What Size is Adele? Her Real Height, Weight, & More

From releasing her first single, “Hometown Glory,” to winning an Oscar for “Skyfall,” Adele has been proving herself at every point of her life. While her music stayed as heartwarming as always, she did transform herself to become an even better version!

Adele’s Real Height & Weight and Her Transformation

Adele possesses a stunning height of 1.75 m or 5 feet 9 inches, which is why she stands out in the crowd during her stage performances and concerts. The “Hello” singer now maintains a healthy weight of about 65 kg or 143 lbs, which falls in the range of ideal weight of a 5’9″ woman!

Singer Adele
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But as we all know, Adele was a plus-size earlier before her weight loss. She recently underwent a jaw-dropping transformation, losing about 100 pounds (45 kg or 7 stones), achieving a stunning, toned figure along with the right height-to-weight ratio.

She did this with a very consistent workout routine, including weightlifting, cardio, and circuit training, and a very healthy but flexible diet and lifestyle.

The Changes In Adele’s Body Measurements & Sizes

Her fan or not, Adele has impressed everyone with her mind-blowing transformation. Looking at her recent pictures, Adele’s body measurements could be around 39-30-41 inches or 99-76-104 cm.

While her current stats hint that Adele likely wears a US dress size of 12 (or UK size 16) now, she was a size 16 (US) before her weight loss, as she revealed during her interview with Q Magazine in 2011. She got what she wanted!

Adele at the Grammy Awards
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As for her bosom, Adele’s estimated bra size is 36D. Since she appears to flaunt a breast size of around 39 to 40 inches and a band size of 35 to 36 inches, a 36-band bra with a cup size D should be the best fit for Adele’s body size!

What Features Make Adele Unique & Pretty?

The Mirror shared some nostalgic childhood pictures of Adele, which reveal that she has natural strawberry-blonde hair. Although the singer has experimented with many hair colors and styles over the years, her go-to style is golden blonde or light brown hair curled in retro hairdos.

There’s no doubt these hairstyles look perfect on her squarish face shape with soft edges. Her other defining facial features are her long forehead, wide and highlighted cheekbones, mesmerizing light-green eyes, and a few very light moles on her left cheek!

Adele at the Annual Academy Awards Arrivals
Image: s_bukley/bigstockphoto.com

Adele’s Love for Meaningful Tattoos

Adele loves to get tattoos that hold special meanings to her. At the moment, she sports at least eight visible tattoos on her body, which are:

  • “Angelo” on the edge of her right hand
  • “Paradise” on the edge of her left hand
  • A circle with “One Penny” & a heart, and three dots on her left wrist
  • Planet Saturn with rings on her right forearm
  • Number “5” on her right ring finger.
  • Letter “A” behind her ear
  • Flying birds on her back (might be removed)

Is Adele Married or Dating? (Who Is Her Boyfriend?)

English singer Adele is currently reportedly dating sports agent Rich Paul. According to People, The two have been in a romantic relationship since July 2021 after meeting at a party.  

Before this, Adele was married to charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki, with whom she also has a son named Angelo Adkins, born in 2012. Married in 2018, Adele parted ways with Konecki in 2019 due to personal reasons. Their divorce was finalized in March 2021.

Adele’s Journey from Scratch to Winning 16 Grammys

Adele’s music career started in 2007 with her hit debut single, “Hometown Glory,” with XL Recordings. In 2008, she signed with Columbia Records and dropped her debut album “19,” a major chartbuster! 

In 2009, Adele won her first Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Her second album, “21,” featuring hits like “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” became the best-selling album worldwide, winning seven more Grammys. 

Adele won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Brit Award, and a Golden Globe for her song “Skyfall” for the James Bond film. Her album “25” also won her Grammys and broke many records. 

Adele released her fourth album, 30,” with the hit song “Easy on Me,” winning many prestigious awards and nominations. Her Las Vegas residency, “Weekends with Adele,” ran from 21 January 2022 to 16 April.

Adele at the Kong Skull Island Premiere
Image: DFree/bigstockphoto.com

What Does Adele Like?

  • Favorite Hobbies: Music, Writing, Reading, Playing Piano
  • Favorite Music Artists: Hans Zimmer, Civil Wars, Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston
  • Favorite Album: “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill
  • Favorite Colors: Black, Green

With her unmatched talents and powerful Mezzo-soprano vocals, Adele has established herself as a unique music artist in the industry. Her special voice reminds us of another talented singer, Beyonce, who’s stolen many hearts with her strong voice!