111+ Hottest Instagram Models & Girls That You Should Shamelessly Follow In [2021]

#67 Jocelyn Chew

Jocelyn Chew was born and brought up in Canada. She’s rose to fame because of her stunning looks. Her Instagram page is filled with hot pictures that can brighten up your mood instantly. If you are looking for hot models to follow, then she could be one of the options.

Instagram: @jocelyn

Followers: 564K+

#66 Cintia Dicker

This Brazilian model/actress has a style of her own. Her striking blue eyes and red hair is what attracts her fans. She has appeared in a lot of magazine shoots. You can find lots of hot pictures on her Instagram profile.

Instagram: @cintiadicker

Followers: 354K+

#65 Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model, actress, TV host and entrepreneur. She is considered one of the most internationally successful models out there. She has also appeared in the covers of many top magazines. It’s too sad that she is married. 

Instagram: @barrefaeli

Followers: 3.1M+

#64 Candice Swanepoel

Instagram: @angelcandices

Followers: 15M+

#63 Megan Williams

This British model is nothing less than a goddess. Her beauty is beyond words. She is the perfect balance of good looks and hotness. She uploads her pictures and keeps her fans updated on Instagram.

Instagram: @meganmayw

Followers: 782K+

#62 Abigail Ratchford

This Pennsylvania born actress & model took the internet by storm back in 2013. Her hot and sensuous pictures have always been provocative. Her Instagram page is filled with bikini pictures and naked shots. If you are in the mood to try something spicy, then you know what to do.

Instagram: @abigailratchford

Followers: 9.1M+

#61 Mara Teigen

When talking about hot models of Instagram, we have to mention about Mara Teigen. Born on August 23, this model is an Instagram sensation. However, she is mainly known as the hot doppelganger of the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Check her out, if you don’t believe it.

Instagram: @marateigen

Followers: 842K+

#60 Sofia Jamora

Sofia Jamora started her career in modelling with Frankie Bikinis and LovePiper. But now she is a big Instagram sensation and has over 2 million followers. She has also appeared in many of the popular magazines including Maxim.

Instagram: @sofiajamora

Followers: 2.8M+

#59 Josephine Skriver

This Danish model is one of the hot faces of Victoria’s Secret. Her lingerie photos and the sensuous figure is enough to blow your mind. If you want to see more of her, then you have her Instagram handle to follow.

Instagram: @josephineskriver

Followers: 6.2M+

#58 Julia Strowman

Julia Strowman is a Canadian model who has a very interesting Instagram feed. From bikini pictures to hot body shots, you will find a lot to satisfy yourself. Currently, she lives in London and is a big Instagram star.

Instagram: @julesevans

Followers: 16K+

#57 Carly Lauren

Carly Lauren is the perfect hot mom and wife. This beautiful model often shares pictures of her family and baby on Instagram. Besides modeling, she has worked in many movies as well.

Instagram: @misscarlylauren

Followers: 1M+