Did Drew Barrymore go to college?

No, Drew Barrymore has never gone to college as she dropped out of high school.

Where does Drew Barrymore live?

Presently, Drew Barrymore lives in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, the United States.

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