What Size Is Camila Cabello? Height, Weight, Measurements & More

The sensational Cuban-American singer who has taken the music industry by storm with her powerful vocals and relatable lyrics; this is none other than Havana singer Camila Cabello!

Cabello may have risen to the spotlight as a member of the chart-topping girl group Fifth Harmony, but she left no stone unturned to conquer her solo singing career. With her unique ability to connect with her fans personally, Camila has become a fan-favorite singer in the music industry today!


  • Camila Cabello was a lead singer in the former girl group, Fifth Harmony.
  • She stands 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm (1.57 m) tall.
  • Camila Cabello looks ravishing with her slim figure that weighs around 54 kg or 119 pounds. 
  • She loves traveling, especially to Miami!

Camila Cabello’s Height and Weight

Camila Cabello has an adorable height of 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm (1.57 m), which gives her a pretty petite figure, grabbing many eyeballs at concerts. Thanks to her short stature, Cabello looks incredibly adorable in those short dresses! 

Cabello ensures to keep up with an ideal height-to-weight ratio, maintaining her weight at around 119 pounds (54 kg). The singer loves her body to the fullest, spreading body positivity all around. 

Actress Camila Cabello
Image: kathclick/bigstockphoto.com

Camila’s Way of Maintaining Her Curves

While Camila doesn’t follow a predefined diet plan, she eats healthily to stay energized throughout the day. But a lot of Camila’s food also comes from restaurants when she’s on set and unable to control her diet much.

Camila is also a fan of coffee since it helps her stay energized and focused. But she doesn’t intake fizzy drinks and instead goes for water to balance the fast food in her everyday diet.

As for her fitness routine, Cabello’s workouts involve some yoga, dancing, and swimming on her busy days. And when she has the time for the gym, she does weight training, resistance circuits, and cardio to keep her heart healthy.

Camila Cabello’s Body Measurements, Size, & Features

Camila Cabello is totally proud of her curvy figure with body measurements of 34-25-36 inches or 86-64-92 cm, which states that her breast size is 34 inches, waist size is 25 inches, and hip size is 36 inches.

Camila’s impressive stats are clearly reflected by her sensational hourglass figure, which appears to fit in a small US size 6 or UK size 10.

Besides, Camila’s pretty oval face with sharp and chiseled features is another highlight of her physical appearance. And her twinkling dark brown eyes and thick dark brown locks are just the icings on the cake!

Camila Cabello arrives for the KIIS FM Jingle Ball
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Camila Cabello’s Bosom Size & Other Details

Camila Cabello’s perfect assets have always made her one of the most desired beauties of this era. The Havana singer has a breast size of 34 inches with a band size of 32 inches, which she gracefully flaunts wearing possible bra size 32B with cup size B.

Camila is one of those superstars who aren’t afraid of being real. She once paused a live interview with Ryan Seacrest mid-sentence and said, “…Hold on, I have to squeeze my breast.” She then adjusted her body and resumed talking as if nothing had happened.

Camila Cabello at American Music Awards
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A Glimpse at Camila Cabello’s Love Life

Camila’s first relationship started in 2013 with fellow singer Austin Mahone. She confirmed the relationship on ‘Watch What Happens: Live.’ The couple split up in 2014. Camila reportedly dated YouTuber Matthew Hussey from 2018 to 2019.

Cabello’s most serious and famous relationship started in 2019 with singer Shawn Mendes. The duo had collaborated on a song, ‘Señorita,’ and confirmed their relationship by publicly kissing and announcing it on social media.

Around two years later, they went through an amicable breakup in November 2021, which they announced on their Instagram. Camila then reportedly dated Lox CEO Austin Kevitch in 2022, eventually separating in February 2023.

Camila Cabello at iHeartRadio Music Awards
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Camila Cabello’s Story of Musical Success

Camila Cabello grew up in Miami and attended Miami Palmetto High School but quit it in grade 9 to pursue a music career. She also succeeded in getting US citizenship in 2008 and was later awarded a high school diploma.

Camila’s music career began as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, the girl group formed after “The X Factor.” Their debut album, “Reflection,” reached #5 on the US charts. A single from it, “Worth It,” was certified platinum.

Camila left the group and began pursuing her solo career, with her first single being “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes. Her first hit was “Havana” with Young Thug, which became Spotify’s most popular song in 2018.

Her next major hit was her single “Senorita” with Shawn, which reached the #1 spot on the American Billboard Hot 100 list. Her last album, “Familia,” released in 2022, was also a chartbuster!

Camila has also dabbled in acting. Her debut film was a live-action remake of Disney’s Cinderella. The film was featured on Amazon Prime for its release because of the pandemic and was successful with its target audience.

Camila Cabello at Billboard Music Awards
Image: Starfrenzy/bigstockphoto.com

Some Things Cabello Can’t Live Without

  • Favorite Place: Miami, Florida: Beaches
  • Favorite Books: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
  • Favorite Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Swimming, Reading, Dancing, Playing with Her Dogs, Exploring Nature
  • Favorite Singers: Taylor SwiftRihanna, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, John Mayer, Beyoncé
  • Favorite Food & Drinks: Pasta, Coffee

A Few Fun Facts About Cabello

Camila Cabello has become a youth icon at present, but if she weren’t a singer-songwriter, she would have become a dentist.

Camila Cabello’s go-to quote is ‘Love Only.’ She also has a tattoo that says, ‘It’s a Mystery.’

What face shape does Camila Cabello have?

Camila Cabello has an oval-shaped face that perfectly compliments her cuteness.

Did Camila Cabello cut her hair?

Camila Cabello is popular for her iconic fashion sense. She had long locks, but as she experimented with her hair length and texture, she cut her hair short to a shoulder-length blunt bob.

What is Camila Cabello’s hair color?

Camila’s natural hair is dark brown which compliments her brown eyes perfectly.

What color eyes does Camila Cabello have?

Camila Cabello’s natural eye color is dark brown, and she looks stunning in her smokey eye makeup.

Does Camila Cabello have tattoos?

Yes, Camila Cabello has a visible tattoo on her body that says, ‘It’s a Mystery.’ She got this tattoo on her pinky finger in 2019 to fulfill her promise to her mother.

Did Camila Cabello win the Grammy?

Camila Cabello has been nominated for four Grammy Awards since 2019 but hasn’t won the award yet.

Was Camila Cabello in Avatar?

Cabello didn’t have any role in Avatar.

Was Camila Cabello in Fifth Harmony?

Camila Cabello is the ex-member of the girl group Fifth Harmony.

Is Camila Cabello vegan?

Camila Cabello has stated that she is neither a vegetarian nor a Vegan. She eats non-vegetarian food but also likes vegetables and a vegan burrito. She had herself cooked vegan food on Thanksgiving.

Did Camila Cabello win X Factor?

Camila Cabello was a part of the fifth Harmony music group who participated in the popular TV show ‘X Factor.’ The group finished in third place in the show.

Can Camila Cabello play guitar?

Camila Cabello is a popular singer-songwriter skilled with the six strings, as playing the guitar is one of her favorite hobbies.

Does Camila Cabello speak Spanish?

Camila Cabello rose to fame as a popular Latina. She has sung several songs in Spanish and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Does Camila Cabello have a degree?

Camila doesn’t have any college degree, as she started her singing journey during her school years.

After succeeding as a Fifth Harmony music group member, Camila Cabello has emerged as a solo trending star in Hollywood, thanks to her diverse talents. She reminds us of diva Cardi B, who has lived a remarkable career as an independent artist.