Who Is Sukihana? Her Age, Height, Weight, Kids, Wiki & More


Full Name:

Destiny Lanette Henderson


Sukihana, Suki, Suki with the Good Coochie, Sukihanagoat


Rapper, Television Personality, Actress



Current Age:

32 years old


5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)


November 15, 1991


Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.

Zodiac Sign:






Net Worth in 2024:

$1 million

Years Active:



Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.


Creative Art School

Known For:

Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Wolf Pussy, WAP

Sukihana’s Body Measurements & Real Size

How Tall Is Sukihana?

American rapper and TV personality Sukihana is 5 feet 1 inch or 155 cm (1.55 m) tall and possesses a short, curvaceous figure.

Sukihana’s Weight

Destiny Henderson, aka Sukihana, weighs around 70 kg or 154 pounds. Suki once shared a TikTok video revealing that she faced body shaming due to her weight, which also caused her struggle with body dysmorphia.

However, the singer is now much more confident in her skin and takes pride in her curves. She encourages body positivity and female empowerment via her social media presence.

Her Real Body Measurements & Shape

“Baddies East” star Sukihana flaunts her curvy, busty figure with estimated body measurements of 39-28-42 inches or 99-71-107 cm. Her wide hips and chest and narrow waist give her a curvy hourglass shape.

Her Bosom and Bra Size Details

Sukihana has an ample, full bosom that measures around 39-40 inches, while her band size is around 36-37 inches. So, Sukihana’s possible bra size is 36DD with a cup size DD.

Sukihana’s Real Dress Size

Based on Sukihana’s body proportions, she likely wears a large dress size 14 (US) 18 (UK) 46 (EU). The social media influencer shares pictures in tiny crop tops and minidresses, showing off her curves on her Instagram account.

Her Shoe Size & Style

Sukihana appears to have short and thin feet, so her possible shoe size is 6 (US) 4 (UK) 37 (EU). She likes to don ritzy and unique style sky-high heels and shoes to compliment her stellar outfits.

Sukihana’s Physical Traits & Appearance

Her Face Shape & Features

Instagram star Sukihana has a gorgeous oval-shaped face with rounded edges. She has a narrow forehead and jawline with curved edges.

Her Skin Tone

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” fame Sukihana has deep caramel skin tone with yellow undertones.

Her Eye Color & Shape

Sukihana has small eyes with upturned corners and a rich dark brown eye color. She’s mostly seen with thick and long artificial lashes.

Sukihana’s Hair Color & Style/Texture

Sukihana boasts naturally long, dense, and thick black hair. The rapper loves to style her naturally voluminous and curly tresses in braids and buns, as well as soft curls and straight hairdos.

She’s also experimented with quirky hair colors and wigs like yellow, pink, green highlights, orange, and blonde.

Sukihana’s Distinctive Features

  • Wide, snub nose with a slightly upturned tip
  • Thick black eyebrows in soft-arch shape
  • Wide and full, bow-shaped lips
  • Tattoos on her face
  • Quirky & unique fashion style

Sukihana’s Tattoos & Body Art

Sukihana sports quite a few large and small permanent tattoos on her body.

  • A tiger and wolf tattoos on her face
  • A large, detailed Snake tattoo on & around her neck
  • A large face tattoo on her chest
  • Chinse symbols/letters on her right thigh
  • “Kill Bill” tattoo on the back of her thighs
  • A detailed tattoo with “Ashton” & a tiny paw on her left thigh
  • Detailed roses tattoos on her navel
  • A rope-like tattoo circling her belly button
  • A butterfly with a gun tattoo on her hip
  • A detailed design on her lower back

Key Highlights of Sukihana’s Career & Life

  • Early Exposure & Fame: In 2020, Sukihana made a cameo in Cardi B’s music video for the hit single “WAP” alongside Rubi Rose and Mulatto. She also gained fame after appearing on season 3 of the reality television show “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.”
  • Reality TV Career: Destiny appeared as a judge on the Zeus Network’s “Baddies West” in 2022 and as a contestant on “Baddied East” in 2023. She also appeared on the third season of “VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition.”
  • Singing Career & More: Sukihana kickstarted her music career by releasing her debut mixtape “Wolf Pussy” in 2020. She also posts engaging content for her fans on social media and her self-titled YouTube channel.

Sukihana’s Parents & Relationships

  • Father’s Name: Alex Wright
  • Mother’s Name: Lori Lee
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Kids: Two sons, two daughters (one biological)

Instagram star Sukihana is currently single. She was reportedly dating fellow rapper Kill Bill, and the couple was rumored to have engaged on an Instagram live video.

As of 2024, Suki and Bill have parted ways. She is a single parent of two sons and a daughter, whom she claimed to be Bill’s, and another daughter whom she didn’t give birth to.

Sukihana keeps her kids out of the limelight. They live with Suki’s grandma, Cynthia, in Atlanta.

Suki’s Favorite Things and Interests

Her Interests

Acting, Music, Fashion, Modeling, Body Art

Favorite Activities

Dancing, Makeup, Traveling

Favorite Food

Snow Crabs with Hot Sauce Dip